How To Use Exfoliating Gloves – Uncover the Beautiful Skin Beneath!

The need for beautiful skin knows no gender, male or female we all want to have healthy and glowing skin. To get beautiful, even-toned skin, exfoliating is one important process you don’t want to skip.

But before we get into how to exfoliate your skin and what to use, allow me to briefly explain how it works.

With time, dead skin accumulate on the surface of your skin which when not removed may result in clogging of pores hence acne among the many issues you want to prevent from befalling your gorgeous skin.

This is where exfoliation comes in. By gently scrubbing off the dead skin, you prevent acne while giving room for fresher skin hence combatting signs of aging.

One of the most efficient tools used is an exfoliating glove. The beauty of using an exfoliating glove as opposed to other means is that it’s as simple as wearing your glove and gently scrubbing.

If anything, it feels as natural as using your own hands. Having said that, I bet you are curious on how to use the exfoliating glove. Well, fret not.

Below are detailed instructions on how to use an exfoliating glove and some tips to ensure you reap maximum benefits while using it. So, before you purchase that glove, pause. We highly advice you read below.

Exfoliating glove for your body


1. Choose an ideal exfoliating glove that is rougher compared to the one you use on your face.

The skin on your body especially your legs and feet is considerably tougher than your face hence the need for a rougher glove. To ease your burden of buying two gloves, you can invest in a double-sided glove with a soft and rough side.

2. Wet your glove with water before applying soap or a shower gel.

The best way to exfoliate your body is during shower time. This save a lot of time since you exfoliate and shower at the same time as opposed to using body scrub which you will have to wash off later.

However, if you are a body scrub person, feel free to substitute soap with scrub for that extra roughness. In other words, you can use any agent of your choice as long as you do not by any means, scrub without wetting your gloves first.

3. Gently press down on your skin as you massage it in circular motions.

Circular motions are preferred to up and down movements as it ensures you get as much dead skin as possible without upsetting your skin.

During the massaging process, be as gentle as possible depending on your skin type. The last thing you want is a wound or bleeding.

4. Rinse off and follow with a moisturizer.

After the scrub your skin is a little vulnerable and in need of moister. Don’t leave it bare; applying a moisturizer will not only give you soft and supple skin but also give you protection.

This would a great time to take advantage of your skin’s absorbing ability and use a moisturizer rich in vitamins and minerals.

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In case you need a visual to make things more clear, this video will be of great help:

Exfoliating glove for your face


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1. Chose a soft exfoliating glove, preferably made of nylon.

I cannot stress hard enough the importance on being extra gentle on your face. This is because you face is pretty sensitive compared to the rest of your body hence chances of tears are higher. A softer glove is the first step of ensuring you are gentle on your face.

2. Wash your face to remove makeup and dirt.

When it comes to exfoliating your face, starting on a clean slate is the way to go if you want to avoid clogging your pores with dirt and makeup.

This is because your face is more exposed to dirt and grime as compared to your body not forgetting the layers of makeup that are sitting on your face that need cleaning off.

3. Wet your glove with warm water and apply your cleanser.

Another difference is opting for a cleanser as opposed to soap or a shower gel. This is because a cleanser will do a good job cleaning your skin as you exfoliate further preventing clogging your pores during this process.

In this case, combining facial scrub with your exfoliating glove is a bad idea as it may be too rough on your skin. Instead, chose one over the other.

4. Very gently, massage your face in circular motions.

Starting from your forehead, massage in circular motions through your cheeks and down to your chin ensuring you miss no part.

Focus on problem areas such as the nose and T-zone apply more pressure at the same time being very gentle.

The circular motions in this case ensure you do not encourage wrinkles on your skin so avoid the temptation of doing otherwise.

5. Rinse your face off and apply a moisturizer or serum.

You have tackled all or most of your dead skin and your freshly revealed skin is desperate for moisture.

After patting your face dry, immediately follow with a moisturizer of your choice to keep your skin well hydrated.

As mentioned before, your skin is quite absorbent at this time so take advantage of this and use a serum. Your skin will reward you with that beautiful glow you so badly crave.

In case you need a visual to make things more clear, this video below will be of great help. (Video credits of Haitian Beautiez)

Tips, tricks and words to live by

  1. To avoid buying two pairs of gloves (for skin and face) you can go for a double-sided glove with a soft side and an opposite rough one. (I don’t have to tell you what goes where right?)
  2. Don’t be in a hurry and be gentle on your skin. You are not scrubbing utensils so go easy on your skin!
  3. Never use an exfoliating glove without wetting it first. Too much friction is definitely the enemy in this case.
  4. Chose a material that does not react to your skin. A patch test on your arm will be good before using a new glove on your face or body.
  5. Always wash your exfoliating glove after every use. You do not want to transfer your dirt and dead skin to your next exfoliating session.

Bottom line.

Using an exfoliating glove is no rocket science. It’s as easy as putting it on and scrubbing! Just remember to adhere to the tips above while using it so as to attain maximum results. If I warn you about being gentle one more time, I might end up creating a song.

So I won’t. In case you have any questions on exfoliating gloves and how to use them please feel free to leave me a comment and you will be sorted out in no time. Otherwise, exfoliate at least once a week and remember to have fun while unleashing your beautiful skin!

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