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The Best Ways to Remove Nasty Makeup Stains From Your Carpet. (See Immediate Results)

Makeup stains can be a huge pain when it comes to cleaning from your carpet. It is important to know specific remedies for every stain as well as relevant tips and tricks.

Can make up stains in your carpet be removed?

Do you have a make up stain in your carpet that you need to remove? I get it, nothing ruins a carpet like a nasty stain staring back at you.

More so, makeup stains; since they tend to adhere firmly to the fabric. From experience, trying to scrub it off especially with the wrong agent, only seems to make it bigger.

Putting furniture over it does not make it disappear too.

So, you have that huge spot right in the middle of your living room carpet, do you throw it away in frustration or is there a way to make the stain vanish?

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How Do You Get Makeup Out of Your Carpet?

Well, you can stop holding your breath now, for today, we tackle five of the most notorious makeup stains and teach you how to get makeup out of a carpet.

So, before you burn that pretty rug you got for your birthday, we advise you read through on how to remove makeup from your carpet. We might have just what you are looking for!

#1.Remove lipstick stains from your carpet

Lipstick is one of the toughest to get off especially because most lipsticks have grease in them. While there many ways of tackling a lipstick stain, we give you the surest and fastest.


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  • check
    A white cloth.
  • check
    Rubbing alcohol or Paint remover.
  • check
    Cleaning gloves.
  • check
    Water and detergent mixture.


  1. If there is any excess lipstick on the carpet, scoop it up with a spoon to avoid causing a bigger mess.
  2. With your gloves on, soak the white cloth in the rubbing alcohol or paint remover and squeeze off any excess, (always use a damp cloth as opposed to wet).
  3. Slowly but firmly, dab the cloth on the lipstick stain starting from the outside to the inside. Always remember NEVER to rub the stain, instead dab or blot it.
  4. You will notice the lipstick come off the carpet and onto the cloth. Keep dabbing until it is all gone.
  5. Dab the area with the detergent mixture to remove the alcohol or paint remover. Avoid stepping on the wet area as it dries off.
  6. If you have a woolen carpet, the best way to go about it is to substitute rubbing alcohol and paint remover for Dry cleaning agents.


Care should be taken while using rubbing alcohol as it may penetrate the back of the carpet and interfere with the bonds.

Recommended Paint remover: Motsenbocker Latex Paint Remover

This paint remover is great for removing paint on any hard surfaces, paint brushes and even fabrics. It is biodegradable, water-based and hence non-corrosive. It is also very low on volatile organic compound hence environment safe. For removing paint drom surfaces, just spritz some of it on the surface and give it a few minutes to work then wipe off.


  • It is non-corrosive.
  • It comes in a spritz bottle hence you cannot make a mess while using it.
  • Works wonders on paint stains.


  • You will have to wait a while for it to work.

In case you need a visual for this process, this video will make things clear. (Video credits of spot removal guide.)

#2. Get rid of liquid foundation stains from your carpet.

Another greasy and hard to remove culprit is the liquid foundation. This is very common especially because it is runny hence it only takes a few minutes to create a mess.



  • check
    White cloth.
  • check
    3% hydrogen peroxide.
  • check
    Clean water in a spray can.
  • check
    Cleaning gloves.
  • check
    Iron box.


  1. Absorb excess foundation using a tissue paper or a cloth fast and carefully while avoiding smudges.
  2. Soak a section of the cloth in hydrogen peroxide and squeeze off the excess.
  3. Dab gently at the stain and observe as it is being transferred from your carpet to the cloth.
  4. Continue dabbing while changing sides of the cloth until the stain is fully removed.
  5. Using a spray bottle of CLEAN water, dissolve the hydrogen peroxide on the carpet and avoid stepping on the area until dry.

Alternative for stubborn stain:

  1. Pour some peroxide directly on the stain.
  2. Cover it with a damp white cloth and place a hot iron on top.
  3. Wait a few minutes and lift the cloth the stain will be removed. Make sure the iron box does not touch your carpet.


Hydrogen peroxide in high percentages acts as a whitening agent so stick to 3% to avoid changing the color of your carpet.

#3. Remove Eyeliner and mascara.

These dark stains on a bright carpet can be a nasty sight to behold. Luckily, it’s very easy to remove these stains.



  • check
    A cup of warm water.
  • check
    Ordinary cleaning liquid.
  • check
    White cleaning cloth.


  1. Wet the white cloth with some warm water and squeeze the cleaning liquid on the cloth.
  2. Dab on the stain carefully but firmly until you see the stain transferring to the cloth.
  3. Continue dabbing until all the stain is removed.
  4. Gently rinse the soap residue with warm water after all the stain is gone.

