Top Products and Treatment Approaches for Rosacea

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No two skin conditions announce themselves more loudly than acne and rosacea, and obviously for the fact that both of the affect the face exclusively. It’s difficult to hide the fact if you’re suffering from them. At least with acne it tends to subside once you move well past puberty, but if you’re prone to rosacea it’s a lifelong thing and you’ll need to find ways of mediating the condition.

It needs no introduction if you’re a sufferer, but I’ll just lay out briefly that Rosacea chronic skin condition the causes reddish facial skin and a ruddy, flushed appearance and it’s common on the central part of the face, but less so on the neck and jawline. Extreme heat and sun exposure are common triggers, but stress, exercise (due to the effect of sweat on pores), and exposure to strong winds can be factors too.


Before moving on to the best ways to treat rosacea and a discussion of some quality products, I’ll mention something most of you will likely be surprised to learn. Demodex mites are of great significance to the development and severity of rosacea. You probably have never heard of these microscopic insects, but everyone has them on their skin and in their pores, according to Susan Roberge, a dermatologic expert who works with Yes Wellness in an advisory capacity.

A protein on a bacteria that the mites carry causes some the inflammation of rosacea. The amount of mites on the skin decreases when antiseptic cleaners are used, but using them is not recommended as they tend to be harsh on the skin for people with rosacea.

Instead, try using quality Lorna Vanderhaeghe products among others, and I myself have great success with her Celadrin Super Rich Skin Therapy Cream. Many rosacea sufferers are not willing to use antibiotics long term, again making natural formulations a good choice.

But I’ll get to my list of fave effective products shortly, first let’s discuss some tips for reducing rosacea.

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Less of a Red Face, Please!

Rosacea suffers often believe that they shouldn’t use any type of relief product at all, in the interest of ‘leaving their skin alone.’ That’s somewhat both correct and incorrect. You definitely shouldn’t bombard your skin with every therapeutic product you can get your hands on, but at the same time you can benefit from treating the condition in the right manner.

It is advisable to limit the number of products you use, as well as choosing lower strength formulations and apply them less frequently as a rule It’s important to use a moisturizer too, as they help to preserve the skin barrier to keep chemical and particulate irritants off the skin. See my top choices for moisturizers below

Also be sure to use sunscreen regularly. The effect of prolonged sun exposure and resultant damage plays a role in worsening a person’s susceptibility to rosacea. An SPF 15 sunscreen is a good choice for everyday protection.

Never use an acne treatment cream or other topical application product for acne, as most will contain alcohol and could dry the skin and worsen your symptoms. This is also true of most anti-aging products, and some people report the same type of irritation / worsening with botanical products like tea tree oil or rosemary. That said, do consider tea tree oil or rosemary oil as they’ve been effective for me and of course they’re nice and all natural plus pleasantly fragrant.

Lastly, there are some prescription medications and laser treatments that can be used as well. I’m not a fan of the former, and I’ve yet to try the latter but I’ve heard some positive reviews for laser rosacea treatments. Many prescription treatments contain sulfa drugs, but some people are allergic to this type of medications, so be sure about your specific reactivity if you want to consider them.

Best Rosacea Treatment Products

To start, my antimicrobial cleanser of choice is Calming Zinc Soap, and a clarisonic brush or similar type of cleaning device is a good choice for applying your antimicrobial cleanser. Avoid all cleansers that contain alcohol, menthol, or fragrances.

For more intensive therapeutic treatment, In addition to the Lorna Vanderhaeghe product I mentioned above, I really like Clarins Sensitive Skin Beauty Repair Concentrate as well as La-Roche Posay’s Rosaliac AR Intense.

Here are my other top picks:

Elemis Daily Redness Solution

Darphin’s Intral Redness Relief Soothing Serum

Cerave Hydrating Cleanser (a very nice and nicely priced general skin cleanser, it’s one of my staples)

As mentioned, Rosacea is a permanent condition, but if you’re especially proactive and smart about the way you treat it, you can lessen its severity quite considerably and then be much less self-conscious about your facial appearance.

Top Editor's Choice on Rosacea Treatment

Cetaphil Redness Relieving Night Moisturizer, 1.7 Ounce
Immediately calms redness prone skin due to dryness; Visibly improves skin texture by rehydrating dry, irritated skin
Eucerin Redness Relief Night Creme - Gently Hydrates To...
Reduce redness for sensitive and redness prone skin at night; Soothing, hydrating formula; Enriched with Licochalcone, a skin soothing extract of licorice root

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