How to Submit a Guest Post

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Want to write a guest post for us?

We welcome guests posts. If you want to write for, we would love to have you on board. We are one of the finest blogs for health and beauty tips, ideas, recipes, tutorials, and advice. Our blogs have made way to the following platforms:

  • BuzzFeed
  • Blogher
  • Lifehack

We love to have bylined articles published on our blog. With the following guidelines in mind, you can fulfill your desire to have your write up on our Beauty Shortcutips.

With each and every post of ours, we try to enrich our readers to at least one of the following:

Skincare Advice 

Nail Care Advice

  • DIY for strong, healthy nails
  • Natural and homemade remedies for healthy nails
  • Basic nail care tools
  • Advanced nail tools
  • Nail Hardeners
  • Feet, hand and nail care advice
  • How to keep the nails healthy
  • Food for healthy nails

Fashion Updates

  • Discussion on latest fashion trends
  • Clothes idea for different occasions
  • How to restyle your wardrobe in budget
  • Best buys from different sites
  • Selecting dresses as per body type

Makeup Advice

  • Makeup tips for different seasons
  • Makeup tips for different skin
  • Makeup tips for different occasions
  • New makeup products
  • Makeup kit essentials
  • Unbiased review on new makeup products

Hair Care Advice

  • Basic hair care regime
  • Advanced hair care regime
  • Different products for hair care
  • Homemade and natural products for hair care
  • Hair care as per hair type
  • Ideas for different hairstyle
  • Ideas for different haircuts
  • Hair accessories
  • Care for colored hair
  • Care for damaged hair

Useful Product Review

  • An unbiased review of new products
  • Buying ideas for the month
  • Buying ideas in the budget
  • Buying ideas for different lifestyle

The Types of Blog Posts That Will Attract My Beloved Readers

How to post: That is how to do a specific task or DIY project with step by step pictures. >Follow this Guideline

Simple question post: It will share detailed tips and ideas or results of a product. >Follow this Guideline

Based list post: A comprehensive list that will serve as a reference guide for the newbies. >Follow this Guideline

What are we looking for?

  • Well-written articles, appropriate for a beauty blog.
  • The articles must be 100% unique and not copied from elsewhere
  • Lots of photos to explain well along with examples
  • It should not have any affiliate link or selling link
  • Visit our site and equip yourself with our writing style

How to Submit

For all those of you think you can handle the above requirements, please send an email with 2-3 topic ideas to us at Keep the subject of your email as "Guest Post".

  1. You are doing an amazing job of putting up high quality content for the skincare community. Keep it up.

    When I read this page, I noticed some errors that didn’t quite seem right. Would you kindly fix them?

    The error is in the opening paragraph. It reads something like this “We’re accepting guest posts from fellow other bloggers. Share a car review, maintenance tips or vehicle owner guide.”

    I think “car” and “vehicle” are completely out of place here. Or, perhaps, I could be wrong.

    Thanks and great work

    • Yeah, Thank you so much,
      I am sending this error to Editor team.
      by the way, sth wrong with your blog?

      • Thanks for the concern. A bit of a problem with the theme we previously installed and bad cloudflare configuration. It should be back online in a couple of hours, though.

        By the way, I am a beauty junkie. Just a school student trying to work on what they love. Would you mind me reaching out to you with a couple of guest posting?

        I am completely new to this blogging thing and your blog has been an inspiration to me so far.

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