An Olive Complexion: Simple Makeup Tips To Make You Look Fantastic

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Olive complexions hold a natural tan that is stunning. While finding organic makeup to match can be more complicated, the task is not impossible.


Olive Skin Needs. . .


Having the right makeup is an important step to reaching your full potential. You may only need to define a few features on your face, but by using the wrong colors, you can lose the natural beauty you already have instead of emphasizing it.

I will be helping you today specifically if you have an olive complexion. The makeup styles, tips, and colors shall be focused specifically on those who have this coloring.

What is Your Undertone?

Surprisingly, everyone with olive colored skin does not have the same undertone. Each person is unique, and as such, you have to find your appropriate undertone before you can know which colors will best compliment your olive skin color.

This undertone is what will help you know which colors best suit you, because underneath your skin lies a subtle hint of either cool colors (pink, red, blue), warm colors (yellow, golden), or neutral colors ( balance of both).

Here is a quiz that relies on a few methods of determining your undertone including the color of your veins, colored metal, and different shirts.


Here, I break down specific methods that you can do on your own. Going into this, you should know that olive toned skin typically falls either into the warm or neutral color range.

If you have especially pale olive skin, your shades will tend to be cooler while darker olive skin tends to have warmer shades.

Try doing the white test by trying on both a white and an off-white garment against your skin that is makeup-free. If you prefer the white color more on your skin, you have warmer undertones.

If you prefer the off-white color, you have cooler shades. If both seem to look good against your skin, you are a neutral shade.

Looking at your jewelry can also help you know where you fall in the undertones. Gold jewelry indicates warm colors while silver jewelry indicates cool colors.

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Tips To Remember

When you are looking at the following products, the colors chosen are directed toward warm olive complexions. If you take the above quiz and find that you are a neutral, you may need to select a different color on each of the following products.

Here is a video that will give advice on how you can choose and apply correctly the colors to warm skin tones.

Best Lip Color For Olive Skin

LIP INK Organic Vegan 100% Smearproof Liquid Lip Kit Energy...
  • 3 Products. 2 Minutes. 100% Smearproof.
  • Made in USA with natural, vegan, organic, & kosher botanical ingredients
  • Feel The Tingle' with a healthy herbal botanical color blend that is...

Lip color for olive skin can vary on whether you are looking for that soft or dramatic look. You may choose to have makeup for both looks.


However, remember to keep those golden undertones that make the best lipstick color for olive skin.

This specific product comes in a variety of colors from which you can choose. However, the color choices are not in this product page but below where you may scroll through and find the lipstick colors for olive skin that best fit you.


  • First of all, this product is organic and vegan, meaning that it has been made in a way that did not harm any animals and is completely safe. The lipstick was made with a herbal botanical color blend with no artificial preservatives.
  • This product is a set that comes with multiple products. Not only is there a lipstick, but there is also a gloss that you can apply over top to make your lips shiny and keep the lipstick from smearing.
  • Additionally, this product offers quick application.Last of all, as stated in the name, this product fights against smears.


  • Part of what makes this brand stand out as different is the tingle users typically feel after the first few applications. The tingle is from the new application of the herbal remedies. However, it might bother you. The symptoms typically disappear after a week's time.
Overall, I recommend LIP INK Smearproof Lip Stain Kit if you are looking for something a little more than a lipstick that will guarantee not to be rubbed off on every cup you use throughout the day. This product will keep you safe from smears while emphasizing your best colors.

The Best Blush For Olive Skin

100% PURE Powder Blush (Fruit Pigmented), Healthy, Soft...
  • FRUIT PIGMENTED -- Healthy is a coral bronze, pigmented with...
  • SKIN SOFTENING -- Instead of talc and skin-drying ingredients, we use...
  • SHIMMERY GLOW -- Ethically sourced mica adds a luminescent shimmer to your...

The best blush for olive skin can be found here in the plethora of colors offered. If your olive skin falls into the warm undertones category, my recommendation is "Pretty Naked" of the options available. Some of the other options are too pink for warm skin tones.


  • This makeup is natural, uses antioxidant for coloring, and has vitamin rich fruit pigments. This makeup is also gluten free which is a benefit if you are sensitive or intolerant of gluten. You will not experience any negative reactions. This blush is also vegan. It is a natural, healthy blush that should not produce any allergic or sensitivities within your skin.
  • This blush is known to conceal any spots you have. Once you have applied your foundation, this blush helps set your foundation in so that it will be long-lasting.
  • Also, this blush is known to be long-lasting. One container will give you months of use. This will help you as you do not need to worry about running out or constantly spending money on blush. Because it goes on so strongly, you should only use a little on each application, part of why the blush lasts so long.


  • Some users had trouble with the powder not being as compressed as they would like it; however, this does not appear to be a consistent negative. In only some cases was the powder not packed very well.
I recommend this blush to accentuate your colors and give you long-lasting coverage.

Best Foundation For Olive Skin

No products found.

Last of all, here is a foundation for olive skin. These foundations come in undertones that will complement your warm or neutral skin colors. Olive skin foundation can be anything that has those golden undertones.


  • First of all, this product is also highly healthy as it is organic and natural, meaning that you will only be applying safe products to your skin.
  • Secondly, this foundation comes with protection against the sun with a natural SPF.
  • Next, this foundation applies easily to skin and does not need a lot to cover your skin well. It also continues to look excellent, helping you avoid an oily look if you have had trouble with that. It also does a lot to cover any dark spots or wrinkles that you may have.


  • This product is a bit on the expensive side.
  • It will need a powder such as blush to cover it in a way that will help the foundation set in and stay all day long.
Olive skin tone foundation can be difficult to find in a way that does not cover your skin but accentuate it. I recommend this as possibly the best foundation for olive skin tones that will keep you from being oily.

Accentuate Your Olive Skin

Each of these makeup pieces- lipstick, foundation, and blush- can be used to help your skin shine and make others want to take a second look. The products discussed above are both healthy and do well in accentuating your undertones. Go out there and look amazing!

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Top Editor's Choice on Lipstick For Olive Skin Tone

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick, Pink Truffle , 0.13 oz
The formula is infused with vitamin E and avocado oil. Buttery-only better!; Non caking, lightweight formula for superior comfort

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