What To Consider When Choosing Green Superfoods


With so many green superfoods in the market- choosing the right one can be a difficult task. There are a number of consideration to take. For instance, the ingredients, the price and benefits are some of the main features to look for.

In this reviews we'll look in depth the advantages and disadvantages of the most popular green superfoods in the market.


Amazing Grass Green SuperFoods Original

it's packed with alkalizing green, fruits, veggies and powerful anti-oxidants. This product is gluten free and sugar free. Ideal for those looking for adding more nutrients to their diets and don't have the time to do it. Plant based, contains plenty of organic greens.

Organic Plant Based Protein Powder

Creamy Chocolate Fudge this organic plant based chocolate power is ideal for those who want to take their proteins, but have something tasty at the same time. Gluten free, plant based this product can be taken in smoothies on the go. Perfect for those outdoor enthusiasts.

Garden of Life Vegan Green Superfood Powder Alkalizer Detoxifier

Raw Organic Perfect Whole Food Alkalizer & Detoxifier, this product contains organic raw fruits and vegetables juices, besides cleansing herbs and powerful hydration ingredients. This is ultimate body cleanse.

Garden of Life Vegan Green Superfood Powder

Raw Organic Perfect Whole Food Dietary Supplement, Original. Green food supplements contains essential amino- acids, antioxidants and nutrients essential for those who want to add more nutrients into their diets. This product is an excellence supplement to improve everyday diets and boost energy levels.

Super Greens Veggie Greens Super Food Powder

This product contains spirulina, chlorella, spinach, broccoli and much more. This is a potent energy supplement ideal for those looking to boost their energy levels, improve immune system and increase concentration.Green Super foods Review

Reviews and Top picks

1. Amazing Grass Green Super Foods Original

Amazing Grass Green Superfood Organic Powder with Wheat...
  • Our most popular blend thoughtfully combines our...
  • Crafted with 7 alkalizing farm fresh greens.
  • 3+ servings of greens, fruits and veggies. More...

This Super Food Supplement contains organic ingredients such as alfalfa, spirulina, spinach, broccoli, raspberry, pineapple, green tea, flax seed powder and more. This blend of natural ingredients helps boost the immune system, aids digestion, helps detox, alkalize the body and boos energy levels.

This product is perfect for busy people who may find it difficult to eat all the nutrient the body needs throughout the day. Amazing Grass can be mixed with water, smoothies or fruit juice. For a more effective results take every day.

Things we liked

  • Plenty of veggies and fruits to boost energy levels
  • Price very affordable comparing to other Super Food Products
  • It's certified Organic, gluten and sugar free.

Things we didn't like

  • Contains maca a stimulant similar to coffee
  • Not very tasty in its own

2. Organic Plant Based Protein Powder, Creamy Chocolate Fudge

Orgain Organic Plant Based Protein Powder, Creamy Chocolate...
  • Includes 1 (2.03lb) Organic Plant Based Creamy...
  • Ideal for healthy, on-the-go nourishment for busy...
  • 21g Organic Plant Based Protein, 5g Organic Fiber,...

This organic protein powder is a delicious supplement extremely nutritious, it comes in chocolate and vanilla flavours.

This Plant based product is organic, gluten free, non GMO (Genetic Modify Food) and free from quemichalls and colorants. Perfect for those looking for something tasty but nutritive at the same time.

Contains organic cocoa, acacia, brown rice protein, chia seed, rosemary extract and much more. This ideally should be taken first thing in the morning for a quick and delicious energy boost.

Things we liked

  • Organic ingredients
  • Chocolate Flavour
  • Non artificial colours

Things we didn't like

  • Contains Erythritol which is a sugar alcohol that can cause diarrhea and upset stomach.
  • May cause allergy reactions

3. Garden of Life Vegan Green Super Food Powder Alkalizer Detoxifier

Garden of Life Vegan Green Superfood Powder - Raw Organic...
  • SUPERFOOD SUPPLEMENT: This greens powder is packed...
  • ELECTROLYTE SUPPLEMENT: Our greens supplement...
  • CLEANSING HERBS: One serving of this superfood...

This Super Food Supplement contains raw anti-oxidants juices and raw fruit and veggies juices.

This combined with cleansing herbs and electrolytes is extremely effective to maintain the body hydrated at all times. Besides, it helps to detox the system, the alkalizing substances supports the body to restore its PH, getting rid of the acids.

This is crucial to have a healthy system. According to experts a healthy body ph should be level 7 which is neutral acidity, above this numbers the system ph alkaline and below is acidic.

This may varied from time to time, the good news is that this supplements helps restore the ph to a balanced level.

Besides, Super food Power is Dairy free, Soya free, this product does not contain artificial flavour or sweeteners. It also helps boosting the immune system, restore cells, keep the muscle and bones stronger.

Garden of Life Green Super Food helps to maintain a clean system, hydrates the body, and helps reducing issues with the digestive system. It also excellent for boosting blood circulation and energy level.

Ideal for those looking for something to clean the body and detox. This product it more like an active cleansing powder, rather than a classic food supplement, as it helps the body get rid of unwanted toxins for an optimal performance.

Things we liked

  • Contains electrolyte, this component aids the body while in training
  • Alkalizer and detoxifier, powerful detox ingredients
  • Boost blood circulation

Things we didn't like

  • Price may be a bit high
  • We found it a bit untasted
  • We found it a bit untasted

4. Garden of Life Vegan Green Super Food Powder

SUPER GREENS | #1 Green Veggie Superfood Powder | 20 Organic...
  • HONEST, NATURAL INGREDIENTS - We believe that...

