The Top 5 Best Mattifying Primer For Oily Skin


Oily skin can be quite challenging to manage especially when it comes to applying makeup. This is why you need an efficient primer for oil control as long lasting makeup.

Finding cosmetic products for oily skin can be quite damning, a mattifying primer is no exception. If it does not slither off right after applying, it will end up giving you one hell of a breakout.

So, is there a way out for us guys with oily skin or are we totally banned from the world of makeup? To answer this question, I have come up with the benefits of a mattifying primer and a list of the best primers for oily skin. Read on, you won’t get disappointed!


Primer Tips And Tricks to Live by.

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Benefits of applying mattifying primer

This may come as a surprise to you but mattifying primers come with a boatload of benefits other than making you look gorgeous. This include:

1. Seals pores

When you use a mattifying primer before applying your makeup, you close up pores on your skin and creating a “blanket” over them. This helps your makeup stay on longer without being washed away by sweat and oil.

2. Softens skin

Primers enhance the smooth look on your makeup helping it look better after you apply the final layer. But that’s not all that primers do for your skin. They come with the ability to seal moisture in your skin leaving it softer than before.

3. Makeup stays on longer

The main reason to use primers is to help your makeup hold on longer without breaking or giving into debris, water or dust that may break it

4. Lightweight

Applying a primer before your normal makeup does not make your face feel heavy as most primers are lightweight.

5. Easy to apply

Mattifying primers are easy to use. As explained above you can apply your primer in no time, and it takes few minutes to dry enabling you to apply your makeup normally.

Top five best mattifying primer for oily skin you ought to try.

Lightweight, mattifying makeup base that absorbs oils and controls shine for no less than eight hours.

Applying face preliminary smoothens surface, supports scope and helps makeup wear better and last more.

Whether you need to obscure wrinkles, mattify, minimize the presence of pores or level out skin tone, preliminaries do this while making a smooth base for make-up and helping it to stay put for more.

The Sacha mattifier is specifically created to absorb any excess oils on the skin.

It is very easy to apply; it also feels very light on your skin keeping makeup on your skin longer and you looking amazing.


  • No powdering or applying additional makeup throughout the day.
  • Reduced oil production rates by your skin.
  • Does not use gunky silicones; instead, this product uses cornstarch making it better for the skin and keeping your makeup intact.
  • Lightweight and not cumbersome when applied on the face
  • All day wear with no need to touch it up.
  • Sacha mattifier works well on combination, oily and dry skin.


  • Doesn’t work well in tropical areas
  • May feel waxy and hard to apply for some people

The Vasanti face and eye primer offers a whole new perspective on customary primers and comes with great benefits for both your eyes and face This is the ideal solution for anyone who is susceptible to runny or cakey makeup in the course of your day.

By simply applying a thin layer of Vasanti primer, your makeup will go on very smoothly, better yet, it will last longer.

It comes with ingredients that are safe for your skin hence the chances of developing reaction are damn near zero.

It is also ideal for all skin types hence no matter your skin condition, you can use this primer as a base for your makeup.

To add to this, your face and eye makeup will look brighter and more vibrant giving you a more youthful appearance.

This primer comes in two sizes, the 15ml tube which is ideal for an eye only primer and great for when your budget is tight, while the 30ml will do well for your skin and face.

Whatever your choice, Vasanti eye-primer is arguably one of the best for all skin types, especially oily skin.


  • Foundation and makeup will last you all day without the need to touch up.
  • A full day of protection when applied on your oily skin.
  • You will need only a small amount that works very well to reduce wrinkles around the eyes and on your face.
  • It contains safe ingredients making it irritation free when applied.
  • Comes in two tube variance to help buyers have a better choice when buying.


  • It does not have moisturizing abilities.

The organic Foundation Primer gives you freedom to have your makeup on throughout the day. It comes in a unique formula that comprises of a gel that is waterproof yet drys quickly to ensure that your makeup stays on for longer and does not smear.

As if this is not enough, this primer is enriched with vitamins (A and E) and antioxidants that will enhance cell turnover leaving behind beautiful, fresh and supple skin.

It also has the ability to minimize the appearance of your pores giving you a flawless look as well keeping breakouts at bay. It is quite safe for all skin types and can be used as a moisturizing lotion without makeup.

To add to this, the organic foundation primer is quite easy to apply such that all you will require is your fingers as opposed to an application brush or sponge.

It works well to reduce redness, flakiness, and abundance oil that prevent makeup from staying on. It also works well for all skin types especially oily skin since it is organic and non-oily. As a bonus, this primer is also paraben and scent free and has been approved by the FDA as safe for use.


  • It can be used on delicate skin without causing irritation.
  • The organic foundation is easy to apply and lightweight helping you feel natural even with makeup on.
  • An amazing product to end redness and flakiness of skin.
  • It has a natural scent that reduces skin reactiveness to the primer.
  • It can be used as a foundation to your normal makeup.


  • It has a low shine control.

The Makeup Primer by Eclipse smoothens out your appearance making your skin silky smooth.

It comes with an advanced formula that has wrinkle-preventing and minimizing properties which will leave your face youthful despite constant use of makeup.

It is quite lightweight hence you need not worry about layering up your face. The light weight makes it very easy to apply and drys in a few seconds.

If you have a problem with large pores, this primer by eclipse will do a great job to minimize their appearance giving you a near perfect look.

It comes with a guarantee of keeping your makeup on for 12 hours hence you will have no need to keep on reapplying.

The packaging it comes with is also quite convenient hence you will have a great time with this primer.


  • It is quite easy to apply thanks to its fluid nature.
  • It has a silky feeling over the face helping you stay comfortable all day.
  • No fragrance or parabens are in this product hence slim chances of irritation even to sensitive skin.
  • It is long lasting on your face and allows the same for your makeup.
  • It is FDA approved.


  • It finds it hard to conceal most pores on the face.
  • The pump on the bottle does not work properly most of the time.

The Pore Perfecting Face Primer naturally and easily reduce the appearance of your pores.

It fills in fine lines and wrinkles and as a bonus comes with a scent free, paraben free and non-oily recipe.

It is easy to apply and does it job well by allowing makeup to last longer on your skin throughout the day.

On top of being lightweight, this primer has the ability to absorb oil from your skin leaving you with long lasting oil control even after you wash it off.

In a dark compact tube, the Pore Perfecting primer looks quite sleek and is great at its job.


  • It controls the amount of oil being produced.
  • The primer is lightweight and easy to apply.
  • Protects your skin for and keeps makeup on for an entire day.
  • It is free from paraben and scents hence great even for sensitive skin.


  • The primer comes in two packs and can’t be bought as a single tube.


Clearly, a primer is quite essential if you are a regular makeup user who needs their makeup to go on smoothly and stay fresh during the day. If I had to go with just one prime, I would pick the Organic foundation primer as it is quite safe and gentle on skin.

While it’s hard to find a primer that is 100% pure, you should not turn a blind eye on some ingredient that may be harmful to your skin. For instance, you will be better off going for a primer that has no scent or color.

A primer in its natural state is not supposed to cause any irritations. This will ensure you do not react to the primer especially if you have sensitive skin. So, in case of any irritation, discontinue its use immediately.

You can perform a spot test on the back of your ear to ensure it does not react with your skin. That said, I think you are ready to venture into the world of primers confidently. As usual, your comments and questions are my joy. So, leave me some words at the comment section and I will get back to you in a jiffy. Finally, stay beautiful and matte ladies, because you can!

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