Organifi’s Green Juice Reviews, Is It Worth It?

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If you are reading this, you are probably looking to find a healthy diet to supplement your fitness regiment.

You have been laboring for many years at work and you have forgotten to take care of yourself. Well, Organifi Green Juice promises to offer a great dietary substitute. It is an easy to make mix, full of super-foods that enhance a number of things in your system.

You get to feel younger, mentally refreshed, less stressed and overall, healthier. I took Organifi's formulation to task and have come to find out a few things about it;

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What's In This Stuff?

Your main goal in the course of working out is definitely to ensure you loose unnecessary weight. For this to happen, your diet has to be as strict as your fitness regiment. Most nutritionists suggest taking a lot of veggies for nutritional value, I agree. In this accord, Organifi's green juice is perfect. It is made up of great ingredients that all work together to enhance your well-being. Here are some of the ingredients I found to be used in the juice;

what-in-Oganifi 2

MORINGA This ingredient has all essential amino acids that the body needs. The amino acids are building blocks for proteins and are therefore, needed for grow to occur. It is also used to repair damaged cells. Moringa is thought to treat diabetes and heart disease.

CHLORELLA This ingredient is green algae that has a high concentration of protein and polyunsaturated fats. These two are thought to reduce inflammation of the body and even treat cancer.

SPIRULINA This ingredient is an excellent source of plant protein. It also has a high iron and calcium content and it is useful for providing the body with energy. Its discovery dates back to the Aztec civilization where, it was discovered in Central America. It was consumed daily to provide energy and strength.

BEETS Beets have a high concentration of both folate and manganese. It is thought that beets help to thin blood hence reducing the risk of heart disease or strokes.

MINT This herbal ingredient is commonly used as a fragrant additive to dishes and sometimes drinks. However, the mint's leaves have been used across the world for various other reasons such as improving digestion, treating cramping, whitening of the teeth, and to induce sleep.

MATCHA GREEN TEA This is a popular refreshment among the Japanese. It is particularly high in EGCG (antioxidant) and helps reduce stress along with regulating hormonal production among many other functions. It also reduces your appetite for those interested in weight loss.

ASHWAGANDHA This ingredient is an adaptogen made up of several ingredients. The ingredients help improve your reaction to stress or changing environments. Essentially, adaptogens facilitate the body's coping mechanism in relation to external stresses. This may include toxin build up and internal stresses as well. It works by increasing mental focus and lowering your blood pressure. It is also thought to boost your body's immune system.

LEMON This fruit has amazing appetite fighting effects, it also cools and alkalizes your body. This stabilizes your sugar levels and keeps it at a normal range.

COCONUT WATER This naturally occuring refreshment has a potassium content and facilitates movement of other ingredients throughout the body. The potassium is also thought to help cleanse your kidneys.

TURMERIC This spice is thought to contain anti-inflammatory agents and antioxidants. It helps prevent many lifestyle diseases.

WHEATGRASS Ancient Egyptians even worshiped it for its health benefits. Wheat-grass Contains high levels of chlorophyll, which is thought to cleanse and regenerate blood.

Does It Really Work?


According to WebMD, Organifi lacks enough clinical evidence to prove that all these ingredients put together can produce any positive measure-able health benefits.

However, Spirulina is mentioned to have some positive results in treating treating precancerous mouth sores.

Mint helps irritable bowel syndrome, heartburn and headaches whereas Matcha green tea improves mental alertness, due to the caffeine content. In addition, turmeric is also listed as "possibly effective" for treating osteoarthritis.

As far as weight loss is concerned this green juice seems to do very little for anyone. I would say it works to some extent, it regularizes bowel movement, which is key to any dieting program and the improved mental alertness is definitely something very positive.

Marketing Claims Vs. The Reality.


Organifi claims that its green juice results in weight loss to people who use it. There have been increasingly many testimonials on their official website to show that using this smoothie recipe brings up several health benefits. Some of these benefits are;

  • Saving your time. Prepare yourself some green juice and you can grab a bottle later on the go.

  • Improving mental clarity. You are able to have better focus.

  • Improving your overall health. Provides healthy nutrients for your body like electrolytes contained in the coconut water that improve your immunity. Furthermore, it is packed with essential vitamins and minerals that help boost immunity.

  • Reduces stress. It balances your hormones and reduces likelihood of stress.

  • Detoxifies your body and flushes out toxins.

  • Rejuvenates your skin. You get a glowing, healthier, and younger looking skin. It is Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Veganand Soy-Free. It is therefore, a healthy dietary option.

After using two containers for two months, I am yet to see any significant improvements. I took one serving daily (as an experiment) and since I exercise daily (even from before). I tried to see if there would be any improvement. I reckon the only improvement was from my exercises. However, I have noted that this green juice seems to work very well for certain people. I suggest doing your own assessment first but be wary of the marketing claims.

