How To Tell When It’s Time To Buy New Shampoo.

You may think you are saving money with expired shampoo, but in the real sense, you are doing your hair more harm than good. Find out why.

Does shampoo expire? This question may seem silly but wait till your scalp is itching from using bad shampoo. Then maybe you may take it seriously. To answer this question, yes, shampoos do expire.

I know most shampoos (If not all) do not have an expiration date hence the confusion but just like any other product, shampoos also come with an expiration date.

It gets worse for those who swear by natural shampoos. This is because regular shampoos have lots of additives where most are preservatives used to give them a longer shelf live.

Natural shampoo`s don’t. This means that they have the potential to go bad faster. And when it happens, it will not be subtle. You, therefore, have to be extra cautious with shampoos and other hair products more so, natural shampoos.

This is but a sneak peak of what we are going to talk about today. Read on to find out all sorts of things you never knew about your shampoo.

How long does a shampoo last once opened?

The first thing you want to do is to always check to see if there is an expiration date on your shampoo bottle. Typically, the expiration symbol will be located near the product's base.


What most people don’t know is that it is shown in the form of a little container with numbers inside such as 2,3, or 4.This means that you have 2,3 or 4 months of use after you open the bottle.

Amazing right? And here I was thinking the little container drawing is for aesthetics (sigh!).

What if my shampoo is not labeled?

In case your shampoo does not have such, fret not. Use the rule of thumb which is; a regular shampoo usually last about 12 months once opened.

For a bottle that is not yet opened, you can give yourself at most three years before tossing it. Anything beyond these timelines is asking for trouble.

After how long should I switch to another shampoo?

I am sure you are aware of the different types of shampoos, each with a different purpose. For instance, there are volumising shampoo, shampoos for sensitive skin, cleansing shampoos and even ones for co-washing.

We are all guilty of clinging to products that are good for us, shampoos included. While there is no problem with having a favorite shampoo, using one over and over again may render your hair dull and tired.

Just like you are supposed to switch your treatment to kill monotony and address different hair needs, you should switch your shampoo for the same reason.

To answer your question, you can switch to a new shampoo every two months or as soon as your current bottle gets depleted. You can also interchange shampoo in between wash days depending on your hair needs.

It does not matter how you do it as long as you don’t stay with one shampoo for more than six months. You may be giving your hair too much of one shampoo which is as they say, poisonous.

How can you tell that a shampoo has gone bad?

A sure sign that a shampoo has gone bad and is ready for the trash bin is a significant change in color or consistency.

If you notice a slight or sometimes bold change in the color or consistency (sometimes both) of your shampoo, it’s probably time to toss it.

I say probably because your shampoo can change as a result of being exposed to sunlight and even air. So if you experience a change in color and consistency yet you have not stayed with this shampoo for long, it is probably due to exposure. Most products that react this way to light and air, usually come with a warning so do not worry too much about it.

Some shampoos usually fail to produce lather completely after going bad while others will give off a nasty smell, it will be hard to ignore. When you notice any of these changes, take a deep breath, toss it and accept its time to buy a new one!

Is it safe to use a shampoo after it expires?

Again, this may seem like a silly question but you will be surprised by the number of people who ignore the signs and keep using expired shampoos. This is counter-productive to your hair health, to say the least.

Just like any other products, shampoos are made of chemicals (both good and bad). Expiration means that the shampoos chemicals have changed. This may be in the sense that all the healthy nutrients have died or worse, your shampoo has changed to a concoction of hair killing chemicals.

This may lead to so many hair issues some as mild as dryness and color change ND others as serious as hair loss! I don’t think there is anything more to add, if it is expired, toss it!

Does expired shampoo smell?

A smell of your shampoo that is different from its original smell is a clear indication of shampoo gone bad.

In most cases, the shampoos that are extremely expired will smell awful. However, they tend to go bad before strange smells come about. It is therefore up to you to notice all the other tell sight of your shampoo being expired and act accordingly.

Can expired shampoo cause hair damage?

Suppose you ate bad food, the surest thing is that you will have a stomach upset or worse, a bad case of food poisoning. It's more or less the same with expired shampoo you highly risk a possible infection.

Infections may vary from one shampoo to the other or even from one person to the other. To be safe ensure that you do not keep an expired shampoo because the urge to use it may be strong.

Parting shot.

I pretty much think my work here is done. Before I go, remember how you are advised to store your shampoo in a cool dry place? Adhere to this and you stand the chance of extending the life of your shampoo.

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this. Did you use bad shampoo and paid for it? Perhaps you got away with it. Tell me in the comment section below.

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