The Top 5 Shocking Skincare Secrets!

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The misinformation surrounding skin care - not to mention old-wives’ tales - and the amount of bad (but well-intentioned) advice out there, is staggering.

The reason why this is the case is that skin care can be a very tricky affair, and it really depends on what type of skin you have!

However, some tried and true rules that go against at least one or two rules you may have heard of, do really work for all skin types!…

How did I learn all this you might be asking yourself?

Well, from talking to makeup artists, skincare experts, and even personally trying out thousands of products over the past decade that I have been reviewing natural beauty products!

​So, without further ​ado, here are my personal tried-and-true top five skincare secrets:

1. Does hot water good for skin?

To get your face clean, you actually do not need to wash it using hot water! Hot water can often times cause irritation and redness in those with sensitive skin

Hot water tends to dry out sensitive skin making it vulnerable to all kinds of problems, from acne, to red, flaky skin.

Nobody wants that! Use a mildly warm to room-temperature water to wash your face. This will still get the job done without potentially irritating your skin.

This applies to the rest of your body too!

Having a steaming hot shower might feel amazing, but as the cooler weather continues drawing closer, it is guaranteed to irritate and dry out your poor skin!

So stick to mildly-warm, or even cooler water when washing your skin, especially more sensitive areas.

Read more: Using a facial steamer before applying masks and creams makes your skin more open and capable of absorbing the helpful ingredients found in these products.

2. Oil is not bad for skin and is actually good?.

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A common misconception is that oil is bad for your skin and causes breakouts.

The logic behind these thoughts makes sense - if oily skin leads to breakouts, then why would I put more oil on my skin?!

The thing about that is, when your skin is too dry, it overproduces oil to make up for the dryness.

This is why a lot of people experience oily skin, it’s actually because their skin is so dry!

Then to make the problem worse, they keep buying products that dry out their skin because they believe it to be too oily!

The truth is, if you actually use oil on your face, your skin doesn’t need to overproduce it, and it becomes more balanced. So oil is not bad for your skin - it’s actually very good!

Vegetable oils are a long-forgotten way of moisturizing your skin that have been neglected for years.

You have probably heard stories about how your great-grandmother used to use olive oil to lather up her hands then would wear cotton gloves to bed.

(If you didn’t hear about your grandmother, you probably heard about someone else’s grandmother…) You can either wash your face using coconut oil or you can slather it on once you finish showering.

You can do the same using olive oil and sesame oil.

Once you have used the oil several times, you will start noticing that skin starts to even out whether it is dry or oily, and that it is either more naturally moisturized or less oily.

Many new formulations of high-end beauty products now contain skin-protecting oils since they actually do work!

3. Scrubbing to exfoliate is not important.

Most of the cleansing and exfoliating scrub brands available at your local drug store are too harsh for most skin types.

In fact, rough and too frequent washing of the face can actually worsen acne as it irritates your skin!

Try to exfoliate gently, using fruit as opposed to synthetic and chemical laden scrubs from a tube.

If you are not allergic, rubbing mashed strawberries, fresh chunks of pineapple, or the inside skin of a fresh mango directly on your face and leaving the natural fruit acid on for several minutes (rinsing off afterwards), is the best kind of exfoliator you can ever find!

While this approach might be a bit overwhelming for very sensitive skin, it does work well for all other skin types.

If you do decide to use cleaners for your skin, then it’s best to do so in an informed manner.

Try to look for acne product reviews to get a better grasp and understanding of what you’re using, and what is suitable for your skin type.

I always suggest if you’re going to use commercial products, aim for those with the most natural (and least amount of) ingredients, also try to find a product that is PH balanced and won’t disrupt the natural PH levels of your skin.

4. You are what you eat

The most important thing for healthy skin, is what you eat - and not what you put on it.

A healthy diet, rich and full of fresh vegetables and fruits, plenty of water, minimal alcohol, and lots of sweat-inducing workouts make your skin glow more than any expensive moisturizer and cleanser on the market!

It also leaves you feeling energetic, healthy and confident.

5. Benefit of Chocolate

Chocolate is not responsible for acne, but pasta and bread might be.

No conclusive studies have ever linked chocolate consumption to acne even though some studies have linked high-glycemic foods to acne breakouts.

As a rule of thumb, keep your consumption of sugars, carbohydrates, saturated fats, caffeine, alcohol and gluten to a minimum to avoid any potential breakouts!

A piece of dark chocolate here and there never hurt nobody…

Enjoy your happy and healthy skin!

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