Important Tip!

For stains that have lasted a few days or stubborn stains, substitute cleaning liquid with white vinegar. Dab continuously until the stain comes off.

#4. Tackle nail polish stains.

I would probably run out of fingers if I could count the number of times I have had to clean nail polish off my carpet. The good thing about cleaning nail polish is that this is a pretty straight forward affair.


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  • check
    A white cloth.
  • check
    Non-acetone Nail polish remover.


  1. Using a spoon, scoop any excess nail polish carefully without spilling to the rest of the carpet.
  2. With cleaning gloves on, wet the cloth with the nail polish remover and dab gently at the stain.
  3. Dab continuously until the stain is completely removed.
  4. Wet the cloth with clean water and dab at the spot where the stain was to remove traces of the remover. Try avoiding the area until completely dry.

Alternative, effortless method.

  1. Mix a table spoon of ammonia with a table spoon of hydrogen peroxide.
  2. Apply the mixture directly on the stain.
  3. Cover with a plastic for instance a plastic cup and leave overnight.
  4. In the morning the stain will have vanished. Clean the area with some water and let it dry.
  5. Keep in mind that ammonia comes with a strong smell. Also, avoid using ammonia on carpets with natural fiber.


Acetone is a great stain remover but it ends up dissolving most fabrics. You should therefore avoid using acetone nail polish to ensure you do not permanently destroy your carpet.

Recomended Nail polish remover: Nailtiques Non-Acetone Remover.

Nailtiques Non-Acetone Remover with Aloe Vera and...
  • Nailtiques non-acetone remover with aloe Vera and...
  • It is recommended for daily use Please store in a...
  • Nailtiques non-acetone remover with aloe Vera and...

The Nailtiques nail polish remover is laced with aloe vera making it very gentle on your hands and skin. It is acetone free hence safe on fabric. Although it does not have acetone in it, it is fast acting hence you will not require to scrub off any nail polish. it can be used to remove nail polish from your nails as well as any other surface such as a stained fabric.

It is affordable.

The blue color might stain fabric.

In case you need a visual for this process, this video will make things clear. (Video credits of Nick Simeone)

#5. Remove Blush, Eye shadow or powdered foundation.

Packed powdered foundation and blush can very easily drop on your carpet especially during application. Fret not. The method of removing these stains is usually pretty straight forward.



  • check
  • check
    A Cup of clean water.


  • 1
    Put the detergent in the clean water to form lather.
  • 2
    Soak the cloth in the detergent water and gently dab at the stain until completely removed
  • 3
    An alternative method especially if the stain is smudged is to use shaving cream instead of detergent.


It is advisable to use mild detergent as strong detergents may have bleach which might discolor the fabric of your carpet.

Tips, Tricks and tweaks.

  • check
    Always test out a hidden potion of your carpet with an agent before using it on a stain. This is to ascertain that the agent will not bleach or distort your carpet in any way.
  • check
    Woolen carpets are very sensitive so be careful while removing stains off of them. A good rule of thumb is to use dry cleaning agent on wool.
  • check
    Remember to Dab as opposed to rubbing the stain. This will prevent you from further smudging the stain in the carpet.
  • check
    Always use a pair of gloves while removing any stains to protect your hands. Some agents such as detergents may contain bleach which may be harmful to your skin.
  • check
    Use a white cloth to prevent staining your carpet further with dye from a colored cloth.
  • check
    Tackling a stain immediately is the best way to go as the longer some stains stay, the harder they are to remove.
  • check
    There is no shame in calling professionals to tackle a stain problem. This especially goes for woolen and silk carpets that are a bit tricky in cleaning.

Last word.

Whether you live alone or with teenage kids who use make up, staining your carpet and rugs with makeup is bound to happen. With the right agents for specific stains, you can easily tackle any stain that comes your way. Just follow the little tutorial we have made for you and remember to keep in mind the tips above while doing so.

If you liked this piece on removing make up stains on a carpet or you have any question regarding the same, please leave us some comments and we will get back to you. You can also leave us some tips and share some of your own make up cleaning experiences. Otherwise, have fun using make up and happy cleaning ladies and gentlemen!

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  1. This is a very good write-up, very informative. I used the ammonia and hydrogen peroxide to clean nail polish stains that stayed up for a week on my new plush rug. It worked as you described above. Its a very effective method to get rid of nail polish stains.

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  3. We actually just got a carpet newly installed in our recently renovated in our home, and whew I’ll think these tips will come in handy (should it happen — fingers crossed). I’m happy to know the tips do not need those super fancy stuff to fix things, just those basic household items! Thank you for the tips. Love it!

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