Is it so Easy to Get Rid of Acne Scabs Overnight – How?


What causes acne scabs? There are lots of reasons that lead to the formation of acne, but mostly,

it can be due to genetics, your diet or as a result of the products that you use in your everyday life.

However, despite the broad range of causes, the good news is that acne can be treated naturally and fast.

In this article, you’ll be shown not just one, but eight of the best ways; of how to get rid of acne scabs overnight.


They are quite flexible, and anyone could find using them quite easy and straightforward.

Acne Scabs do seem filthy, aren’t they? You may have experienced a scenario whereby those embarrassing pimple scabs lowers your impression before joining any particular event.

If you didn’t know, acne scabs are sore formations that are reddish in color and develop by popping a pimple.Their formation is always crusty and is as a result of the popping and scratching zits.

Acne is an unbearable experience, bearing in mind that it leaves follicles that are infected on your face.

And when it begins to heal from the inside, scabs start to develop, leading to the swelling and redness of your face and is always extremely sore.

Luckily, there exist some natural remedies that you can use so as to get rid of acne scabs overnight.

Are you prepared to go through the practical hacks of how to get rid of acne scabs overnight? If yes, then here we go.

Here are few hacks on how to get rid of acne scabs overnight:

Method 1 – Wash your face using an Antibacterial Cleanser.

Do you have to prick acne? Follow this guideline keenly. Why? It is a flexible and a practical hack of how to get rid of acne scabs overnight.

  • Purchase a quality cleanser or antibacterial soap and wash the face of yours twice a day. Move your fingers in a circular motion and you could just be doing enough in eliminating the acne problem.
  • For you to safely remove the soap residue, splash some lukewarm water on your face.
  • For effective results, please don’t rub your face harshly, using a towel, but Pat dry with the aid of a clean cloth. I would recommend the utilization of a clean cloth each and every time you wash your face because bacteria can cause even more acne to develop.

Method 2 – Avoid Scratching, Rubbing, and Itching.

It is evident that acne causes incidences of scratching and itching. At some point, I experienced this particular problem, and I fully understand its effect. And if you have not realized, continuous rubbing, scratching or picking can worsen the condition. If you have an itch, just dab the area tenderly and gently by using a clean cloth. Never rub the itch, as this could make your skin look quirky red.

Method 3 – Apply Acne Cream

Currently, there is a host of creams available in the market, which can be used to treat acne scabs.Unclean hands are an ultimate shortcut for dirt and bacteria to get transmitted, and this tells you that you MUST wash your hands efficiently before the application of any cream.

  • Take about ten to fifteen minutes in applying the acne cream over the scabs.
  • For you to keep the affected area dry, you should buy a cream that has benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid.
  • It will accelerate the process of healing, but as earlier stated, always wash your hands before applying anything on your face.

Method 4 – Use Tea Tree Oil.

Tea tree oil is an excellent option for treating acne scars. Boasting of healing and antiseptic characteristics, this oil drives way all bacterial infections. Use tea tree oil and relieve yourself from the pain caused by acne scars.

Get a cotton ball;

  • Pour tea tree oil over the cotton ball and dampen it.
  • Gently rub your damp cotton ball on the scabs. Just know that a rubbing that is quite harsh is likely to prick off the crust, hence could lead to bleeding and bacterial transmission on your face.
  • Repeat the procedure two times a day to completely remove the scabs overnight.

Method 5: Warm Compressing on your Skin.


The mild compression method is another approach that eliminates scabs overnight. It has been proven that warm compression can dispatch the scabs within a few hours since it keeps your skin moistened. Here is how to go about it:

Find a clean cloth;

  • Get some warm water that is not extremely hot. Dampen the cloth and apply it on the area affected.
  • It will offer relief from the scratching and itching sensation. Additionally, the crust plus the scabs will loosen up.
  • For maximum results, perform the procedure twice on a daily basis for close to five or six minutes and in a short period, you’ll have a bright and a clean face.

Method 6: Apply Manuka Honey on the area affected.

Do you use honey at your home? Of course, yes, as this is a kitchen ingredient that has both anti-infection and antiseptic properties. Healing is made relatively faster with the help of this top-notch antibiotic which is also a key player in improving the overall appearance of your skin. How to apply it? Take a look at the steps involved;

With the help of a cleanser, thoroughly wash your hands

  • Pat-dry your face and remove all the water.
  • Grab your Manuka honey and directly apply on the affected skin.
  • From a medicine shop, find a hydro polymer dressing and dress your face with it.
  • Even though the honey is used as a superb healer, the dressing aids in absorbing the fluids. Carry out the process once every day and you’ll realize results that you don’t always notice.

Though honey is used as an excellent healer, the dressing helps absorb the fluids. Do it once a day to see noticeable results that you cannot usually notice otherwise.

Method 7: Apply Vaseline for Acne Scabs or Petroleum Jelly.

The prospect of pricking and scratching the acne scabs offers no solution but only results in the development of scabs and blemishes on your face. Vaseline is an ideal remedy for covering the scabs. Vaseline effectively seals these scabs thereby fastening the healing process. Peek-a-boo:

  • Put Vaseline on your fingers after you’ve cleaned the acne for any pus, fluid or liquid. Maybe, blood oozes from the pimples so clean the skin off first.
  • Get a clean cloth and dry the crust.
  • Apply Vaseline and ensure that it covers the scab all over, in a perfect manner. It will prevent the entry of bacteria that is infectious hence keeping the crust moist.
  • Every individual think of flexible and practical ways of how to get rid of acne scabs overnight and believe me; this particular remedy works flawlessly, and nothing should deter you from giving it a try. How long will it take the pimple scabs to get cured? With this remedy at your disposal, just a few hours is just appropriate!

Method 8: Make a Baking Soda Paste that is Smooth.

Last on the list is the use of the baking soda. It has the potential to tighten up the scabs and is arguably one of the most loved home remedies. Going by its antiseptic and fungicide characteristics, a paste of baking soda is great in eliminating acne scabs. Below is how to use it;

  • Take a bowl of a small size and add a little amount of baking soda into it.
  • Add some water and perfectly blend it to form a smooth paste.
  • Take a little paste and cover your scabs with it.
  • Carry out this procedure on a daily basis until the scab falls off by itself.

And nobody, and not even you! Can stop you from having a bright and appealing face when there are so many methods available. These remedies are purely natural and safe for your skin. They will ward off any infections and itchiness in a nick of time. Who does not love to have a flawless skin?

So kindly use these simple home remedies and bid goodbye to acne scabs overnight. Let people appreciate you by watching your face spitting fire of beauty.

Lots of thanks for having taken your precious time going through the article. I hope you’ll fall in love with my suggestions as the methods are all self-tried. Check out all skin care advice on our site here.

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