How to get Vaseline out of hair: DIY Remedies to Save Your Hair

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Vaseline is a tough substance to remove from your hair, and it gives messy ad oily feel to your hair. People often use it to choke lice and prevent scarring after surgery and remove a portion of gum.

Sometimes, children smear it on their head. Petroleum jelly is the word thing that you may get in the hair. After getting Vaseline in hair, people often wonder How to get Vaseline out of hair?

You can start your work by running hair dryer into the hair. It may help you to liquefy Vaseline and clean your hair with an absorbent paper towel. Replicate this procedure to remove the whole Vaseline from hair.

Numerous products in your kitchen can help you to get Vaseline out of your hair. After removing Vaseline, you can condition your hair.



Home Remedies to Remove Vaseline from Hair

Here are some home remedies to remove Vaseline from your hair. These remedies can protect your hair from harmful damages of Vaseline:

1. Use Paper Towels to Blot Hair

You can soak up the Vaseline with the help of penetrable paper towels. You have to replicate this method for several times to remove petroleum jelly.

A hand-held dryer will help you to liquefy the solid Vaseline to make it easy for paper towels to absorb Vaseline.

2. Combing with a Comb

You will need one fine-toothed comb to remove thick Vaseline globs. Every stroke should wipe off the Vaseline. Squeeze hair with one paper towel before brushing because the paper will absorb maximum petroleum jelly.

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3. Get Advantage of Dry Ingredients

Corn starch is good to remove Vaseline from your hair. You can apply one layer of dry corn starch to affected areas. Corn starch can absorb the oil-based Vaseline.

In the absence of corn starch, you can try baby powder or baking powder. While using any of these products, you should be careful and don’t inhale these dry particles. These particles can aggravate the sensitive tissues of your lungs.

4. Pat Dry Ingredients on Hair

Rubbing can be harmful to your hair; therefore, you can use a pat it to push the dry ingredients (corn starch) in the hair. Let the cornstarch sit for 5 minutes to absorb oil.

The corn starch should cover all your Vaseline-coated hair. Wait for some time to absorb maximum oil.

5. Wash Hair with Warm Water

Cold water can make Vaseline thicken or solidify and it will be difficult for you to remove thick Vaseline. You can use warm water and clarify shampoo to remove extra oil and build-up product from hair easily.

Use a clarifying shampoo to wash your hair and make sure to remove as much oil as you can. Rinse hair well and remove all corn, shampoo, and Vaseline from hair. Towel-blot to make your hair dry and let it air dry.

You can replicate this procedure after 12 to 24 hours to remove any leftover Vaseline. The clarifying shampoo and cornstarch can absorb the natural oil of your hair. Your hair requires some time to recover and reduce the chances of damage.

6. Rub Hair with Jojoba Oil or Coconut Oil

You may find it strange, but if you want to dissolve oil, you will require more oil. Massage your hair with some oil and wring out maximum oil from hair.

Use warm water and clarifying shampoo two times to wash your hair. The oil will not only remove Vaseline from hair, but moisturize your scalp.

7. Choose a Product to Remove Tough Grease from Scalp

You can use a makeup remover that is good to remove grease makeup. You can use items that are utilized by engineers, printers, and mechanics to remove oil from the skin.

These products can dilute and finally lift grease. You can use products used by engineers and mechanics to remove grease from their hand, but be careful while using them.

Apply a small amount of your selected product to affected area and wait for 5 minutes before rinsing your hair

Only use those products that are approved to use on human skin and be careful because these may get into your eyes and cause irritation.

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8. Use Peanut Butter to Wash Hair

Peanut butter is an effective method to remove soggy Vaseline from hair. Just apply peanut butter on your hair and use pores of your hands to apply a good amount of peanut butter in the affected areas.


Leave this area for almost 10 minutes. Massage your hair for 10 minutes. Once the peanut butter is set, use a hairbrush to remove the Vaseline and peanut butter mixture from hair.

Use cold water to rinse your hair and remove remaining blend. Now wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner.

Make sure to properly rinse your comb with cold water to remove Vaseline and peanut butter mess. It is important to apply the double amount of peanut butter as compared to petroleum jelly.

9. Liquid Dishwashing Soap and Degreaser

This method is not good for hair and can make your skin dry, but it can be the last option to remove Vaseline from hair. You will wash your hair with dish soap similarly as you wash your hair with shampoo.

Use warm water to rinse your hair and replicate it twice. Pat hair with water to make it dry. After removing Vaseline, you can wash your hair with the condition because this treatment can strip off all natural oils. Keep your eyes closed and run your fingers through hair while rinsing the chemicals.

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10. Baking Soda

It is another remedy to get rid of Vaseline. You can mix baking soda with shampoo. Apply this shampoo to your affected area.

Massage your hair calmly for almost 10 minutes and replicate this process until the Vaseline is completely removed.

Moreover, the whisked egg works well to remove Vaseline from your hair. Apple cider vinegar is another remedy to remove Vaseline from hair.

Fresh lemon juice is another ingredient that is easily available, and it is good to get Vaseline out of your hair.

Final Verdict

If you get petroleum jelly in your hair, either accidently or by a mischievous child, it is tough to remove it from your hair.

Petroleum jelly can make your hair oily and messy. If you want to know how to get Vaseline out of hair, this post will prove helpful for you.

You can use any one of these remedies, but be careful and arrange all essential items before starting this procedure.

Your hair can be dry after using some treatments. In this situation, you can use conditioner or massage your hair with coconut oil.

Before getting Vaseline out of your hair, you should avoid the use of cold water. Warm water can melt the Vaseline and make it easy to remove.

If you are using all these remedies for your child, make sure to protect his eyes and skin. Try to use baby oil or baby powder instead of harsh chemicals.

You will use a gentle and tear-free formula to wash the hair of your child with shampoo. Harsh chemicals and detergents are harmful to their sensitive skin.

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