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Now that more and more people are trying to become internet stars, you have more and more options for people and information to see.

For anyone that’s in love with makeup, this has meant that there are hundreds of beauty YouTubers out there.

But some people that follow beauty YouTubers really just to see what kinds of products and routines they use on their faces to keep them looking flawless with or without makeup.

So, here are some of the best YouTubers to watch for skincare advice (as well as for some amazing beauty tips).

This YouTuber is just about to reach 3 million subscribers and it’s easy to see why.

Nicole has great makeup tutorials along with multiple videos about the kind of skincare routine that she follows.

All of her advice is great since her face is still looking flawless. It’s easy to see why she is so popular and why you should be following her too.

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Jaclyn has videos that not only include what kinds of prescription products she uses but also sits down and talks to her viewers in Get Ready With Me videos that are sure to help you understand just how the beauty guru does her own makeup for when she goes out.

Even in videos about makeup, she takes the time to talk about how her face is doing and what she is doing to make sure that it looks its best.

3. Manny Mua

For all those guys out there that want help not only with their makeup but making sure that their skin is as flawless as Manny’s, then we have videos for you.

Not only does Manny do amazing makeup, but he’s done videos with Jeffree Star and using Jeffree Star’s line of cosmetics.

This channel will help you find bold new looks while keeping your face looking nice and neat.

4. NikkieTutorials

Nikkie does amazing makeup videos and even got to collaborate with the brand Offra to make her own collection.

But besides her amazing looks, NikkieTutorials shares how she keeps her face looking so amazing behind the makeup across many videos.

You’re sure to find some amazing tips among her videos to keep your face as flawless as hers.

5. Tati

Tati has tons of videos that review all sorts of products and makeup by all sorts of different companies.

She shows a lot about how you should be doing your makeup and tells you what to avoid doing. All of her advice is valuable.

But she especially has great tips on skincare, even on how you should be taking off your makeup.

6. Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan might be a name you’ve already heard of since she’s got nearly 9 million subscribers and does beautiful makeup looks.

She doesn’t shy away from doing cosplay looks, either.

But she’s got videos and advice on skincare products too. Check out that side of her for some great advice.

7. Ingrid Nilsen

Not only does Ingrid have a fun hip style, but she’s got a lot of advice.

With her monthly favorite videos, she includes a section for skincare products next to the cool new makeup products that she’s trying out.

She has videos on all sorts of different skincare routines and will be sure to give you a chance to look your best even on your worst days.

8. Nitraa B

Not only does Nitraa focus on how she looks, but she has videos about how her house looks and how you can go about decorating your own home.

If you want advice for your lifestyle, then she just might be the place to go.

But Nitraa also has tons of videos about the kinds of routines that she follows (even ones specifically for the seasons) throughout the year and for various parts of her body.

This channel features two women that love creating interesting looks for people of all ages.

They do videos to capture the looks of different celebrities, but they also have plenty of videos about the products they love and the routines that they use all the time.

While Lisa Eldridge is all about helping people create new looks and look fabulous all year long, she has plenty of videos about the kind of routine that she follows.

She even includes the moisturizers and prepping products that she uses in almost every video that she makes. You’re sure to find some sound advice from this YouTuber.

11. Kandee Johnson

From makeup looks based on the 2016 presidential election to DIY shirt distressing to skincare routines, Kandee certainly has a lot going on.

She has looks based on Disney princesses as well as tips and tricks for making your makeup look flawless.

She has a lot of interesting stuff going on with lots of helpful tips in her videos.

12. Zoella

This British Makeup Guru is well known around the world.

She has over 11 million subscribers and there’s a good reason why.

She has tips and tricks for all kinds of makeup looks, but she also just likes to give her viewers a look into her life.

Her most recent routine video is not only about lifestyle routine, but about also about how she treats her face at the end of the night.

13. HelloOctoberxo

With videos about not only makeup but clothes and hair, this channel has a lot of awesome stuff to show off.

Suzie also does stuff like travel, but she still brings it back with skincare routines for the morning.

14. Wayne Goss

Wayne is a professional makeup artist, so you know that the tips he gives you are extremely useful.

He not only shows how he does makeup on models, but he gives his favorite products so that everyone out there can go out looking their best.

15. Bubzbeauty

Bubzbeauty is a channel of fun and light stuff.

Not only does she show off cute makeup that she can do and her favorite products for some months, but she shows off the routine that she uses for her own makeup.

If you’re looking for a channel with a little bit of a bubbly attitude, this is for you.

16. Patricia Bright

Patricia’s channel is full of fun cool things.

From makeup to fashion to life advice, she has a lot of cool stuff for you to check out.

She even takes some time to test out skincare hacks to see if they really work. She’s got a lot of great advice for all kinds of fashionable people.

17. Lily Pebbles

This YouTuber has got some cute stuff going on.

She uploads about her life and about fashion and makeup, but she’s going some amazing advice going on.

She recommends products that are within the price range of the people that watch her videos while still showing off the higher end products that she likes to use.

If you want to invest in your skincare, she’ll be able to point you in the right direction.

18. A Model Recommends

This channel is particularly interesting because it’s a channel from a model.

She’s got all sorts of advice for what products look best, how to pose in pictures, and how to take care of your skin like the models do. You’ll find a lot of interesting advice here.

19. From Head to Toe

Jen is all about feeling good from head to toe.

She has advice on makeup, fashion, hair, and design. She’s got advice to get you where you need to go, especially when it comes to learning the basics of makeup and your skin.

20. AndreasChoice

Andrea has advice on hair, makeup, cleaning, clothing, and more.

You’ll find great tips on how to take care of your body as well as advice on what to eat for simple meals at school. She’s even got great makeup looks that you can learn to do on your own.


When you’re looking for routines to copy, remember that everyone has slightly different skin.

Every YouTuber has slightly different needs that they’re addressing with the products and routine that they use.

Keep in mind that your skin isn’t like theirs, but they’ll still have great advice for you to follow.

Have fun keeping your skin looking amazing, and tell us which routines work best for you!

*Leave a comment about a blogger/youtuber you like, we will review and update this article.

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