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Ever since I was little, I have always suffered from dry skin.  No matter how many products I apply to my skin or how consistent my skincare routine is, my skin always looks so dry, dull and flaky, especially during the winter season.

That all changed when a friend of mine recommended one miracle product to me—the Best Now Solutions Castor Oil. It changed my life.

If you have been suffering from dry skin and other skin issues for as long as I have, you may want to read the best Now Solutions Castor Oil reviews in this article to find out if this product will be useful to you too!


Things to Consider Before Buying Castor Oil

Before we get started on evaluating Now Solutions Castor Oil, let us first identify what the different factors you need to take into account when buying a castor oil are. These are as follows:

  •    Type

When it comes to castor oil for hair and beauty, you can find three different types. Here they are:

-    Organic cold-pressed castor oil which is extracted from the castor heat without the use of heat. This simple method helps to preserve the nutrients that the seed contains. This type of castor oil features a yellow color.

-    Jamaican black castor oil is the type of castor oil produced by roasting and pressing the seeds. The ashes produced by the roasting process gives this oil its black color.

When it comes to nutritional content, this type is comparable to that of organic cold-pressed oil, but the former has higher alkalinity.

-    Hydrogenated castor oil is extracted using the process of hydrogenation with the use of a nickel catalyst. This is the type of castor oil that is usually found in cosmetics, polishes, and varnishes.

  •    Purity

Pure castor oil does not contain any artificial ingredients that may harm your health and skin. These include fragrances and alcohol.

  •    Organic

Organic castor oils are made purely from natural ingredients—no synthetics added. Moreover, these products are collected from seeds that have been grown without any chemical fertilizers.

When choosing an organic castor oil, make sure that it has the USDA Certified Organic label.

  •    Grade

Castor oils come in two grades:

-    AA Standard is what many people referred to as the virgin oil because it is the oil extracted from the first pressing of the seed. This type of oil can be a bit thin and diluted, and that is why it must be cold pressed for the highest quality.

-    Industrial or imported refers to the oil that has been collected from mixing the first pressing with the next batch of pressing.

  •    Reseller

There are many fake castor oil products in the market, and that is why it is crucial that you buy from authorized sellers only. These include reputable pharmacies, large health stores, and renowned e-commerce sites.

A Sneak Peek at Now Solutions Castor Oil

Claiming to be 100% Pure Castor Oil, Now Solutions Castor Oil is pressed from castor seeds using an expeller. Expeller process is a lot similar to cold pressing in the sense that both use the same high-pressure machine. However, the expeller process uses a slightly higher temperature during the extraction process.

According to the company, while there are many uses for castor oil products, they have formulated this castor oil to be an effective skin emollient.

As an emollient, this oil can soften and moisturize the skin. With prolonged use, this oil can prevent skin dryness and irritation.

This product is more than an emollient, though. It is also labeled as a multi-purpose skin care product, meaning you can use it in different parts of your body including your hair and scalp. With the omega-6 fatty acid and ricinoleic content of this oil, it help enriches your scalp and ultimately, improve hair growth and maintain healthy and shiny hair.

Who Is Now Solutions Castor Oil For?

The moisturizing and enriching properties of this oil are useful for people who wish to keep their skin and hair as healthy as possible. If you are suffering from skin dryness and irritation, you may want to incorporate this product into your skin care regimen.

Using this castor oil is also recommended during the cold winter season when the skin tends to get drier and flakier. 


  • Hexane-free
  • Affordable
  • Contains no GMO's and parabens
  • Pure
  • Expeller-pressed


  • Does not have an inviting smell
  • No organic

Features and Benefits

What makes NOW Castor Oil a good choice for you? Well, here are some of the features and their amazing benefits:

  •    Good Texture and Non-Greasy Feel

Many people think that castor oils are thick and greasy and quite uncomfortable to be worn regularly. This is not the same with Now Castor Oil. According to users, this oil is not thick but not too thin either. It also does not leave a greasy feel after application.

  •    All-natural

This product contains only one ingredient—castor oil. It does not contain any synthetic additives and chemicals that may irritate or cause more dryness to the skin.

  •    Hexane-free

Some castor oil products in the market contain hexane. This is a solvent used in extracting the oil from seeds. While this is not as harmful as synthetic chemicals, it may negatively affect the oil’s integrity.

  •    Multi-purpose

As mentioned, this product is more than just an emollient—it also conditions and nourishes the hair and scalp. Based on some reviews, it is also used as an eyebrow and eyelash enhancer.

Best Now Solutions Castor Oil Reviews Online

Below are some of Now Solutions Castor Oil reviews that we have found online:

Alternative Options For You

If you are still looking for a few more castor oil options, you may want to look into these products:

  •    Sky Organics USDA Organic Castor Oil

Aside from being 100% natural, this oil is also organic. This means that the oil is extracted from seeds that are grown and harvested without the use of chemical fertilizers.  It is also extracted using a cold-pressed method, so you are assured that its integrity will remain intact.

While most castor oils are recommended for nourishing and moisturizing the skin, this product is designed to grow lashes, eyebrows and fuller hair. That is why it is recommended for people who are suffering from hair fall and dry scalp.

If you are dealing with these issues, you may want to know more information about this product so check it out.

  •    FineVine Castor Oil

Another popular brand of castor oil in the market is FineVine. Just like Sky Organics, this castor oil is all-natural and organic. But what makes this product different from the other castor oils in the list is it is marketed mostly as a brow and lash enhancer.

According to its company, it can help the brows to grow thicker and your lashes to grow longer.

You can check more details about this product here.

This is another castor oil that is currently invading the hair industry. As compared to the other products in this list, this is a Jamaican black castor oil and has higher alkalinity as compared to other oils. Because of this, it is a good option if you want to improve hair growth. It can also act as a moisturizer and sealant for dry and brittle hair.

Among the three, this castor oil is the most expensive and is only available in small containers.


In Summary

Now Solutions castor oil is one of the many castor oil products that you can find in the market. So is it worth buying? Yes, of course. This product has been formulated specially for nourishing and moisturizing the skin. It can also address different skin issues like dryness and irritation.

But more than that, this product features two of the essential things that we are looking for in a castor oil—purity, and an authorized reseller is selling it.

To know more about this product, please check it here



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