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We’re accepting guest posts from fellow other bloggers. Share a product review, beauty tips or buying guide.

We are looking for features and articles, primarily under the following categories.

Latest post on your site must be posted 20 days before the submitting day.


By the way, below is our feature guides, Share if you love our content.

The Definitive Guide That Will Help You Become a SkinCare Expert
When you’re looking to find that perfect skincare routine, you might think that it’s an impossible task.There are so many products[...]
All You Need To Know About Stretch-Marks and How To Get Rid of Them
I don’t think it’s a stretch (pun intended) to say that stretch marks are on most people’s list of “most[...]
How To Destroy “Strawberry Legs” in 10 Minutes: 3 Simple Steps
As bikini season continues, we all know how dreadful it is to shave and be burdened with the aftermath of[...]

Submission Guidelines

A minimum of 1000 words in length

Pass Copyscape and must be 100% genuine

Must have at least three high-quality images related to the content and should have sources if you get them on the Internet.

​Your site can be about food tips, garden, wedding, cooking...anything can write relevant to beauty!

​You can get 1 link in post to your site (with any subject!)

  • DO NOT ACCEPT Anchor Text Backlink which is the Commercial Keyword (best, review, for sale, cheap …)​
  • Informative Keyword which has > = 50 searching volume on Keyword Planner

​If you can meet the above requirements, please send an email to:

I’ll review your site to see if you fit the above requirements before proceeding Guest Post.Thank you for reading!​

3 replies
  1. Vera Johnson
    Vera Johnson says:

    You are doing an amazing job of putting up high quality content for the skincare community. Keep it up.

    When I read this page, I noticed some errors that didn’t quite seem right. Would you kindly fix them?

    The error is in the opening paragraph. It reads something like this “We’re accepting guest posts from fellow other bloggers. Share a car review, maintenance tips or vehicle owner guide.”

    I think “car” and “vehicle” are completely out of place here. Or, perhaps, I could be wrong.

    Thanks and great work

    • beautyshortcutips
      beautyshortcutips says:

      Yeah, Thank you so much,
      I am sending this error to Editor team.
      by the way, sth wrong with your blog?

      • Vera Johnson
        Vera Johnson says:

        Thanks for the concern. A bit of a problem with the theme we previously installed and bad cloudflare configuration. It should be back online in a couple of hours, though.

        By the way, I am a beauty junkie. Just a school student trying to work on what they love. Would you mind me reaching out to you with a couple of guest posting?

        I am completely new to this blogging thing and your blog has been an inspiration to me so far.


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