9 Simple Little Things To Make Your Years Even Better

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The whole point of being alive or living is simply to be happy, at least this is what I think. With all the huddles, responsibilities and negativity we face constantly, moments of happiness seem to last for shorter periods.

So, if your old year was not as good as you expected, this new year comes with a new opportunity for you to turn your life around by adopting some little habits that to be honest, are quite simple.

This is why I came up with eight little everyday changes to make your year even better.

But first, I have to warn you. This is not one of those “new year, new me” stories that involve making resolutions (that so often go unachieved).

Instead, these are helpful tips and tweaks at your life that will ensure you are happier and a better version of yourself in this year and years to come.

That said, try these small habits every day and in no time, you will acquire zest for life.

#1. Spend time outside (especially in the sun).

Spend time outside (especially in the sun).

Spending too much time indoors, enclosed within a building affects your body, spirit, and mind. For one, you do not get enough fresh air especially if the room is stuffy.

It has been proved that spending at least thirty minutes a day, outside, increases your creativity levels and generally puts you in a happy mood. So, every day ensure you break away from your habit of being indoors for long.

If your schedule is too tight, try having lunch outside as opposed to eating at your desk. Do this every day and notice a change in your mood. If you won’t do it for your mood, at least do it for the free doze of vitamin D you get from the sun.

If spending time outside is a challenge maybe your yard is the problem. You can use this guide to brighten up your landscape. This might encourage you to spend some time out even if its just your front yard.

#2. Get a guilt free, lazy day.

Working round the clock every single day is bound to take a toll on you sooner or later. This is not only unhealthy,

but also counter-productive since you will not be at your peak when handling tasks. This may seem uncustomary to you especially if your routine does not allow you time, but trust me, it will be worth it.

So, every week or two, set a day aside and spend it worrying less about chores and work and instead, stay in bed, read a book or even watch a movie (whatever floats your boat).

When you finally get back to work, you will be fresher and more creative. It all boils down to all work and no play making Jack one dull boy, don’t be Jack!

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#3. Adopt a habit of waking up early.

Nothing ruins a good day like disorganization and failed plans. Before you know it, a day turns to a week, weeks to months and that is how you have wasted a whole month doing nothing substantial.

In all honesty, no one likes failure. Especially if it comes knocking at your door so often. Eventually, it steals your joy and self-esteem and before you know it, you have spent another year of could’ve, should’ve would’ve.

To avoid wasting your day, give yourself a head start every morning by waking up early. This way, instead of rushing through work and causing a mess, you will do it at your pace and get more things done by the end of the day.


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#4. Love thy self!

This is actually my personal favorite. Ever heard the slogan, to love others, you must start by loving yourself. Well, believe it or not, it applies in life.

I can go all day and night talking about the importance of self-love and how it could open a new world for you. Unfortunately this is not the time or place.

So all I’ll say is, by loving yourself, you accept all your flaws and strengths, this way, you will not beat yourself up for failure.

And as the slogan above stipulates, it allows you to love others hence setting standards for how you treat people and how they reciprocate.

#5. Put your goals and visions on paper. Better yet, make a board.


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Knowing your goals and visions get you a step closer to achieving them. What is better than simply writing them down, is to attach pictures, charts or simple drawings on a board. Include all the little deails about them even if some are as vain as hair growth goals or body goals.

This will enable you to visualize your dreams hence motivating you to work on them. Just be sure to make it as appealing as possible and put it some place where you will see it daily.

#6. Live a little by facing your fears and taking risks.

Life without risk is unlived. I bet you have heard this being said before. By allowing your fears to control you, you can never achieve your true potential.

So, this year should be all about going out of your comfort zone.

Try starting that business you’ve always wanted, go for skydiving, buy a home. Whatever your ‘thing’ is, don’t let fear be your barrier. After all, you are better off trying and losing than not trying at all.

Also, consider changing up your look starting from your hair, to your clothes. wear a little make-up every now and then, it can be a boost for your confidence. if you are new to make up this article can bring you up to speed on the basics.

#7. Get yourself a hangout join.

Spending too much time at work then going home only to repeat it next day and the day that follows can be downright boring.

A good remedy for this is finding yourself a place where you can go in between work and home to simply kill the monotony of life.

Try finding a nice place such as a restaurant, bar or something as simple as a coffee shop.

You don’t have to drop there every day, once in a while will be good enough to break your routine. You never know, you might just make some new friends!

#8. Get a hobbie(s) if you don’t have one already.


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Studies have shown that engaging in fun or creative activities out of free will (hobbies) can increase a person’s happiness and memory.

Further studies at Mayo Clinic have shown that those who spend less time watching and more time pursuing a hobby have better memory retention as opposed to those who do not.

Getting a hobby will not only make you happier but also help you handle your idle time better. If you have no clue of what hobby would suit you, this would be a great plea to begin your search.

#9. Workout!

I know most of you cringe at the thought of exercises. But the good news is that working out does not have to involve conventional rigorous cardio and weightlifting.

You can simply opt for calming yoga as a form of workout or even go for engaging ti-chi classes with a bonus of self-defense skills.

The choices are numerous. Pick an exercise that suits you best. Just be sure you are burning calories and engaging your body. You will be in happier moods sooner than you know it.

In order to get in shape, consider pairing your workouts with a good diet plan that allows you to eat healthy hence live healthy.


Well, there you have it people. Want your new year to be better than your past years, try adopting these little habits this year. In no time, habit will become routine and you will definitely note a positive change in your life.

What are you waiting for? Pick a number and start working on it. That said, id love to hear your thoughts on making your year better.

Just leave me a comment and let’s get to chatting. Otherwise, have a lovely year ahead and remember, a smile a day is brings happiness your way.

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  1. Studies have shown that engaging in fun or creative activities out of free will (hobbies) can increase a person’s happiness and memory.


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