Red Blotches on Your Skin After Shower: Learn its causes and treatments

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After a shower, everyone feels refreshing and clean, but sometimes you may feel itching and red blotches on your skin. Before you learn how to ease this irritation, it is essential to understand its causes.

Red blotches may be in certain areas of your skin, or they may affect your whole body. Nature of Red spots on skin after a shower may vary because these can be itchy and irritated.

If your sensitive skin is prone to certain allergies, you may get red blotches or itchy skin from your soap, water or even perspiration. A hot shower can leave scratches on your skin.

It seems paradoxical to develop red blotches on your skin under a blast of hot water. The hot water stream scorches your skin after evaporation of water.

Human skin naturally produces oil and becomes a barrier between harsh environment and skin. Hot water can sluice the oil of your skin and leave it completely dry.

If you take a hot shower for a longer period, you will feel severe itching and redness on your forearms, lower legs, and face. Your dry skin is the actual culprit of this discomfort.

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I. Causes of Blotchy Skin and Their Treatments

Here are some remedies that will help you to get rid of red blotches on skin after shower:

Over-exfoliation Opens the Skin Pores

Everyone sheds almost 50 million skin cells on a regular basis, and it takes fewer efforts to remove them from your skin. Keep it in mind that over exfoliation requires you to rub your facial skin.

Rubbing your skin in a wrong way can be dangerous because it can increase the chances of blotchy and inflamed skin. A Hot shower after exfoliation can increase the likelihood of red blotches on your skin.

If you want to avoid tenacious scrubs like seeds or kernels, stay away from harsh peels. You can use products that contain sugars or microbeads. There is no need to exfoliate on a regular basis because two times a week is enough.

Avoid the Use of Harsh Soaps

After using soap, you may get the squeaky feeling that means your body skin is unprotected against external irritants. Harsh soaps can make your skin weak and strip natural ceramides, fatty acids, and oils of your skin.

This setup is enough to make your skin blotchy, dry and irritated. If you want to avoid blotches, you should use non-soap, hydrating and pH neutral cleaner and remove your whole day dirt in the shower.

Use lukewarm water to take a shower and moisturize your skin with a good moisturizer.

Fragranced Products for Miniaturization

Regardless of your love with your fragranced body wash or lotion, you have to understand that these are causing red spots on skin after a shower.

If you develop an uncomfortable rash with the use of these products, you will suffer from eczema. You will get painful rashes, pink or red scaly patches in particular areas of your skin.

If you want to avoid red blotches and irritation, make sure to avoid dye- and fragrance-free products. After taking a shower, apply the hydrating cream on your skin to lock moisture and keep skin calm.

Hot Shower after Exercise

The workout is essential for your health, but as your heart rate and body temperature increase, it can trigger splotches on your face because the heart pumps toward your skin and other organs.

The chances of red blotches on face after a shower will increase if you instantly take a bath after a workout or take hot water bath.

If you want to avoid red blotches, make sure to relax for some time to regulate the temperature of your body. Use fresh water to normalize your skin temperature and reduce the chances of blotches.

II. Avoid Triggers of Red Blotches

If you want to avoid red spots on your skin, it is essential to stay away from triggers of red blotches. Stress, extreme cold or heat, alcohol and spicy food are some famous triggers for red spots.

Moisturizer is Essential for Your Skin

To get rid of red spots on your face, keep your skin moisturized. Moisturizer acts as a barrier to lock irritants out and keep the symptoms of red blotches away from you.

A wrong moisturizer can increase the intensity of red spots. Make sure to choose hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and oil-free moisturizer.

Always Choose Gentle Cleansers

Similar to moisturizer, you should choose a gentle cleanser without extra oil and fragrance. Harsh cleansers with astringents can make your skin condition worse because it may increase the chances of acne.

You should stay away from products with salicylic and retinoic acids. The cleansers should be free from hypoallergenic elements and fragrance.

Stay Away from Facials and Chemical Peels

Microdermabrasion treatments and chemical peels are good for your complexion, but if your skin is prone to get red blotches, you should stay away from these treatments.

These treatments can irritate your skin, and this situation may lead you to other skin problems. You can consult a qualified dermatologist to find safe skin care options for smooth and younger skin.

Control Your Makeup

You may like to cover your cheeks with red makeup, but it may worsen the red spots of your skin. On your sensitive skin, you should apply mineral-based and fragrance-free makeup.

The makeup is prepared to decrease irritation of your skin caused by other makeup items. If you want to select a foundation, make sure to choose pressed powder instead of a liquid formula.

Liquid foundation can clog your skin pores and make the red blotches symptoms worse.

Final Verdict

If you are prone to get red blotches on your skin after shower, you should try to avoid hot water and keep your skin moisturized. After getting red spots, you can put ice packs on affected area to calm down inflammation and itching.

Red blotches can be a sign of your skin allergy or fungus. Avoid anything spicy and hot to control red spots and consult your dermatologist for permanent treatment.

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  2. This and all of the other articles on the top of red, blotchy skin after a shower are no help at all. Everyone keeps assuming that the cause is from a HOT shower. I don’t take hot showers, I take cooler showers – and I still have had this problem for years. No, I am not overmoisturizing my skin, no, I am not using harsh soaps. Since none of the articles address the issue properly, I am going to assume that most people with this problem may have hard water. Stop assuming that it’s caused only by HOT showers.

    • Hey Shellia, I feel your pain. Many girls are having these issues after trying to apply all of the solutions I stated here. Sometimes, a person can have a troublematic water, or an allergic reaction from something in close proximity (cases were reported that some experienced shower curtains with some chemicals inside that caused allergic reactions which manifested as blotches). Knowing and understanding your skin can sometimes be tedious, demanding process, and you should persevere through it until you find the culprit of the problem. Try to consult with a skin care professional – it might give you some additional resources. I hope you’ll get this issue solved!

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