Ways to Go Green in Every Aspect of Life

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The word “organic” is most commonly associated with food and cosmetics, but this notion encompasses much wider meaning, which people sometimes aren’t aware of.

Choosing an all-natural way of life doesn’t only concern your choice of meals and skincare, it means adopting entirely new policy when it comes to your lifestyle and the environment.

During life we grow and evolve, and constantly find new ways to make our lives better and healthier.

Choosing organic lifestyle is simply another step towards achieving that goal. Although it requires smart organization and planning, here’s how you can make every aspect of your life “greener”.

Go for organic cleaning

The first thing you can do is change the hygiene products in your kitchen and bathroom.

Non-organic cleaning products contain plenty of toxic materials, which are flammable and harmful for both people and the environment.

By opting for organic cleaning, you’re ensuring a better and healthier home for your family, especially for your kids, and you’re protecting the environment.

However, despite being organic, even these products should be kept out of children’s reach.

Organic tip: lemon is great for cleaning microwaves! If you’re dealing with stains from reheating meals, lemon is a healthy solution. Slice the lemon into a bowl of water and put it in the microwave on high for 3 minutes. Keep it in the microwave for 3 more minutes and then just wipe out the inside of it.

Food equals health

Consumption of organic food is the most important task on your “green” list. You can start by exploring nearby farmer’s markets.

Organic farmers grow fruit and vegetables on soil fertilized by natural materials, and without using any chemicals.

Additionally, organic products found on farmer’s markets are less expensive than those in supermarkets.

Another option is to grow your own organic food. If you’re lucky enough to have a yard, you can start your own vegetable or fruit garden and ensure food without pesticides.

Even if you don’t have a large planting space, a small pot in your apartment is enough for some herbs and spices.

Food equals health

Organic cosmetics

Most people aren’t aware of the fact that beauty products are like food for our skin. If we eat organic and natural food, it’s logical that we choose organic and natural products to feed our skin.

It has become common that superfoods everyone is eating appear as ingredients of natural products.

The food that is beneficial for skin health can now also be rubbed into skin. The products that lack in gluten or contain probiotics, for example, are becoming widespread.

By choosing natural cosmetics, you’re getting rid of harmful, synthetic materials commonly found in most personal care products.

Conventional beauty products may provide instant results, but they’re toxic for your body in the long run.

On the other hand, the use of organic cosmetics can improve the ability of your skin to heal itself and it’s especially suitable for sensitive skin.

Clean air

Having fresh air to breathe is extremely important. Indoor air pollution has a negative impact on our health, and it’s particularly dangerous for children.

Furniture, paint, toys, and dust all contribute to air contamination and endanger health of all members of the household.

There are natural ways of keeping the air fresh and clean in your home. You can bring plants to re-oxygenate indoor air and eliminate toxic gasses.

In addition, consider adding HEPA air purifiers to achieve optimal air quality and prevent possible allergies.

Clean air

Save-the-environment clothes

You can go “green” even when it comes to clothing. Pay a visit to local second-hand stores and help protect some of the natural resources while saving money.

Your contribution may be small, but it’s still significant because you won’t be taking part in toxin production necessary to make new clothes.

If you’re good at knitting, you can make your own fashionable pieces. Use natural materials like wool and silk to make environment-friendly, yet stylish clothes.

Fuel-free transport

Fuel-free transport

Organic lifestyle applies to your daily transit routine as well. Choosing a bike as a means of transport helps in minimizing the amount of fossil fuels in the air.

Apart from being healthy, riding a bike reduces your stress levels. Since bikes aren’t suitable for bad weather, consider public transport or car-pooling on rainy days.

Embracing organic lifestyle requires changes in all departments, from food to transport. By doing so, you invest in your own well-being, as well as the planet’s.

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