Top 4 Best Natural Moisturizers For Acne (Give Your Skin A Break).

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Acne can be quite frustrating due to random flare ups. Using soothing and non-aggressive products such as a natural moisturizer is the best way to combat acne no matter your skin type.

Mankind has managed to land on the moon but when it comes to finding a sure cure for acne, we still come up empty.

This is because acne is caused and affected by very many factors it can be hard to keep up with.

However, one sure way of reducing acne is by using natural products that will not cause any flare ups.

Today, we tackle moisturizers and how you can use them to get healthy skin no matter your skin type.

Also, we give you a thorough review of the best natural moisturizers for acne. Are you ready to get clear skin? Keep reading.

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Should you use a moisturizer if you have acne?

The answer to this question is a big, firm Yes! Most people with acne assume that drying out their skin will help rid it of pimples.

Perhaps it’s the assumption that moisturizers will clog your pores leading to more acne.

Whether you have oily, dry or combination skin, moisturizing is a must.

By moistening your skin, you prevent excessive sebum production which in turn leads to more acne.

...You also encourage hydration which results in supple, softer and most definitely healthier skin hence improving your appearance.


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The trick is not in skipping on moisturizing but rather being selective on the moisturizer you use.

...By going for natural moisturizers, you eliminate any chance of upsetting your skin which often leads to server breakouts.

Also, to prevent your pores from being clogged up, make sure you chose a non-comedogenic moisturizer.

Natural moisturizers for oily skin with acne.

I used to think that the more I use alcohol on my acne prone oily skin, the less oily it will get.

Unfortunately, this is not how it works.

If anything, using products that strip your skin of its natural oil end up worsening the acne situation.

By ridding your skin of oil, you trigger it to produce more in the attempt to moisturize itself.

This usually leads to sebum build up which often leads to clogged pores and of course, acne breakouts.

So what should you do?

Investing in an oil-free, non-comedogenic moisturizer should hydrate your skin without making it all greasy and shiny. This also keeps your sebum production in check since your skin will feel moisturized hence no need for excess sebum production.

Also, go for natural moisturizers with ingredients that are good for soothing your skin. A good example is aloe vera and green tea, both which contain anti-inflammatory properties.


A moisturizer with ingredients such as arginine, targeted at controlling sebum production will also help in reducing acne.

Lastly, oily skin is quite notorious for attracting dirt throughout the day.

Ensure you wash your face twice a day especially before bed.

You can also invest in moisturizer with ingredients that are anti-bacterial to ensure bacterial does lead you further down this acne road.

An example of a natural anti-bacterial ingredient to watch out for is neem. Since this might be hard to come by, go for aloe vera or tea tree oil.

Natural moisturizers for dry skin with acne.

This may come as a surprise to you but, yes, dry skin also gets acne! The first thing you need to do is determine whether you have dry skin or it is simply dehydration.

The difference between the two is that when it comes to skin dehydration, you experience temporary dryness from using harsh products.

This can easily be remedied by avoiding the said products and keeping it simple in your skin care routine.

If you are sure the products you are using are not responsible for drying your skin, then, unfortunately, you have dry skin.

...The good news is that this can be remedied by using the right products, especially a moisturizer.

Go for a moisturizer that seals the moisture in your skin. In this case, a slightly oily product is acceptable. But be careful not to confuse oily with petroleum products.

Opt for moisturizers with vitamin E as it is great for soothing dry skin. Also, consider using an organic toner such as rose water beneath your moisturizer to hydrate your skin fully.

Not forgetting the hydrating and soothing benefits of aloe vera gel on dry skin.

Again, I emphasize on making sure your moisturizer is non-comedogenic to prevent your pores from being clogged.

Tips for choosing a natural moisturizer for acne.

With many products in the market claiming to be chemical free, it can be really hard to tell which are for real and which ones will just cause you a lot of heartaches and drain your pockets.

By following the tips below, you will be able to discern between the two and most importantly, find the right moisturizer for you.

Ingredients speak volumes.

- Make sure you go through the list of ingredients on your moisturizer to ensure no chemicals or clogging agents are present.
- If you find any alcohol in a product claiming to be natural, forget about it.

Go through reviews from other users.

- If many users are complaining of skin flare-ups associated with a product, it would be wise to use it with caution.
- In short, learning from the mistakes of others might just save your skin.

Treatment first, then follow with a moisteriser.

- If you use acne treatment always apply it before your moisterizer.
- It allows your treatment to be absorbed while a moisterizer simply hydrates your skin.

Know your skin type in order to get the right products.

- If you do not know your skin type, go for products made for all skin types.

Check out the Quiz help you define your skin type here

Test it out!

- The rule of thumb for all new skin care products is to test them out before going all in.
- A 24-hour patch test on your chin or behind your ears will tell you if that product is good for you or not.

Keep it simple.

- Having one moisturizer in many cases is enough.
- In case you feel that you must have more, do not go any higher than two moisturizers.

Reviews of the Best Natural Moisturizers For Acne

1. Christina Moss Naturals' Organic Facial Moisturizer.

Facial Moisturizer - Organic & Natural Ingredients Face...
  • NON-COMEDOGENIC. GREAT FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: Fights off free radicals (the...

The Christina Moss moisturizer is arguably one of the most popular and trusted facial crèmes on the market right now.

Some of the things that have contributed toward its popularity are the affordability of the product as well as the fact that it is 100% natural.

