How to Lighten Foundation without Losing Coverage

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Imagine this: You have decided to do your makeup for a special event. You have worked hours to get the right face of makeup, and you finally did. The eyeshadow, contour, and highlight look perfect, but when you walk outside and try taking pictures, you notice the foundation looks orange.

You start panicking and wondering how you could have missed noticing something so crucial. There is not enough time to buy a new foundation and you feel awfully stressed.

You begin asking yourself multiple questions: Why does my foundation look orange? - Do I really have to take my whole makeup off? - How am I going to take the orange away? - Is there any way to lighten up my foundation?

The one thing that you do not know is that you can easily lighten up your foundation within a couple steps. I am here to save the day and show you some simple techniques on how you can lighten your foundation and not lose any type of coverage. I am ecstatic to help you because I know how devastating it can be.

If I had come across these techniques years ago, then I would have saved myself hours of work.

5 amazing techniques that work perfectly for everyone

I have come across five amazing techniques that work perfectly for everyone. The products necessary for each step is not much, and they are easily attainable.

Technique #1 – Lighten foundation with white powder

Baby powder (retails for $1.92 at Walmart) 

Any white powder works great for lightening up the foundation. My go-to white powder is Johnson’s baby powder. If the foundation is too dark for you I recommend using white powder because it helps tremendously to lighten and even out the skin tone.

The only thing you should not use is compact powder because instead of lightening up the foundation, it may give you a darker complexion.


Technique #2 – Lighten foundation with lotion 

When I found this technique I was shocked because I would have never thought that using my own lotion would help in making my foundation match and look flawless. This technique happens to be my favorite only because it is super easy, and I do not have to spend any money. All you need is lotion; any type of lotion/moisturizer that you use does the job well.

Using lotion lightens up the foundation because it reduces the pigmentation. It will take down the opacity and still make blending easy!

> See how-to section


Technique #3 – Lighten or darken foundation adjusting drops 

Shade Adjusting Drops Liquid Foundation (retails for $20 at The Body Shop

The Body Shop carries drops for both lightening and darkening foundation. This comes in handy when the foundation is just not the right shade. The Body Shop is correct as they say, “lightening drop lightens and neutralizes yellowness, while the darkening drop darkens while keeping natural depth.”

> See how-to section


Technique #4 – Lighten foundation with foundation lightener 

- MAC Face and Body Foundation in White (retails for $39 at
- Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation in White (retails for $44.88 at 

These two foundation lighteners are a little more on the expensive side but they work wonders. Choosing any of the two will help in setting a lighter tone.

The MAC Face and Body Foundation in White delivers coverage so that when you mix it with your actual foundation, you know for certain that no coverage will be lost. It is long-wearing and non-drying, which will benefit tremendously when blending. 

The Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation in White helps in creating a flawless complexion and perfect match. Since it is lightweight, it is perfect for blending.

> See how-to section


Technique #5 – Utilize a yellow foundation adjuster 

- S/B Adjuster (retails for $10 at 

S/B Adjuster is my favorite type of adjuster because it comes in several different shades to obtain the perfect match. It can also be used for color correction!

> See how-to section

Now that I have gone over the different products that you can use, let us talk about how to use them in order to lighten up your foundation!

How to use them in order to lighten up your foundation! 

Howto #1 – Lighten foundation with white powder

Lightening your foundation with white powder is quite easy. First, you have to put your foundation on your face like you normally do.

Once you have it all over your face, you have to start patting the white powder all over your face. You should begin to immediately notice the difference in your face. Adding too much powder will make you look really pale, so I suggest adding a little at a time until you have reached your desired look. 

Adding too much powder will make you look really pale

Adding too much powder will make you look really pale - image credit:

Howto #2 – Lighten foundation with lotion

When applying lotion or moisturizer to your foundation, you want to add it before you put the foundation on your face. 

1. Put a little bit of foundation at the back of your hand (enough to cover your face)

2. Add a couple drops of your lotion or moisturizer on top of the foundation.

3. Begin to mix both products together. You should notice that the foundation color begins getting lighter.

4. Test the color and see if it is the desired color. If you want it lighter, simply add more lotion or moisturizer.

ModaMob does an amazing job in physically demonstrating how to add lotion or moisturizer to your foundation. Check out this link to view the tutorial!

Howto #3 – Lighten or darken foundation adjusting drops

In order to use drops to lighten or darken foundation, all you have to do is mix the foundation and drops together.

1. Apply the amount of foundation you will be using to either the back of your hand or a lid.

2. Shake the foundation adjusting drops before you use.

3. Add a couple drops on top of the foundation and mix.

4. Add more drops if you want the foundation lighter.

5. Apply to your face!

Somegirljess does a wonderful job in demonstrating how to accurately use the foundation adjusting drops. Check out her video: 

Howto #4 – Lighten foundation with foundation lightener

Lightening your foundation with a foundation lighter will be the exact same steps for how to lighten the foundation with the drops.

You just have to mix whichever foundation lighter you choose with your foundation. Mixing little amounts together is crucial because using just a little bit of the foundation lightener can go a long way. 

Howto #5 – Utilize a yellow foundation adjuster

In order to use, you have to add the adjuster to the foundation in order to lighten or deepen the color you want to attain.

1. Apply the amount of foundation you are using to the back of your hand or anywhere you would like.

2. Apply a little bit of the foundation adjuster on top. Use just a little.

3. You can apply several different adjuster colors. It all depends on what color and how light you want your foundation to become.

4. Blend and test to see if it is the desired look!

Dominique Sachse shows us all how to properly use the foundation adjuster to get the right shade! 


I am positive that these techniques will change your life like it changed mine. It made getting the right foundation a walk in the park. We no longer have to constantly be picking up a new foundation because the color is either too orange or dark! This is essential to all of us because we are going to save lots of money and time.

I hoped you have loved this short tutorial on how you can lighten your foundation and not lose any type of coverage. I would love to know what you think, so I would strongly appreciate it if you guys left comments down below.

Also, do not forget to share the techniques with your friends, so they can save time and money too!

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