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Few days back, I had a debate with two of my friends about the topic “should concealer be lighter than foundation”.

Since they were pretty confused about it, I answered them and decided to share my thoughts with a large group of ladies then.

While this topic has been doing rounds for a while now, I am feeling pretty honoured to bring you this article.

After conducting a lot of research and trying both of these wonder products i.e. concealer and foundation, I have gotten a justified answer.

Concealer is one such product that can dramatically transform a woman’s looks.

If used correctly, it can be a remarkable product to cover dark circles, dark spots, blemishes, under-eye puffiness and freckles etc.

Why do you need foundation if concealer can do the task perfectly? Well, concealer is used to conceal the imperfections while foundation gives an even look.

Concealer is a staple product that can be found in every woman’s makeup kit, but do you actually know how to choose it? Should it be lighter than your foundation?

Should it be applied before or after the foundation? If you don’t know, take few minutes to learn the answers. Just hang in there, it’s easy.

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How to Choose a Concealer According to the Skin Type?

Before getting into the depth of how to choose a concealer, let me tell you that there is no preset rule of choosing it.

Everything depends on the skin color, discoloured areas, intensity of dark spots, and the area to be covered.

Concealer works best with a foundation! So try to pick a shade that is two shades lighter than your original skin tone.

Check your Skin Type

Skin type and color goes hand in hand when it comes to choosing a concealer. Pick a concealer that works on your dry or oily skin.

A matte finish concealer in a liquid form is not an ideal option for dry skin whereas creamy or stick concealer gives a worse look to oily skin.

Now here’s a rundown of the types of concealer for different skin types:

Powder Concealers: To cover light blemishes, scars and scabs, powder concealers work incredibly.

Though it is easiest to blend powder concealers, they don’t have much coverage.

If you have nearly flawless skin, then these concealers are the best.

Stick Concealers: To hide imperfections, stick concealers works wonders on the skin.

They offer good coverage but only on small areas. Applying them on the whole face is not a good idea, because they are tough to blend in. GO for a solid stick!

Liquid Concealers: Awesome they are! For even spreading, beautiful coverage, and large coverage areas, liquid concealers are the first choice.

They even work great without foundation, and the application is sheer and luminous.

Pen Concealers: Offering light coverage, pen concealers are equipped with brush applicators.

Easy to apply, they have a magic power to hide dark circles and discolorations.

To give an extra highlight boost to your face, none other than pen concealers can do the task.

Should Concealer be lighter than Your Foundation?


The flawless application of a concealer depends only on choosing the right type, shade, and formula of the concealer.

While concealer must be chosen according to your skin tone, it has to match with the foundation too!

Buying a concealer may seem a daunting task, but with this article, you can make a smart purchase.

Now you must be wondering whether the concealer should be lighter than the foundation, darker. or similar? Take a quick look to get your answer:

  • Pick a concealer according to your skin type. Next, the shade of the concealer must be one shade lighter than the foundation you choose. This is because the concealer is there to hide the imperfections, and one shade lighter gives more coverage to the problem areas.
  • To achieve an utmost gorgeous look, choose a pink concealer for under eye area, orange concealer for dark skin, and yellow concealer to conceal red blemishes or marks.

Make a nice ensemble of a good concealer and foundation to sport a stunning look.

Should Concealer Be Applied Before or After the Foundation?

Should Concealer Be Applied Before or After the Foundation?

This answer depends on the amount of coverage you need! Applying concealer before or after foundation has two major reasons.

Get more coverage by applying it after foundation and less coverage by applying it before foundation.

  • If you like powder foundation, apply the concealer first always to avoid a cakey look.
  • Apply the concealer afterwards if the foundation is in creamy or liquid form. Give a final touch with a compact powder to get that flawless glow.

Concealer before Foundation

Concealing the areas when not much coverage is required goes well with a slight application first.

Correct the areas with the concealer, then follow up with the foundation if necessary. Foundation blends the concealer beautifully if any demarcation lines are seen.

Concealer after Foundation

While everyone has a different approach to applying makeup on the skin, I prefer this. Apply a little foundation to even out the areas and get a clean look.

Don’t apply too much of the product or else you will like a panda. Take out some concealer and polish the areas that require masking.

Concealing the areas after foundation is a sure shot way to clean minor makeup flaws and spills. Light brush strokes over the concealer can help seamless blending on the foundation.

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Want to Look Good? Try Concealer

Let’s shake hands with this faithful camouflaging friend as it cannot only give you a flawless skin but also hydrate and nourish the skin.

Go for organic beauty products only if you want gentle care of your skin. Choose among the different types of concealers after analyzing your skin properly and look beautiful!

Are your doubts clear on should concealer be lighter than foundation? Thanks for reading it through!

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