It is packaged in one-ounce containers but is likely to last a lot longer than similar products because it is highly concentrated.

Some of the ingredients of this product include aloe vera, apricots, grape seed oil and avocado oil.

These are products that easily penetrate one's skin which is advantageous because it provides deep miniaturization.

The focus on natural products also makes this particular moisturizer less intrusive and safer than most of the facial moisturizers on the market.


  • check
    100% natural.
  • check
    It is absorbed without leaving greasy residue.
  • check
    Does not cause any breakouts.
  • check
    It is suitable for both dry and oily skin.
  • check
    All ingredients are obtained from certified organic vendors.


  • It has a strong licorice scent
  • exclamation-circle
    The product is likely to get contaminated because it does not contain any preservatives
  • exclamation-circle
    It has a very short shelf life

2. Burt Bees' Natural Acne Solutions.

Burt's Bees Natural Acne Solutions Daily Moisturizing...
  • ACNE MOISTURIZER: Designed for acne prone skin, this lightweight...
  • FACE LOTION: Burt's Bees acne moisturizer is specially crafted for oily...
  • NATURAL FACE LOTION: Formulated with naturally derived salicylic acid, this...

Burt Bees Natural Acne Solutions is a product that was designed specifically for people with acne, dry, sensitive or damaged skin.

It contains a mixture of aloe vera, cocoa butter, olive oil, Shea butter, hemp seed oil as well as cehami extracts.

These ingredients provide numerous essential nutrients and minerals to your skin which in turn moisturize your skin and help alleviate the skin problems stated above.

The moisturizer is packaged in an easy to use, 2-ounce bottle.

It is highly recommended as a daily moisturizer if you have skin that is prone to acne and has also been clinically tested to prove that it can provide protection against skin blemishes.


  • check
    It has been tested by professional dermatologists
  • check
    It is a non-comedogenic treatment for acne
  • check
    Clinically proven to fade skin blemished within the first 48 hours of use
  • check
    Uses naturally extracted salicylic acid which reduces the chances of developing acne
  • check
    Helps alleviate blackheads and whiteheads


  • Has an unpleasant smell
  • exclamation-circle
    Has a thick consistency which makes it hard to apply
  • exclamation-circle
    May cause some irritation to the skin

3. Era Organics Complete Natural face moisturizing cream.

Era Organics Face Moisturizer Cream - Advanced Moisturizing...
  • SUPERFOOD FOR YOUR SKIN - Extra robust facial cream with organic Aloe Vera,...
  • DEEP HYDRATION- Our non-greasy face cream will moisturize to the base of...

Most people who are frequent users of products from era organics claim to have started using the product as a result of high ratings from various beauty products websites.

This is a product that has managed to live up to its expectations each time it is used.

It contains a unique combination of coconut oil, shea butter, oat amino protein, glycerin, glucose and other essential oils that are geared towards moisturizing and repairing all types of skin.

It comes in a minimalistic but elegantly designed 4-ounce plastic container with a twist top cap. The moisturizer has a faint coconut and honey scent which dissipates quickly once it is applied.

Although it is relatively thick as compared to other moisturizers, it is smooth and creamy. This means it does not have lumps or any unnecessary stickiness when it is applied.


  • check
    Helps clear up psoriasis and other types of skin disorders.
  • check
    Suitable for all skin types


  • They are not easy to find
  • exclamation-circle
    The price is significantly higher than other skin moisturizers

4. Alba Botanica Hawaiian Oil-Free Moisturizer (Aloe Vera and Green tea)

Alba Botanica Hawaiian, Aloe & Green Tea Oil-Free...
  • Minimizes the appearance of pores for a soft, smooth and radiant complexion
  • Light cream with aloe, green tea antioxidants and refining humectants...
  • 100% vegetarian ingredients

The Alba Botanica Hawaiian oil free moisturizer is yet another highly rated skin care product.

The moisturizer contains natural skin softeners like aloe vera, moisturizers, and antioxidants that are geared towards improving the texture and general look of your skin.

It is packaged in a 3-ounce plastic container. This moisturizer has grown in terms of usage and popularity because it does not contain any kinds of oils.

For this reason, it comes highly recommended for people who have had nasty experiences with moisturizers containing oil.


  • check
    Leaves skin very moist.
  • check
    Works well as a moisturizing base under make-up.
  • check
    Has a very thin consistency which makes it suitable for chapped or irritated skin.


  • It is likely to aggravate seborrheic dermatitis.
  • exclamation-circle
    Leaves greasy residue.

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Final word.

There is no debate about it, using a moisturizer no matter your skin type or skin condition is beneficial.

While you are at it, there is no need for smearing chemicals on your skin when you can so easily get natural products with much better results. I think I have exhausted this topic on natural moisturizers but to recap, just make sure you get a moisturizer based on your skin type.

It has come to the point where we announce the winner in the best natural moisturizer for acne round up.

Without a doubt, the Christina Moss Moisturizer takes the crown. Check this product here.

...Despite coming in a small bottle and having a short shelf life, this moisturizer is great for its ability to hydrate your skin back to health.

Its use by men and women of all skin types and the fact that the ingredients are 100% natural makes us fall in love with it even more.

Finally, don’t let acne get you down.

Take action today by finding the right moisturizer for you.

I would like to emphasize the need for a balanced diet and good skin care habits to ensure your skin is healthy inside and out.

As usual, it has been a pleasure. Have you won the battle with acne? I’d love to hear your story. Leave me some words below.

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