7 Fruits Good For Your Skin and Guaranteed To Destroy Toxins Easily

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Why be healthy? When I am healthy, I always feel better about my life. I feel happier and more prepared to face the difficulties life throws at me. I have found quite a few fruits that are good for the skin, some which give a glowing appearance of health. I try to eat at least two every day, so I will regularly be a healthy eater and see results.

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#1 Apples For Firm Skin


Who hasn't heard "An apple a day keeps the doctor away"? This is truer than you might think.

Apples actually contain a malic acid. Some acids are used in beauty treatments to leave the skin with a glowing look, but malic acid is a bit gentler.

This type of acid found inside apples is said to improve your skin's texture. The acid will reduce the wrinkles and lines in your skin and give it a healthier glow.

Apples are recommended for containing Vitamin C and copper. How do those help your skin? A large apple contains 14% of the Vitamin C a woman should have per day and 11% of Vitamin C a man should have per day. The copper element helps your body make melanin which will protect you from the sun's rays.

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#2 Papaya Is Widely Used for Skin Care

Papaya benefits for the skin are numerous and are applied topically in several different situations.

However, you can also eat the fruit to improve your appearance.

First of all, looking at the fruit can tell you it will be healthy for your skin because it has such a strong pigment. Strong pigments indicate the fruit holds a lot of vitamins. Dr. Sherry Ingraham, a dermatologist, expands on how you can know if a fruit or vegetable is healthy for your complexion in this video below.

Papaya is useful in reducing your skin's aging process. It smoothes out wrinkles and is common in skin creams. Some of these skin creams are whitening creams and others are simply anti-aging creams.

The ingredients mixed with the papaya are what changes its composition to do the many different jobs it can do. Papain enzyme, found in papaya, can also get rid of any extra hair you do not want.

Here is a formula for using the papaya to get rid of unwanted facial hair. Additionally, papaya can help keep your skin healthy by moisturizing it.

#3 Berries Promote Vitamin C

All types of berries contain high volumes of Vitamin C which has been shown over and over again to benefit your skin. Here are ten benefits that Vitamin C gives your body.

Some of these benefits are for your skin, but others are all around beneficial for your body.

When I talk about berries, I am mentioning strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and any kind of berry you can think of.

One of my favorite ways to eat these berries is to blend them with milk and make a smoothie. This can be a very healthy hot-weather snack.

Focusing specifically on strawberries, you will see that this berry contains dietary fiber. The fiber helps us get rid of any harmful toxins.

This will also help you regulate your bowels. Interestingly enough, irregular bowel movements can be the cause of extra pimples.

Additionally, strawberries help rid your body of extra oils. Because oils are responsible for pimples, this is yet one more reason that strawberries will help your complexion remain pimple free.

Strawberries also contain ellagic acid which will protect you against the sun's rays. For a face mask that uses a base of strawberries, follow these directions.

Strawberries can treat small dark spots such as aging spots or freckles by fading them, benefiting your complexion as a whole.

#4 Lemons Add Citris To Your Diet

Lemons are often used for lightening skin; however, more than that, they can be used to even out your skin tone. Here are six amazing benefits of lemons for your skin and hair.

You can apply them topically or orally to benefit your skin. If you have blackheads, lemons will help take the bacteria out of the pimple.

Simply squeeze fresh lemon juice onto the pimple, and it will fade soon after.

Because lemons are often used to lighten your skin, they can also fade freckles or aging spots. You can apply them with a mixture of honey so it will not dry out your skin.

Try regularly applying the lemon to your spots to see results. However, you can also drink lemon water with a small dose of honey every day to fade those spots.

#5 Bananas Bring You Potassium


Potassium helps moisturize your skin. By frequently eating bananas, you will have healthier, glowing skin. You can also apply a banana face mask to help moisturize your skin.

This mask will help you exfoliate and get rid of the oils on your skin.

I must say that this mask is one of the best smelling masks I have ever used, and I recommend it as it is not as difficult to remove as some others can be.

Bananas also help your skin look healthier and more youthful. They will keep the elasticity of your skin strong, soften and rejuvenate your skin, and keep your skin from drying out. Other than potassium, bananas also contain Vitamin A.

Vitamin A works to fade any dark spots you have on your skin, including freckles and causes your skin to have fewer wrinkles.

Additionally, its possession of zinc causes the banana to fight against acne. Vitamin E also means that it will help you fight the sun's strong rays.

#6 Plums Fight Constipation


As mentioned above, if you are constipated, you are more likely to have acne.

The toxins that are supposed to be expelled are staying in your body and being reabsorbed into the bloodstream.

Just as strawberries help your bowel movements regulate, so do plums.

One plum can contain four times as much fiber as an apple, so if you have trouble with acne, you need to find ways to add fiber to your diet.

Besides helping you achieve glowing skin, fiber helps your digestion and heart in addition to fighting diabetes and cancer. Here are some more ways that fiber benefits your body.

Because plums are rich in anti-aging nutrients, they can be used in many skin care products. Here are a few more ways that eating plums will benefit you.

#7 Avocados Called a Superfood

Avocados are a tasty food, and they will also help your skin when either consumed or applied to your skin directly.

First of all, avocados help you not have too many antioxidants in your body. Getting rid of those toxins allows us to avoid wrinkles and lines in the skin. A

dditionally, avocados contain Vitamin C. Because your body cannot store Vitamin C, you need to find ways to consume it every day.

This vitamin will help your skin remain elastic. Avocados also help moisturize your skin.

You can eat avocado or you may choose to apply avocado on your skin as a face mask. Either way, avocado will leave you looking great.

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Remember These Tips!

You should be eating five portions of fruit and/or vegetables a day. I know this is hard, and I often don't even meet that. But at least aim for improving your fruit consumption.

Any fruit that contains Vitamin C and Vitamin E will benefit your skin, so if you have a favorite fruit that I did not mention, check it out here to see what vitamins it contains.

Drink lots of water! While some fruits contain a high water content, think watermelon, eating these fruits and vegetables cannot be a water substitute.

Let me know which fruit has helped keep your skin healthy!

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