The Complete Guide to Choosing the Perfect Prom Dress

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One of the times that you want to look your best in a jaw-dropping, flattering fashionable dress is on your prom night when you are treated like a queen and also have the appearance of one. Follow this complete guide for selecting your prom dress to shine on your special night.

Several steps are involved in finding the most perfect dress for your prom. Get started early and follow this guide to be the belle of the ball.

Plan Ahead

It takes time to do your research and choose the perfect gown. Plan to make a choice and your purchase about four to six weeks before your prom date.

Sometimes, you will need alterations on a dress and purchasing it in advance gives you ample time for you to have the alterations done. You can also just shop for a ready-made dress in a shorter amount of time and make certain it fits well.

Plan Ahead

Decide on the Dress Type

The best way to find out what type and style of dress you are interested in is to pick up a few fashion magazines with new trends in them. This allows you to see what you like and dislike about the current season’s different dress types.

You can also see what the celebrities are wearing to red carpet events to give you some inspiration. Start this process about three to four months before your prom date.

Use online resources to do research and take notes on the items you like the most. You may be able to spot a very similar dress in a boutique near you for your exciting night of fun.

Decide on the dress type

Choose a Fabric

Delve into the wonderful world of precious fabrics to understand how they are made and how they are used in prom gowns.

Satin is one of the most popular fabrics for prom dresses. It has one shiny side and one matte side on the fabric. Double-faced satin is shiny on both sides of the fabric.

Tulle and mesh is made from different types of fabric such as nylon, rayon, silk, or cotton and it includes an open weaving that is basted onto a mesh pattern. Mesh gives you a floating appearance while tulle is usually added to a dress to add bulk. Think of a princess dress or a mermaid dress with a large skirt for tulle. Sheer mesh can also be used for cutouts on dresses and illusion necklines to add elegance to a dress.

Silk makes one of the most elegant prom dresses. This type of material is made from silkworm cocoons and it is versatile and comfortable. It does not shrink and can actually be hand washed if you need to clean it. Silk can be dyed into the most amounts of colors while it retains its shape, caresses your figure and has a great luster.

Chiffon can be made from synthetic materials or silk. It has a subtle shimmer and is a popular choice for prom dresses. It is sheer and lightweight and is usually incorporated into dresses with several layers. Silk is great for an A-line dress and is usually coordinated with an under layer of another type of fabric. The only drawbacks of chiffon is that it is prone to snags and runs.

Lace is more often used for appliqués and cutouts on a prom dress. It is available in many different weaves, patterns and weights making it very versatile. You can also have an entire dress made of lace.

Choose a fabric

Plan Your Budget

After you have explored your fabric options, plan your budget for prom night. Start saving as soon as you can so you can have the dress of your dreams. Make certain to add extras to your budget for smaller items such as pantyhose, new makeup and hair clips or other accessories, such as a purse.

Plan your budget

Match your Dress Style to your Face 

The ideal look and fit is achieved when you match a dress style to your face and body type. It can also be very helpful to find a dress much easier that you will love. When your face shape and your neckline is correct, you will narrow down your choices of dresses.

Look at your face in the mirror to decide which shape your face is. 

A round face dictates that you should have a dress to elongate your face. Great examples for you would be the Queen Anne, Empire, V-neck, sweetheart or scoop neck.

A triangle face works best with necklines that have a stronger vertical shape to add curves to your face. Look for a Sabrina neckline, scoop neck, sweetheart necklines and cowl necks.

A heart shaped face works well with a horizontal line near the neck with a high or wide neckline to make your face look wider.

A square face shape should have a vertical shape as a scoop neck, Sabrina, Sweetheart or cowl necks but avoid a square neckline.

An oblong face works well with necklines that make your face look wider and more oval. Choose a round, wide, cowl neck or Sabrina neckline but avoid v-necks.

Match your dress style to your face

Choose a Color

Color usually represents the personality of the wearer. Bright red represents someone who is bold and the center of attention, while black portrays sophisticated people. Blue is for confidence, pink is for fun loving individuals and purple is a bubbly color.

A classic black is elegant and mysterious, whereas a while is romantic and pure. Red dresses portray sensual and passionate appearance. Gold and silver are always great colors for prom dresses. Bright dresses are very popular, but stick to only one bright color and consider accessorizing your look with silver or gold shoes and a purse.

Choose a color

Try on Several Styles of Dresses 

By trying on several styles of dresses, you will get an idea of what style you like best to compliment your body. Slim figures look best in a sheath style, whereas curvy girls are very flattered with A-line dresses. Short and petite figures may need to have alterations to adjust the hem length on a gown.

Try on several types of dresses

Choose the Dress

Now that you have chosen a style that you like best, try that style of dress on in several colors to pick a particular prom dress.

Choose the dress

Choosing a Hairstyle

If you are going to dye your hair for prom night or get a new cut or perm, do so in advance and after you choose your dress. Popular hairstyles to compliment your dress include an updo for a classy and sophisticated appearance or long loose curls for a fun and cute look. A side bun is also popular for a change.

Following this complete guide will help you in the daunting task of finding the perfect prom dress for your big night. Have fun with it and remember to smile.

Choosing a hairstyle

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