Save Yourself Some Time And Money With These Must-Have Makeup Products.

Beauty should start from within. But as you wait for your good skin care habits to pay off, a little makeup wouldn't hurt.

We are all guilty of buying makeup we don’t even use. Or maybe just spending so much money on makeup only for it to collect dust in the closet. This is why I have compiled a list of essential makeup to help control your shopping habits.

At Beauty Shortcutips, I walk you through the must-have makeup products, especially for the busy person. But first, a little advice.

Skin care is the foundation of beauty, hence we should invest in good skin care rather than a lot of makeup. Let me help you declutter your makeup bag.



Must Have Makeup Products.

1. Moisturizer and primers

For your makeup to go on easily, you simply have to use a primer, there are no shortcuts. The same applies to moisturizers.

They not only help your makeup to apply easily but also hydrate your skin. This keeps it healthy and glowing underneath the various makeup products you might use.

You should use both your moisturizer and primer for a near perfect makeup finish. You can also substitute your foundation with a primer once in a while to give your face a fresh look without applying too much makeup.


Moisturizers always go on first then primers. Not all primers are the same, chose the one based on your skin type. Most are usually labeled either for oily skin or dry and others even for combination skin.

2. Foundation.

If you have uneven skin tone, you will definitely benefit from using a foundation. Just dab a pea-size amount on your face and work it in using your fingers to give yourself a flawless matte finish.

You can very easily find your best tone by simply visiting your local cosmetic store. Some allow you to apply foundation on your face for thorough testing but a simple application on your wrist will do. Chose a color that can barely be noticed for a natural look.


A tinted moisturizer can be a substitute for foundation especially on days when you want to apply little or no makeup.

3. Concealer.

As the word suggests, a concealer conceals marks and spots. This includes eye bags, freckles, and acne spot to mention a few.

Applying a concealer does not have to be a daunting task involving makeup brushes and sponges. Your fingers will do the trick.

Simply dab a small amount of concealer on the affected area and work it into your skin gently. Do not apply too much pressure to avoid rubbing it off.


You can mix your concealer with eyeshadow to add a little color especially for applying in your eye area. This is especially helpful when you buy the wrong shade of concealer.

4. Eyeliner and mascara.

There is no way you look this glam and forget to put on eye makeup. Usually, a little mascara and some eyeliner does the trick.

Go for retractable pencil eyeliners as they are really easy to apply and come in all sorts of colors.

A volumizing mascara will help in making your lashes appear longer and thicker. Also, do not leave your mascara bottle open to prevent it from clumping up.

You can add eye shadow to this list if you are over the moon about eye makeup. Eyeshadow is particularly great for giving you the famous smokey eyes.


Wiggle the mascara brush a little at the base of your lashes while gently swiping the tips to give your lashes length and make your mascara last longer.

5. Lipstick

I suggest having three shades of lipstick. One nude one for a natural look. A color you are used to, say maroon or brown. And finally, one bold color for getting out of your comfort zone.

Remember to take care of your lips before applying lipstick. This means that if your lips are chapped, fix them first.

Usually, applying a layer of lip balm before bed gives you softer lips in the morning.

Always remember to remove excess lipstick to avoid transferring to your teeth and if possible, get a lipstick with SPF protection.


Bought the worst color of lipstick imaginable? No worries. Simply mix it with another color and voila! You have created a whole new color.

6. Makeup wipes and olive oil.

The secret to having gorgeous skin is learning to remove your makeup before bed. The best way to do this is using olive oil and wipes.

Olive oil comes with a boatload of benefits for your skin. Moreover, it helps all the makeup on your skin come off easily.

Don’t leave your face with a concoction of makeup and olive oil. Use a mild cleanser to clean your face and then follow with a moisturizer of your choice.


This technique is great even for people with oily skin. Just make sure you wash your face to remove the olive oil.


Makeup does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. It also does not have to take forever to apply. The above makeup products are the most essential and will keep you looking amazing even on your busiest day. Have fun, and remember, healthy skin starts from within.

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