Where Can You Buy It?

There are different pricing options available on the internet like on the official website. You can always be confident that you are getting the real thing if you buy from official product stores.

However, the prices are usually lower on Amazon than most other sites and, all their prices are inclusive of shipping costs. If you like this green juice, it would be smart to stockpile it.

Most of the stores I have seen have incredible offers if you purchase several bottles. It is available on Amazon and the official website.


  • check
    Some ingredients are known to actually treat certain ailments. Turmeric, for example, have positive treatment results for osteoarthritis sufferers.
  • check
    The preparation of a dose is easy and fast.
  • check
    It is made up of all natural ingredients and no allergens, it therefore, causes no harm to those who take it.


  • pretty pricey

Who Is This Product For?

It is hard to truly say who would benefit from using this juice, but, it is completely green, and I reckon it would be perfect for vegans. It would also be a great motivating tool to help people loose weight. They may not see positive results as significantly as they would like but they would be motivated mentally because they are eating right, besides, they are actually eating right!

Customer Reviews

"I travel a lot for work and I always take Organifi with me because I like to know that I'm going to get at least one meal with fresh greens. It mixes easily in water but my favorite addition is combining it with coconut water. I do a lot of health coaching as a registered nurse and yoga instructor. I know how important a healthy diet to is to healing and preventing dis-ease. Organifi gives a boost of freshness while on the go, or simply staying present. If you are worried about the price, think about the long term cost of healthcare. Invest in your self now to reap a huge payout later in life."

"In good faith, I purchased the product.

Problem #1. It does not dissolve like it is supposed to, and most of it sticks to the cup or glass.

Problem #2. It does not taste good

Problem #3. When I tried to return it, NOBODY answers the phone, calls you back, or just "isn't taking calls."

Problem #4. If you call your bank to not allow them to charge your account, they will use a slightly different name to charge you anyways.

Problem #5. The product did not help me to feel different in any way, at all, whatsoever.

Problem #6. This was a complete hassle, I will never get my money back, and they are an amazing scam company that only cares about making money."

"I have been using the Organifi for almost a month. I make two servings at the same time I also add a probiotic, B12, and vitamin E (and a Stevia packet). For the first two weeks, I did not really feel a significant difference. I have had extreme hot flashes every day since July. I also had a heart attack the same day the hot flashes started. I have lost energy, gained weight, and in general have felt awful since my July event. I continued to drink the Organifi faithfully, and on day 16 my hot flashes disappeared. I also realized that I felt 100% more energetic and have been able to skip my immediate nap after a day's work. I have not really lost weight, but the weight gain has stopped. I am thrilled with how I feel, and a will continue to use Organifi. I look forward to drinking the drink. I didn't save my order number because I didn't think I would be giving a review. The only downfall is that it could be cheaper."

"After purchasing Green Juice, I begun questioning the purchase. Some reviews echoed what I was feeling, that the bottles were half full when they arrived. I decided to weigh the powder though, to see if I got what I paid for, 9.5 ounces and 30 servings. It was actually more, it had 36 servings. I realized that the bottle's size didn't matter at all the paid amount was delivered. I then tasted the product since some of it was stuck on my fingers during the weight check, It had a minty taste and was somewhat sweet. Today. I mixed a single serving in 10 ounces of water and took it. The taste was great. Its texture was not remarkable but it was not bad at all. It didn't have any aftertaste. I would say it deserves a5 star rating."

FAQ & Additional Tips

Question. Is there a warning in the label about a cancer causing substance? and does California requires this labeling?

Answer. Yes there is.

QuestionHow is it used?

Answer. It comes as a green powder and you need to stir a serving or two in a cup of water. The resulting solution may be taken as is or used to cook meals like rice.

Question. Is this Gluten Free ?

Answer. Yes.

Question. How much does it cost and where can I get it?

Answer. The prices vary from store to store but I have noted that it is cheaper on Amazon than on most other websites. It is available on the official website and on Amazon .

Question. Does it contain caffeine? (I'm sensitive to caffeine.)

AnswerIt doesn't indicate that it has any caffeine but there is green tea in it.

Final Verdict

I have come to the conclusion that it doesn't work for me. It may, however, work for you. The product receives very high praise from very many people. Despite not seeing much of an improvement myself, this product is great for vegans especially, and, people just looking for a great dietary option for rejuvenate their bodies. It is also very good for travelers as they don't get very nutritious food where they go. You should definitely buy it and evaluate the benefits yourself.

Hope this "Organifi's Green Juice Reviews" helps you make a good choice.​

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