Cocoa Butter is a Versatile Beauty Powerhouse

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What is cocoa butter and is it good for my face?

Chocolate has been a staple food in the human diet since the cacao bean was originally discovered around 1502, but aside from the kind on your plate, did you know it can also be used as a moisturizer?

You might be asking: How do I use cocoa butter on my face? Should I be applying it on my face at night? And how do you make a moisturizer out of cocoa butter?

The “butter” made from chocolate, also known as Theobroma oil, is extremely versatile with numerous health benefits for your skin, hair, and other areas of the body. Though highly emollient, cocoa butter is deeply hydrating and great for people with oily or dry skin.

Cocoa butter is special in that it has a longer shelf life than some other body butters, with it staying good for anywhere from two to five years and at BeautyShortcutips, we want to show you the best ways to use it in order to maximize its effectiveness.

The amazing, little-known benefits of cocoa butter can be found below.

While using cocoa butter as a lotion can be used to soften any part of the body like cracked hands or feet or rough elbows, it’s especially great as a facial moisturizer.

It has amazing softening qualities and will remind you of the plumpness of your grandmother’s hands.

But why is cocoa butter a good facial moisturizer?

Left on the face overnight, cocoa butter will work its magic better the longer it’s left on. You’re probably already aware of the fact that hydration is the key to youthful-looking skin so sticking to a nightly regimen of a cocoa butter moisturizer is sure to keep your skin looking its best.

Is cocoa butter okay to use on my face if I am prone to breakouts?

Do beware if you have acne-prone skin because the use of cocoa butter on the face has the potential to acerbate pre-existing acne. Either use it intermittently with other moisturizers or use caution to see how your skin will react.

Are there different types of cocoa butter?

Yes! Both refined and unrefined cocoa butter can be easily found at drugstores and is inexpensive compared to other popular creams.

Benefits of cocoa butter

The anti-aging properties of this butter are highly beneficial because they can help counteract the negative effects of free radicals.

Similarly, its rich fatty acids can reduce inflammation, which is great for people struggling with any kind of skin condition such as eczema or psoriasis, or if you have a burn, rash or infection.

Research has also shown that it can help reduce the prominence of scars on the skin, as well as stretch marks obtained during pregnancy.

It can also improve the general appearance and strength of your hair.

The butter can be used as a mask and left on for hours at a time, then rinsed out for extra soft locks.

Because cocoa butter is less pricey than many other beauty products on the market, you can do a self-treatment right in the comfort of your own home without having to set up an appointment or pay someone to take care of your hair for you.

How to apply cocoa butter on face?

What you will need to follow this tutorial?

Now that you know the benefits, you can follow the recipe below to create your own whipped coco-cocoa body butter with just three simple ingredients. You will need:

  • · 50g raw cocoa butter
  • · 50g virgin coconut oil
  • · 1g vitamin E oil*

* Optionally, you can also add in 5 drops of any essential oil. A coffee essential oil would go great with this recipe because chocolate and coffee make a great pair, just like in cooking. Citrus extracts are also excellent, such as orange or lime.

cocoa butter cream


Step-by-step tutorial

To make this whipped lotion,

1. Simply melt your ingredients together. The easiest method is to put them in the microwave. Once this is done, let them cool.

2. When the mixture is cooled, whip it with an electric mixer on high the same way you would a dessert.

3. After the mixture has been chilled in the refrigerator and whipped one more time, put it into a 300mL-sized jar (or larger depending on how much you have), then seal.

You can use your lotion for up to five years if you keep it stored in a cool, dry place and sealed tightly to prevent it from going rancid.

If you live in a colder place, you can add a tablespoon of a liquid oil to the mixture if you find it is too difficult to use after it has set up. In a warmer climate or in the summer, it will remain in liquid form so there will be no need to do this extra step.

Don’t forget there are many ways to create a DIY like this so feel free to diverge from this recipe and create whatever kind of butter suits your own preferences.

This video will walk you through for the first time:

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Overall, remember the benefits of cocoa butter are expansive and it is one of the most versatile beauty products on the market. They include the ability to improve skin health, prevent signs of aging, and reduce inflammation.

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