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Read These Ideas Before You Do Your Halloween Makeup

Every power couple needs an equally impressive Halloween costume. The best ones have been outdone, the classics become outdated, and standing out is harder to do. This year, reinvigorate your creativity, and consider the different directions you and your boo can take matching costume ideas.

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The T.V. Couple

Okay, we know that everyone will be dressing up as Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen this year. If you want to hop on that train, be sure to do it better than everyone else. Her signature platinum hair is a must, as is Jon’s massive fur coat (good luck finding that piece). Consider a more obscure pop culture reference—try Dolores and Teddy of Westworld. The Old West attire will be much easier to dress up in and you won’t overheat in a burly coat. Another popular choice is Jim and Pam of The Office. Wear a pink sweater with anything business casual, and for clarity, sport a “Hello, my name is…” sticker. Don’t forget about the best couples from our sitcom youth; for a 90s flashback, dress up as Corey and Topanga of Boy Meets World and relive the young love that inspired us all.

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The Classic

Taking costume ideas from contemporary media leaves the risk of seeing duplicate couples all night. How many Jokers and Harley Quinn’s did we see last year? For something more timeless, put a fresh twist on classic couples. Easy examples include a doctor and nurse, or Tarzan and Jane. Sandy and Danny from Grease are always fantastic options because it’s easy to execute, and those tight, black pants look flattering on anyone. Classic, spooky costumes include pairs of skeletons or vampires.  With the relaunch of Nintendo consoles this year, it could be fun to go as Mario and Peach. The Mario costume will be easiest to pick up at a costume store but you could easily make your own princess costume with a pink tutu and tiara. To dress up as an iconic couple from history, try Bonnie and Clyde. Complete the look with a flapper dress and some Swing Era suspenders.

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The Funny

Sometimes the best way to stand out is with humor. Give up the whole sexy appeal and choose something that’s sure to get laughs instead. One of the funniest matching couple’s costumes is the electrical cord and socket. Food costumes are also great and lighthearted, such as bacon and eggs or peanut butter and jelly. Another way to be original is to take any of the costumes above and do a role reversal: have your man go as Peach while you dress up as Mario. If you don’t feel like cross-dressing, find something ironic. Steve Irwin and some exotic animal would be a great example. He could go as the Crocodile Hunter and pretend to wrestle you all night. The comedic costumes are where you can really let your creativity and originality shine. If you want to make it easy on yourselves, check out some cool Halloween costumes from Tipsy Elves. 

The Whimsical

Every girl loves dressing up as a princess, and Disney offers endless varieties to play around with. These ideas need a little more makeup application, but turn out great. If your counterpart is okay with rocking some green tights, Peter Pan and Tinkerbell always look cute together. If he’d prefer to be a bit more masculine, go after Hercules and Meg. He can show off his abs, and you can don a carefully-draped toga. Aladdin and Jasmine also offer skin-revealing opportunities, but might require some dark wigs. If you frequent Disneyland, or know someone who does, chances are you already have a pair of ears on hand and can go as Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Other whimsical cartoon options include Shrek and Fiona, or Elsa and Olaf. These costumes might be a bit harder to make, or cost more to buy, but they’ll let you express your inner kid at heart.

Planning for Halloween shouldn’t fill you with dread. Use these suggestions as a springboard to think about new ways you and your boo can make this the best year yet.


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