What You Need To Know About Vaseline – Does It Dry Out Your Lips?

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You are looking for a lip therapy, but wondering if vaseline can dry out your lips? Let’s take a look at this article to find out more about this product


What is Vaseline?

If you regularly experience dryness on your skin or lips, you might be familiar with vaseline, a type of body lotion product made of petroleum jelly that can be used to provide moisture for your skin.

Vaseline is the name that is known commonly by most people. However, you might not know that this product is petroleum jelly, a derivative of oil refining process.

This body lotion is a byproduct of the oil industry, therefore it is considered as a not eco-friendly resource.

Despite of the harmful side, people nowadays typically use vaseline to cure everything from dryness to dehydrated skin or diaper rash.

Does vaseline dry out your lip?

Does vaseline dry out your lips?

There is no other cheaper and faster way to get the appearance and immediate hydrated feeling on your skin than using Vaseline, which is the reason why it lines up among cosmetic product.

However, there is something you should know when applying vaseline on your lips as this product is not water soluble, but water repellent.

Meaning to say that this petroleum jelly blocks your pore to prevent moisture from evaporating. Therefore, you actually dry your out your skin on the outside.

Vaseline contains components that are removed from the oil, which is the process of refining petroleum jelly, therefore, it can be harmful sometimes according to many experts.

Although these components are supposed to be removed from the product, we don’t know how much it remains.

The instant feeling when your lips or skin get softened by applying vaseline is an illusion of moisturizing skin.

However, petroleum jelly can benefit your skin to some extent. For example, when you wash your face, you remove the natural oil and some of the barrier, putting vaseline is like laying down a plastic layer to prevent evaporation.

It is crucial that you should know everyone’s skin is different, so you must always know your skin condition as what works for others may not work for you.

So does vaseline therapy dry out your lips? The answer is yes it does.

Straightforwardly, this product from oil refining does not soften or hydrate your lip but rather seals it so moisture cannot escape. If moisture cannot get out, and air cannot get in, then it can dry out your lips.

Ways to use Vaseline

Taking care of your lips is necessary. However, it is crucial to know how you can do it in a way that benefits you the most.

There are many products out there giving you good care for your lips, one of them is Vaseline, the inexpensive, petroleum jelly can be found in most of everyone’s medicine cabinet or makeup boxes.

Skin care professionals have some recommendations for using Vaseline when:

  • Cure for dry skin, especially the lips

Dry lip, also called chapped lips or cracked lips is a common symptom caused by many factors including weather and certain medications. This issue can occur to most people.

Although it is not a serious issue, many people experience severe cases that can be a problem in daily life.

In this case, vaseline can help to reduce the discomfort caused by the symptom. However, for the best result, you should always make your skin or lips damp before applying, and only a small amount is enough.

  • Healing injured skin

Vaseline sometimes can be used to improve the healing process and keep moisture for the wound as a severe condition of the chapped lip can crack the surface and cause injury.

And for minor wounds like cuts or scratches, vaseline can help to prevent the skin from forming a scab which will take more longer to heal.

This product also works well on scar, you can stop it from getting bigger, deeper or itchy.

  • Prevent chafing on your skin

Chafing happens when your skin rubs against clothing. This type of skin irritation can lead to blisters, and worse, infection if you don’t take good care of it.

You can use a small amount of vaseline to provide moistly and soften the area where it makes contact with clothing.

Benefit of vaseline

Although regarded as harmful in some cases, but we cannot deny the benefit of using vaseline in our daily life. For a skin care option, it is rather a versatile and affordable product. Those benefits include:

  • Supporting healing

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, they advise using petroleum jelly to boost up the healing process on your skin as it prevents infection and scarring.

  • Acting as a barriel

As the barrel on your skin is removed when you wash your face, this can create an opportunity for bacteria to enter through the pores. In this case, vaseline can act as a natural barrier to protect your skin from outside elements.

  • Minise eczema

Eczema is a chronic symptom that makes your skin irritated, itchy, red or cracks, and sometimes can lead to blister and infection.

However, research suggests that petroleum jelly can play an essential role in preventing eczema outbreak on a new skin that is on high risk.



Now we can conclude that while vaseline can bring some benefit to you, on the other hand, it can dry out your lips.

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