How To Whiten Skin: Learn Natural, Secure, and Simple Procedures Now

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“Skin bleaching is a growing phenomenon around the world, and it’s becoming a bigger business,” says Dr. Margaret Hunter.

Perhaps one reason that skin lightening is becoming more popular for those of us in the United States is based on the high expectations placed upon a person's looks. 

Other people bleach areas of their skin to keep their skin in balance, avoiding dark spots or uneven skin.

Some methods for how to whiten skin can be dangerous and threatening to your health. Avoid those methods and follow the methods below to reach your desired look while remaining safe and natural.

Avoid those methods and follow the methods below to reach your desired look while remaining safe and natural.

Whiten Your Skin with Skin Bleaching Cream

With skin bleaching cream, you have the option of buying it or making it at home. The key to choosing a skin bleaching cream that is safe is checking the ingredient list. We need to avoid these two ingredients.


First, you should not select a product that contains 'hydroquinone' as that ingredient has been linked to the development of cancer.

While the connection is not definite, many countries are pouring further study into the discovery of information about this ingredient.

However, it should be avoided as it now appears to be dangerous.

Another ingredient to avoid when purchasing a skin bleaching cream is mercury.

While the use of mercury as an ingredient in US produced items has been banned, some creams are still made and sold outside of the US with this ingredient.

Kojic acid is a natural ingredient; however you cannot buy it by itself. Do not apply this solution directly to your skin as it may burn.

However, you can mix the acid with another ingredient as recommended above such as honey or aloe.

This ingredient is often found in skin lightening creams. If you see in kojic acid on the ingredient list, the skin lightening cream is bound to be effective.

If you can find a skin lightening cream without hydroquinone and mercury, then you can buy the cream and apply it regularly. Here is a cream that contains some of the most effective whitening ingredients.

However, you could also make your own fairness cream at home.

Keep in mind as you are making the skin lightening cream that each individual's skin is different, and different mixtures or a slightly different amount of ingredients may work better on one individual's skin than another's.

Here is a link to a video that gives a demonstration on making a skin bleaching cream at home. You may need to do a bit of experimenting to find the cream that is just the right mixture for your skin.

Make sure to stay safe by using a safe skin cream rather than risking your body's overall health by a dangerous but easy-to-buy cream

Additionally, you could also choose to buy a skin moisturizer, which is not designed for lightening skin, but is very helpful in that area. If the moisturizer has soy as an ingredient, it will help with dark spots.

According to Dr. Halder's research, soy "works by inhibiting the transfer of melanosomes (small "packages" of melanin) into the top layer of the skin, which causes skin darkening."

What Dr. Halder is saying is that products such as moisturizers that contain soy will help detain melanin from reaching your skin's outermost level, keeping your skin from producing dark spots or turning darker altogether.

Follow These Natural Methods For Safe Skin Bleaching

Alternatively, you may also choose to select a more natural method for how to whiten skin. The methods are not as fast as using a cream specifically for skin lightening; however, they are effective.


First of all, prevent your skin from naturally turning dark by using sunscreen when you plan to be in the sun. The sun's rays cause your skin to produce more melanin, darkening your skin. However, if your skin is naturally dark and you wish to go lighter, using sunscreen won't change that.

Instead, you can try the following methods:

  • Drink water- Drinking water will help keep your skin healthy and refreshed. Your skin will appear brighter.
  • Almond paste- Almond paste has been used by women to lighten their skin. The paste is made by soaking almonds in warm water then grinding them and mixing them with milk. This cream can be applied to the skin and left on during the night.
  • Lemon juice- Lemon juice is known for its whitening abilities. However, it can cause your skin to become dried out, so use alone is not recommended. The video above with the recipe for skin lightening cream demonstrates how to apply lemon juice. Alternatively, you could mix lemon juice with honey or aloe so you can apply it directly without mixing a skin cream.
  • Bearberry extract- This natural solution is a common ingredient in creams. This extract is organic and can be used for a long time with no harmful side effects. Furthermore, this extract can be used to focus on specific areas of your skin, such as freckles or aging spots. Additionally, bearberry extract can help you avert skin damage from the beginning, protecting you against aging spots.
  • Exfoliation- This natural remedy is not a product, but exfoliating can remove your dead skin and make your skin naturally look lighter and brighter. Try exfoliating regularly once a week by using a mixture made of oatmeal, brown sugar, and warm milk. Mix thoroughly and scrub on the area you wish to treat.

Any natural ingredient that contains Vitamin C will help your skin remain healthy. The health of your skin is an important step to keeping it light. Before you can treat it with a store-bought cream, you must make sure that your skin is thoroughly cleaned and clear of dead skin. You will find your best results by beginning in this way.

Skin Bleaching Is Successful With Many People

You can choose to whiten your skin with a store-bought cream or a more natural method as discussed above. Trying several different methods can give you an idea as to which one works best for you skin tone.

Remember these two things: First, keep your skin moisturized to avoid uneven skin tones. Secondly, be regular about the treatment you choose to apply.

Comment below and tell us about your skin whitening experience!

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