How To Use The LED Nail Lamp Easily & Effectively

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Were you wondering how to use the LED nail lamp easily and effectively? Wait no longer because this article will provide you with the information you were looking for in order to have dry nails in seconds.

The LED nail lamp is designed to provide beauty enthusiasts with a device that will save them time, money and the headache of redoing their nails over and over again. The drying process can be a timely procedure when painting your nails, but it doesn’t have to be. Why wait for almost 1 hour until your nails are completely dry, when you can invest in a device that only takes 60 seconds.  The LED nail lamp is a life savor for those of you who enjoy painting your nails often. This article will show you the top recommended LED nail lamps voted by customers like you!


What Materials You Need

  • LED Nail Lamp
  • Base Coat & Top Coat
  • Color Nail Polish
  • Isopropyl Alcohol (optional)

There are a few different LED Nail Lamps on the market; it all depends on which one you want to invest in. Most nail lamps with LED lights will work equally, as long as the LED lights are of high quality. You can find the best-LED nail lamps on the market here. Some include timers, depending on which brand you choose. Some can also fit two hands under the same lamp, which is great for affordability reasons.

How To Use

This product is very easy to use and it will dry all of your nails within 60 seconds. It might seem impossible because waiting for your nails to dry can seem like hours, but this can do it in seconds.

  1. Get out all the materials you want to use (base coat, color, top coat, LED nail lamp) and place them in front of your station where you will do your nails.
  2. Clean your hands very well, including your nails
  3. Make sure your hands and nails are dry and apply your base coat to your nails. Put your nails under the LED nail lamp and wait 60 seconds.
  4. Apply two coats of color to each nail and stick under the LED nail lamp for 60 seconds.
  5. Now apply the topcoat to your nails and use the LED nail lamp for the final time for 60 seconds each hand.

Paint Your Nails

First things first, you will want to pick your nail color and paint your nails. Starting with the clear base coat first, which will help keep your nail polish on. Then apply the nail color directly over top of the base coat two times. Finish off with the topcoat.

Depending on how long you want the color to stay on, you can apply the nail polish more than two times and seal the deal with two topcoat layers. The main thing to remember is to use the LED nail lamp each time so you don’t ruin your freshly polished nails.

Place Nails Under The LED Nail Lamp

This is where the magic happens. Once you have painted your nails coat-by-coat, place each hand under the LED nail lamp for 60 seconds. For example, paint on the base coat and place each hand under the LED nail lamp for 60 seconds. Follow the same steps with the color coat, and the topcoat to seal it.

After every coat of polish, place your nails under the LED Nail Lamp to ensure the paint is completely dry. Don’t worry about messing up your nails after removing them from the LED Nail lamp after 60 seconds. They will be completely dry because this product is the real deal. You wanted an affordable solution for drying your nails, and this is the best product on the market for you.


Remove Nails After 60 Seconds

After each polish coat, you will remove your nails from the LED Nail Lamp. After you are satisfied with the final topcoat of polish and your nails have been under the LED nail lamp for one final seal- your nails are good to go. You can go about your day the way you please and not have to worry about the downtime of waiting for your nails to dry. This simple, easy product will do all the work for you and leave your fingernails looking fresh.

Studies have shown that 60 seconds is the ideal time to leave your nails under the LED lights in order to ensure they are completely dry. It also depends on your LED nail lamp, as some of the lights are more powerful than others. My recommendations on the best-LED nail lamps were covered under the section on ‘What Materials You Need. There is no better way to choose a product than to read reviews from past purchasers.

What did you think about this article and my tutorial on how to use the LED nail lamp? It is important for me to provide knowledgeable articles for your continued support. Please share any advice in the comments below to let me know what you think about the ‘LED Nail Lamp.’ Also, if you could share this article with your friends and family to help support each other and not make your people go through the timely period of drying their nails.

The reason I love the LED nail lamp is because it works so easily and effectively. Painting your nails and waiting for them to completely dry is a very timely matter, and they never seen to dry before they get ruined. The LED lights make your nails completely dry very fast, and you can go about your day in only 60 seconds. Why wait for an hour for your nails to dry and to find out that one of your nails is already ruined within the time period of waiting for them to dry. It’s simple, easy, and effective- as well as affordable.

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