How To Destroy “Strawberry Legs” in 10 Minutes: 3 Simple Steps

As bikini season continues, we all know how dreadful it is to shave and be burdened with the aftermath of strawberry legs.

Might as well throw the jeans or sweatpants back on early this year. If there is a god, why did he do this in the summer? What about the pool days now? Are these the strawberry fields forever that everyone sings about?

There are several tricks and methods to help your skin after shaving to hide your dark spots, and have proved quite effective.

But what if there was a way to get rid of strawberry legs for good? Pool days are back.


Strawberry legs are actually black heads, or open comedones, all over your legs. These dilated hair follicles (pores) filled with dead skin, bacteria, and oil are the real culprits of why you can’t wear shorts in the summer.

how to get-rid-of-dark-spots-on-legs-home-remedies

So What Do We Do?

Do we sulk in sweatpants all day with Gilmore Girls and Panera Bread? It doesn’t sound like too bad of an idea to come back to later, but no, we must not be pushed around by these open comedones.

Instead, we will fight back with an old tool: the epilator. Epilating is fairly painful, similar to waxing, but you only have to epilate once or twice a week versus shaving daily.

It also won’t leave the strawberry marks behind.

Listed below is what you will need for your first epilating experience:

A razor

Think of it as a good bye. This could be the last time you’ll ever have to use it. You’ve been through so much together, it better be a proper burial.

Exfoliating materials

Nothing crazy, just a simple cream will do to remove the first line of dead skin cells.

Best Epilator For Strawberry Legs

The final product waiting to change your life once and for all in under 10 minutes.

There are several fairly high-quality epilators in the link provided above on Amazon that could prove worthy. I personally use the Braun-Silk Epil 9 Skinspa. Yes, they are fairly pricey, but they pay off in the long run once they’re over a year old and still getting the job done.

What is an epilator?

An epilator is essentially a bunch of small tweezers pulling your hair out. It is safer and cleaner than waxing, and much more efficient than using a literal pair of tweezers.

Yes, it is a bit painful. As evident in videos like this one. But not as much as waxing! (start at 2m22s)

When the entire hair follicle is pulled out cleanly with an epilator, there is no chance for strawberry legs because the hair follicle is pulled entirely out.


The Steps In The Right Direction of How To Get Rid of Strawberry Legs

1. Shave

Whether it’s in the shower, bath, or on the countertop, lather your legs with a little shaving cream and shave them one last time.


Even a couple days before using the epilator is fine. An epilator pulls the hair out of your skin, so it’s best if the hair is as short as possible beforehand.

Have you every pulled out a long hair? Ouch.

2. Exfoliate

Brush those pads or rub in that cream to help eliminate bacteria and dead skin before epilating. It makes it much easier and less painful to epilate if the skin has a chance to exfoliate prior.


Exfoliation is vital in determining how your first epilating experience will undergo. It will also help prevent ingrown hairs.1

3. Epilate

Don’t forget to charge the epilator first. There is nothing like trying to get your legs to look pretty and finding out the epilator is dead.

Decide whether you would like to do a wet or dry epilation, and whether or not the epilator performs in that condition.

Most epilators can still epilate with wet legs, but it is always smart to double check before you possibly break it.

Brace yourself beforehand, and prepare for your legs to feel the burn! If it doesn’t hurt that badly, try turning the epilator around because it might be backwards!

Continue to rub the epilator up and down your leg as if you were shaving until they are smooth.

Once finished, there is a chance that you might have tears in your eyes from the experience. There isn't a chance for strawberry legs for you though.

The epilator should get rid of strawberry legs every time.

strawberry skin

Check this article to find the Top 5 Best Epilator Reviews For Women.

If unsure still, here is a video to walk you through your first time:

Where Did The Strawberries Go?

I hope you guys have enjoyed my walkthrough on how to destroy those strawberry legs once and for all.

There is nothing more important than helping others be able to enjoy the summer in the proper attire: bathing suits.

There’s no reason for those crazy diets and insane workout classes if you can’t wear a bathing suit to show your progress off.

Epilating is an old alternative to shaving that is beginning to make a comeback due to its cost efficiency and cleanliness in comparison to shaving and waxing.

It will also get rid of strawberry legs in the easiest possible way, and always provides a clean cut finished with baby-bottom smooth skin.

Thanks again for reading and be sure to comment on it to let me know how it worked for you guys! Be sure to share it with your friends that have strawberry legs, for the cure has arrived. It’s summer, so unpack those bathing suits and enjoy it while it lasts!

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  1. In fact when someone doesn’t know afterward its up to other viewers
    that they will help, so here it occurs.

  2. What a great post! I got rid of mine using the shaving method. I applied coconut oil to my legs to moisturize the skin and prepare it for shaving. I then shaved using clean and sharp razor blades. It was a great experience as the strawberries where nowhere to be found.

  3. Another great post to help women with beauty tips. I’m wondering though how the epilator works if someone shaves first. Wouldn’t the hairs be too short to grab on to anything? Also, how long does this method last comparing to only shaving. I want to get rid of strawberry legs and I know my sister does as well cause Ive heard her complaining. Can’t wait to try these tips!

  4. I have been dealing with these for a while and had no idea how to fix it! I feel so much better now and I am going to try the shaving method asap.

  5. I tried this, I shaved and after a few days I epilated , ( I exfoliated before too) and I am on my third day prior to Epilating and now I only have the black hair dots on my outer legs and a few blood dots around my legs 🙁 what did I do wrong ????

    • We are sorry to hear about this! Some things you can do to help combat this issue I will explain below:

      First, you want to make sure during your shaving and exfoliating process, you are not being too harsh with your skin. Make sure to moisturize after with coconut oil (or something similar) and make sure whatever exfoliator you are using on your legs isn’t too harsh. Many scrubs can gave granules of sugar or salt that are too large or rough and can cause tiny tears in your skin. Be gentle next time you exfoliate and try to give your legs some time to heal after shaving.

      Next, the reason you have little black dots on your skin is because the hairs are still in your pores, which means the epilator did not pull them out at the follicle. There are several reasons this may have happened—check to make sure you are using the epilator properly and in the right direction and that it is a decent quality device. Also, you want to make sure your hair is still long enough for the epilator to grab onto (but not too long) otherwise the epilator cannot pull any hair out, which is why you still see black dots.

      Lastly, a few blood dots are normal. Because the device pulls the hair directly out of the follicle, they can sometimes cause trauma to that follicle, similar to cutting yourself when shaving.

      We hope this helps!

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