This product at different from the previous one it's not alkalizer detoxifier, even though it contains lemon juice. The same brand Garden of Life, this is the most classic product within this range.

It helps with digestion, immune system and metabolism. It's organic, dairy free, and doesn't contain added sugar. It has raw green vegetables, plus amino- acids and fati-acids essential to keep the body running to best levels.

This is also ideal for those looking to lose weight, and add extra healthy nutrients to the daily diet. Garden Of Life is perhaps the most popular in the list, with extensive reviews online and many happy customers. You should go for this product if you're looking for a classic super food supplement.

What we liked

  • Raw juices helps boost circulation
  • Excellent supplement for those with digestion problems
  • Plenty of anti-oxidants essential for strong muscles
  • Helps maintain healthy metabolism

Things we didn't like

  • Issue with packaging, it seems there is not enough powder in some of the tubes.
  • Taste can be bitter at times
  • Difficult to mix with other juices, it doesn't dissolve well
  • Price can be a bit expensive for those looking for an affordable food supplement

5. Super Greens Veggie Greens Super Food Powder

Garden of Life Vegan Green Superfood Powder - Raw Organic...
  • SUPERFOOD SUPPLEMENT: This greens powder is packed...
  • WHOLE FOOD SUPPLEMENT: Our whole food greens...
  • IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT: This superfood supplement...

This supplement contains spirulina, chlorella, spinach, broccoli, barley grass, ginkgo, alfalfa grass and more. Super Green Veggie helps boost the immune system, enhances brain power, helps blood circulation, improves digestion and is a powerful anti-oxidant.

On top of that this company is socially conscious, supporting small communities through donations and other social programmes.

They source their product with ethically produced ingredients, plus they bring the best combination of ingredients to support a healthy living.

This is perfect for those spirulina lovers, as the benefits are increase energy level, helps blood circulation and boosting the immune system. Spirulina is well known for its anti-inflammatory, properties, balancing blood sugar, it has plenty of anti-oxidants and helps remove toxins.

Things we liked

  • Socially conscious brand
  • Affordable price
  • Good combination of greens

Things we didn't like

  • Not very tasty
  • May cause upset stomach
  • It doesn't mix well with some drinks

What Green Super Foods are best for your body

Green Super Foods have a wide range of benefits, although these products differ slightly in their ingredients and nutritional properties, they are very complete in their overall composition.

Green Super Foods are known for making a healthy balanced diet and improving the well-being of those who take them.

Depends on your requirements, some Green super foods are going to be more effective than others. But, in most cases the core benefits are the following.

  • Increase energy levels Help blood circulation
  • Helps strengthen bones and muscles
  • Boost immune system
  • ​Helps to detox the body
  • ​Boost brain functions
  • ​Supports the digestive system
  • ​Increase metabolism
  • ​In some cases helps maintain the body hydrated
  • It also helps realise chemical linked to mood changes

Unfortunately, not all the bodies are the same, so has it has been said there are some side effects that may affect those with sensitive digestive system or intolerance to some of the ingredients these products contain. It's essential to check with a doctor if there are some unusual symptoms associated with the intake of Green foods.

You should not take Green Super Foods if you have a sensitive digestive system. On a similar note we do not recommend to use Super Foods if you have an history of allergies, as some of the products may cause allergies.

Besides, if you're looking for nutritious products without any kind of stimulants you should always check the ingredients.

Stevia is also an issue for some people, sugar replacements can be found in some super foods. They enhance the taste giving a sweet flavour.

We advise to have careful consideration on your diet requirements before purchasing these products, as we've seen in many cases the product did not meet specific needs.

What's more, in few cases there have been problems with the digestive system, intra muscular pain due to allergies and intolerance and in some other cases the intake has to be stopped due to extremely or severe heart agitation.

Make sure to know the ingredients effects before starting to take Super Foods, as much as we known the benefits there can be side effects not very well-known.

Special considerations when buying Green Super Foods

  • - Always read the ingredients table. Make sure you understand the effects as some ingredients may cause headaches and upset stomach.
  • - Mix the powder into the drinks indicated in the instructions, as we have seen in some cases the powder doesn't mix very well with certain drinks. Read the recommendations on the brand website or read article related to the product you are taking.
  • - Although Green Super Foods are an excellent source of nutrients, this should be used in moderation and not as the only supplement of a healthy diet. This is destined to add nutrients to your normal diet. It should not be used as the only source of nutrients.
  • - Check the stevia or any other sugar replacement if you're intolerant to this kind of products you should stop taking the supplement right away.
  • - If you experience muscle pain, diharrea or any other pain you should also stop taking the product and consult your doctor for any unreported allergy or intolerance.
  • - Be aware of the stimulant effects, as some products contain stimulants similar to coffee. If you're trying to reduce the intake of stimulants you should go for products that don't have any kind of stimulant substance.
  • - You should not take supplements if you're diagnosed with heart problems or any other problems that may increase when taking the supplements. Remember to consult with your doctor for any pain or any other side effect.


Green Super Foods are excellent supplements to help keep a balanced diet, rich in all the nutrients your body needs.

These products are extremely beneficial for people with busy lives, as they may don't have the time to buy and cook nutritious meals every day.

Green supplements also helps those wanting to detox the body.

In addition, Super Foods boost brain power and helps increase concentration. The benefits are numerous, but is up to you to find the right product which will bring the most benefit to your body.

Then is essential to have a clear understanding on how your body works and what areas you want to improve, as there is a product for specific functions such as improving blood circulation or alkalizing the system.

The most important thing is that you know the ingredients and their benefits, from then on you are one step away from achieving the healthy body you want.

*Hope this article: "Green Superfood Reviews" help you make a good choice.

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