What To Do When You Feel a Pimple Coming

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It is important to know what to do when you feel a pimple coming. We will list a few tried and tested solutions you can try for yourself today. You could be on your way to an important event, or just heading out to a normal day at work of school.

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Most of us suffer the occasional breakout and some of us have severe acne that just makes life unnecessarily difficult. You need to have a plan of what to do when you feel a pimple coming. No matter which category you fall into, it is still a pain to try and correct the situation. Some breaks out are caused by our hormones, while others are simply a reflection of our health. It is important to get to the root of the problem in order for you to treat it effectively.

So what causes pimples?

Here is a brief explanation of what causes you to break out.

Pimples can be caused by bacteria on the skin which results on clogged pores. Sometimes it is simply a swelling under the skin surface. I remember waking up in the morning and I immediately notice the strange feeling under my skin. A pimple is brewing and a plan of action needs to be set in place.

We often feel some kind of soreness or see some swelling under the skin, without the actual signs of a pimple. It is very noticeable though and we know it is a pimple surfacing. So you have established that a zit is about to burst through the skin, but you have some time to correct the situation. It is absolutely possible to treat the pimple before it breaks through the skin.

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Do you know what to do when you feel a pimple coming?

Here are some tips to treat the pimple before it surfaces.

  • Use lemon juice or vinegar. Get a cotton ball or facecloth and soak it in one of the two. There two ingredients are antiseptics and will help to disinfect the area of concern. Blot the area where the pimple is with the cotton ball or facecloth a few times.
  • Ice is a great way to reduce swelling and stop the infection in its steps. I remember using this trick on a cold sore and it did not develop into a full blown cold sore. You can do the same for a pimple under the skin. Place a block of ice in a kitchen towel and hold it on the infected area for around 10 to 20 minutes. You will notice a remarkable difference in the skin.
  • Avoid touching your face, no matter how tempting. We all like to investigate the pimple which is about to ruin our lives. It is important to not pick at it and make the situation worse. Our hands are the biggest carrier of germs and we should stay clear. If you simply must touch your face, make sure you cleanse your hands properly. This includes the dirt under your fingernails.
  • Try a hot compress. Place a facecloth in as hot water as you can handle. Apply it directly to the pimple and hold it until it starts to get cold. After a few minutes, place it into some hot water again and repeat the process. The hot compress will be able to draw the bacteria out to the surface and soften the pore. After this, you can use your acne medication. Now it is in direct contact with the pimple and the treatment will work much better.
  • Use a tea bag compress. The tannins in black tea particularly, help reduce inflammation. Make sure the tea bag is hot when you hold it against the surface and it will bring the pimple closer to the skin.
  • Cortisone shots have been proven to reduce the size of even a large pimple under the skin within as little as 24 hours. This method is for the Individuals willing to pay for great skin.
  • Tea tree oil can help kill bacteria which causes pimples. It can even help prevent future breakouts. Tea tree oil helps sooth the skin and quickens the healing process. The great thing about tea tree oil is that it can penetrate deep in the skin and open clogged pores. Always dilute the tea tree oil prior to applying to the skin.
  • There are people out there who believe in applying toothpaste to a pimple and reduce the size of it. I personally have tried this and it does dry out the pimple before it gets any bigger. Just be careful of this one if you have sensitive skin. It is important to always use white toothpaste as it contains mint or clove oil. These ingredients help in reducing the size of the pimple and alleviate soreness and redness.
  • You can also use honey as a natural antiseptic. These antiseptic properties work together to help fight off the pimple causing bacteria. Honey also works as a deep cleanser and will significantly reduce the risk of scarring. Dip a cotton ball into some organic honey and leave it on the skin for around 20 minutes. Follow by washing it with some lukewarm water. DO this at least 3 times a day to see significant results.
  • Epsom salt is known to get rid of a pimple about to surface. Epsom salt will relieve inflammation and reduce the pain associated with blind pimples. Mix a teaspoon of the Epsom salt with a cup of warm water and wait for it to dissolve. When the mixture is room temperature, apply the mixture to the skin. Wait until it is dry and wash with lukewarm water.
  • Apple cider vinegar promotes blood circulation and also contains antiseptic properties. Soak a cotton ball in the apple cider vinegar and press it against the pimple. Hold it just for a few seconds to avoid the acidic property to burn the skin.
  • Benzoyl peroxide is one of those go to items for treating pimples. It is found as a main gradient in many acne fighting creams. Go for the 205% concentration as it does the same job as a 5 – 10% formulation. It will help peel away some layers of dead skin layers, leaving your skin looking brighter.


Try these effective and tested tips when you feel your next pimple coming in. You will save yourself a lot of trouble by researching your natural acne remedies. Try and stay clear of as much chemicals as possible and only go that route if absolutely necessary.

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