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Peering Behind The Doors Of Ipsy. We Tell You Everything!

Ipsy services are the new hype in the makeup world. With the mixed opinions on this service, it makes you wonder if it is worthwhile or just a waste of your precious time. Let us answer that for you.

Who ever thought that a time would come when finding the right makeup for you would be as easy as a five-minute online subscription? Not me! Well, that’s what Ipsy offers and so much more.

By being a member of Ipsy, you can easily get samples of makeup at your doorstep of course, after parting with a little money.

Unfortunately, not everyone is thrilled about Ipsy. But then again, some people swear by it. It makes you wonder, is Ipsy worth it? Today we put Ipsy under the microscope, telling you every little detail about Ipsy and if you should subscribe to it or not.


How it works.

  1. Fill in your details including your profile and take a quiz to name the things you like. This helps in deciding the type of makeup that will best suit you.
  2. Subscribe to getting free full or sample makeup products for a fee of $10 per month.
  3. You might be placed on the waiting list where you might stay for a period as short as one week or as long as three months.
    You can, however, follow some instructions in order to be removed from the waiting list and start getting your sample products. This includes sharing the ipsy website on Facebook or introducing a new member to ipsy.
  4. You will start receiving your products in an ipsy bag. It consists of an assortment of 4 to 5 makeup products each of different value and use.

The good.

There are numerous things to love about Ipsy, the obvious one being the fact that you spend very little money ($10) and end up getting samples of expensive makeup products. One could argue that you are even getting this stuff for free. Now picture this, you get a bag and end up loving every product. Would that be amazing?

The fact that Ipsy sends you makeup in cute little ipsy bags is another perk that comes with subscribing. You could use these bags for absolutely anything including storing your makeup and using it as a travel bag. What’s even better is that, these bags come I different shapes and sizes every month so you can get yourself a little Ipsy bag collection going.

The fact that they deliver your products directly to your address is another thing worth applauding. This saves you the time and hassle of going to a centralized location to get your items.

The bad.

Unfortunately, it’s not always peaches and cream when it comes to Ipsy subscriptions. As you would expect in such service, there is always the chance that not everyone will be satisfied.

One of the things that usually ticks people off is the content of the Ipsy bags. It is no surprise to find that out of the five items in your bag you only like one. Or worse, none of them appeal you. If this goes on for some time, you will most definitely unsubscribe from this service an angry and unsatisfied customer.

There is also the problem of delivering products that are nothing close to what is in your profile. Many customers have complained of getting a dark tone foundation yet they are nothing close to dark. It happens. Maybe not so often but in the off chance that this happens to you more than once, you will start questioning your decision to join Ipsy.

There is also the problem of getting repetitive products. For instance, if last month you got a red lipstick from NYX, you are probably expecting the next one to come from MAC or some different company right? Well, don’t be disappointed when it comes from NYX, just in a different color.

The Ugly.

The one thing that seems to vex everyone when it comes to Ipsy is the waitlist. Nobody, (especially makeup junkies) likes to be told to wait or worse, given conditions.

The waitlist can keep you waiting for a long time. This usually leads to many customers getting bored and eventually losing interest. I hope the guys at Ipsy take a look at this and fix it.

Verdict: Is Ipsy worth it?

In all honesty, Ipsy is a great service despite the little mishaps here and there. You are bound to discover a lot of great products and just maybe, get a product that will be so good you decide to purchase it. Their service is also quite affordable.

Unfortunately, Ipsy may not be for everyone. If you already have makeup products that you swear by, then chances are, you are done experimenting. This means that Ipsy may not be very helpful as you will more often than not, end up not using those products.

So, bottom line is, if you are into makeup and love trying new things, then by all means, subscribe to Ipsy. Otherwise, you may just be wasting your time and money.

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