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Master the Art of Color Correcting in 5 Easy Steps


In a perfect world, we’ll all be waking up with fluffy lashes and perfect skin. Unfortunately, this is the real world and unwanted blemishes, dark spots, and dull skin is a reality most of us have to face.

Thankfully, the makeup gods gave us the gift of concealers. With the ingenuity of makeup artists and our determination to mask those pesky imperfections, we’ve moved on from ordinary beige concealers and switched to green, orange, and lavender.

At this point, any beauty junkie has tried color correcting at least once. Thanks to the hundreds of Instagram beauty bloggers posting quirky videos of them blending out green spots on their face, color correcting became the most popular beauty trend of the past three years.

So how does color correcting work exactly?

To understand the basic principles of this makeup trend, we’ll need to back to grade school art class and check out the color wheel.

What color correcting does is it uses different colors of concealer to neutralize the appearance of blemishes. Based on the color wheel, red is neutralized by green, yellow is neutralized by lavender, and so on. This technique has been used by makeup artists for years and recently became popular among casual makeup enthusiasts.

So whether you’re new to makeup of a seasoned pro looking to find out more about this trend, is here to help you master the art of color correcting. Simply follow our step-by-step guide and you’ll be color correcting like a pro in no time!

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How to Apply Primer Like a Pro: 5 Easy Steps


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We’ve all been there. You finish your morning beauty routine, you step outside feeling gorgeous, then you happen upon your reflection a little after lunch only to see your foundation has completely run down. What a way to shoot down a woman’s confidence.

Making sure your makeup last the entire day can be a challenge. Sweat, oil, pollution all contributes to your makeup going from on-point to melted out after just a few hours.

So what’s the secret to keeping your face looking fresh all day? It’s simple: makeup primer.
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Peering Behind The Doors Of Ipsy. We Tell You Everything!


Ipsy services are the new hype in the makeup world. With the mixed opinions on this service, it makes you wonder if it is worthwhile or just a waste of your precious time. Let us answer that for you.

Who ever thought that a time would come when finding the right makeup for you would be as easy as a five-minute online subscription? Not me! Well, that’s what Ipsy offers and so much more.

By being a member of Ipsy, you can easily get samples of makeup at your doorstep of course, after parting with a little money.

Unfortunately, not everyone is thrilled about Ipsy. But then again, some people swear by it. It makes you wonder, is Ipsy worth it? Today we put Ipsy under the microscope, telling you every little detail about Ipsy and if you should subscribe to it or not.

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How to Style Your Makeup Vanity Like The Stars


Ok ladies, I know we all have our opinions on the Kardashian’s - but I know we all agree on one thing - they sure know how to style their spaces.

If you’ve ever seen Kylie or Kim post pics of their bedrooms, makeup vanities, or walk-in closets, you’ve probably seen how luxurious and decadent they’ve made their personal spaces.

I’m sure you’ve also drooled over the thought of getting ready every morning and feeling like a queen.

Well we’re here to show you how you can create a space like this for yourself in your own home. With the following tips, tricks, and style ideas - you can create have the next best thing in your own room. Watch out Kim…

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