Is Waterproof Mascara Hurting Your Eyelashes? Simple Expert Advice

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The simple answer is yes, waterproof mascara can hurt your eyes. Still, you need to know what ingredients make that happen and how to avoid them.

Are You a User?

Do you use waterproof mascara? Is it hard to get off? Do you know why? It's normal to look for waterproof mascara when you are making a buy.

Who wants mascara running all over their face? Unfortunately, waterproof mascara is not the magical solution it may appear to be.

If you are using waterproof mascara, you need to continue reading to see what it is doing to your eyelashes.

Taking care of your body is important, which is why I wanted to expose as many people as possible to what most waterproof mascaras contain.

While the general waterproof mascaras can be harmful to your body, this does not mean you need to abandon mascara altogether or that some waterproof mascaras cannot be helpful.

Why Is Waterproof Mascara Hard To Remove?


If you've used waterproof mascara very often, you probably know that it is difficult to remove. You, of course, can't just use water.

You may need to use special chemicals to remove it. This can be dangerous, because you are putting those chemicals so close to your eye.

You are also pulling and tugging at your lashes to completely remove the mascara. This can cause your lashes to fall out more easily, also a negative result.

But what is it that makes that mascara so hard to remove?

Waterproof mascara is made with an oil base. If you paid attention in your elementary science classes, you know that oil will still run with water.

So, to make the mascara stay in place even in water, the waterproof mascaras have a "plasticizer" added to them. This makes the oil become hard and is like a top coat on top of your lashes.

This plasticizer is what makes the mascara so hard to remove. Unfortunately, if you use this type of mascara for a long time, your eyelashes may fall out and have trouble growing in the direction they are supposed to grow (they could become droopy or lose some of their volume). To find more information on why waterproof mascaras are hard to remove, look here.

What Other Negative Effects Does Waterproof Mascara Have?



Because of the plasticizer put on your eyelashes, your eyelashes become dry. This means that they are not as healthy. This dry out of eyelashes is part of the reason they fall out.

Secondly, because waterproof mascara is hard to remove, it makes you tug and pull at your eye, which is a sensitive part of your body.

This can cause your eye to become red or puffy, making your eyes appear almost swollen.Your eyes can also become itchy or irritated from the constant tugging and become resistant to any mascaras.

Is There a Solution?

Yes, there is a solution, actually a few solutions that prove to be safer. You don't have to choose between healthy eyelashes and makeup that does not run.

You can have both. Here is a video of a woman who has tried and had success with several different waterproof mascaras.

1. Application

Before we get to a specific mascara, let's talk about the formula of appliance.

First of all, putting any kind of mascara, waterproof or not, can be a clumpy process if you put on too much.

One way to avoid doing that is rolling the mascara onto the back of your hand and using a small brush to apply it from there onto your eyelashes.

This video gives you some more tips on ways you can apply your mascara.

2. Double Mascara

Another solution for this problem can be to have both water-based mascara (that would be regular mascara that has no plasticizer) and oil-based mascara.

By applying the water-based mascara first then the oil-based mascara second, you will be able to remove the mascara much more easily. Also, it will not be as harsh on your eyelashes.

3. Safe Waterproof Mascara

Next, you can choose to either buy a waterproof mascara that will not be as harsh on your eyelashes or a mascara that is not oil-based.

Mascara should not have any serums or harmful chemicals that will affect your body.

Mascara that is a bit drier to begin with will have less a likelihood of clumping and drying strangely on your eyelashes. This will make the mascara easier to remove.

You should look for the following ingredients in mascara: acrylate copolymer, stearic acid, iron oxides, carnauba wax, and glycerin should be among the top ingredients along with water of course.

Those who have used such mascara products are happy with the results and talk about how it is easy to apply and easy to take off.

If you are looking for a mascara like this, you should try 3D Fiber Lash Mascara.This waterproof mascara is one of the safer brands as it does not stick as hard to your eyelashes. It has some of the ingredients listed above, and it is a vegan mascara, making it safe for your use if you have sensitive skin.​

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4. Safe Removal

Last of all, if you choose to continue buying waterproof mascara that does not follow the above qualifications, you should make sure that you have a chemically-absent way of removing the mascara.

This will keep your eyes from becoming as itchy or red. Olive oil is your solution here. Gently dab it on your eyes using a cotton ball to remove even the strongest mascara.

Coconut oil is another quick way to remove your waterproof mascara.

What Should You Do?

Now that you know waterproof mascara is harmful to your eyes, you should do one of the following things:

  • Stop using it or choose this waterproof mascara
  • Have a safe, chemical-free, makeup remover, or
  • Put a water-based mascara on before the oil-based mascara.

Please leave a comment if you have a question about any of the material if a mascara is safe to use and let us know your story.

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