How Long Does a Pedicure Last – Can You Lengthen the Stay!

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You know it's time for a pedicure if your tender foot skin begins to turn rough. But, the question is - how long would a pedicure stay? After all, we spend quite a few bucks and time on it, and the concern is genuine. Professional pedicures are a bit spendy. But they certainly make a better choice than the ones that chip within days. If you ask me, I would say, it depends on pedicure to pedicure & maintenance of the same. Not sure about different types of pedicure? Here’s a roundup to help you.

How Long Does a Pedicure Last

Types of Pedicures

Any woman can wear a great outfit, but it is her nails that make the statement. Being cautious and particular about your feet must always be on your hygiene list. Coddling your feet and toes is an efficient way to soothe your tired soles. But, what is the use of spending money if the pedicures do not stay for long, you ask? Well, you can lengthen the stay of your pedicure and maintain its quality for the longest time by pampering your feet.

Classic Pedicure

This standard pedicure treatment is pretty much available at all salons and spas. Classic pedicure includes foot soak and scrubs with a pumice stone. It is further followed by nail clipping, nail shaping, a short foot & calf massage. And lastly, moisturizing and applying nail paint (optional). It is similar to a regular cleanup and is expected to last for a week or two.

Fish Pedicure

Not made for everyone, this pedicure only suits people with normal skin. If you're one of those who’re ticklish at little sensations, then fish pedicure is not your game. Highly suggested for removal of dead skin, this pedicure is expected to last for two weeks at least.

Fish Pedicure

French Pedicure

French pedi is identical to a regular pedicure with small details changed. What makes it French is the style of nail paint application. This pedi is a rage among women. However, it is one of the shortest-lived pedicures ever.

Paraffin Pedicure

Especially suggested for dry and cracked feet, this pedicure is proved to offer surprising results. During this pedi treatment, warm paraffin wax is used to open up the pores of skin which helps in nourishment. This pedicure stays longer in winters as feet are generally covered with socks.

Ice Cream Pedicure

A treat for scorching summers! This pedicure is just for relaxation and softness of the feet. There is no exact claim for its stay yet, although if you moisturize daily, this pedi can last for a good time. A good pedicure can last for weeks, depending on your regimen. However, if you want it to last even longer, follow these tips.

Chew on These 8 Tips to Keep Your Pedicure Intact for a Longer Time

Tips to Keep Your Pedicure Intact for a Longer Time

To be honest, pedicures can be expensive, and it’s rare that you can visit a salon that often. So, let’s be just to part to make sure our expensive pedicure lasts as long as possible! Here are some of the best Beauty Shortcutips for making pedis' last a little longer than the usual.

1. Roll It Smooth

Applying nail paint is equal to giving your feet a finishing touch. However, if your feet do not look smooth, the efforts and the pedi goes in vain. Therefore, on alternate days, use a pumice stone to slay off dead skin.

2. Moisturize ​​​​Well

The important thing after scrubbing is to keep the feet well moisturized. Never leave the feet unnourished after rubbing off the dead skin. Besides, whether you are scrubbing or not, keep them nourished anyway. It will not only help your pedicure look better, but will also keep your skin and cuticles soft and hydrated!

3. Watch Your Cuticles

Another tip to make your pedicure last longer is to use a cuticle oil. It will prevent the polish from chipping. Rough or dry cuticles mean unsightly rough skin and awful hangnails. Carry a bottle of cuticle oil to apply on your toenails and cuticles to prolong the life of your pedicure!

4. Topcoat Is a Must

The simplest and easiest way to keep your pedi stay longer is to re-apply a top coat. This way, your feet will not only maintain their smoothness and luster but will also look marvelous for days. Besides, topcoat also prevents nail paint from chipping and cracking. It's more like a touch up to the nail-soul. So, dare not to miss it.

5. Dress 'Em to Keep Safe

You may think, what's the use of getting a pedicure if you've to cover it? Well, that's because continuous exposure to heat or dust may lead to faded & chipped polish and dry & rough skin. I'm sure you don't want that.

6. Say No to Heat

Even if you're running late for a party or a meeting, never choose the heat option. I know its an easy way to fast-dry top coat, but it will waste all your money and most importantly, your time. Generally, a nail paint takes about 12 hours to settle. So, if you have a sauna appointment after pedi, make sure to cancel it.

7. And Also, No Water

A quick hack says to run your feet under water to fast-dry your nail paint. Certainly, your nail paint may feel dry after just an hour or two, but it actually takes around 12 hours to harden. Therefore, you are evidently taking a risk to ruin your pedi if you're planning to take a bath or something.

8. Shun Fragrances

Are you a fan of exotic scents, lotions, and fragrances? Well, too bad, because you have to avoid them for a few days. Synthetic fragrances are said to chip and crack nail paints faster. Therefore, when you’re moisturizing your feet, opt for unscented lotions.

Get up and get going to the salon. With these amazing and effective tricks & tips, your pedi will survive for weeks. However, you have to take care of some little points to not lose the charm. Also, if you have some more easy ways, I'd love to hear about them. 🙂

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