How To Choose The Right Haircut For Your Face Shape

Choosing the right hairstyle is a complicated process, especially if you don’t know what suits your face shape the best. The first step to finding the perfect haircut is identifying your face type.

Once you understand the basics, the approach to the haircuts becomes simple. The perfect face shape is oval. The lucky owners of an oval face type can choose any hairstyle they like. It looks great without any extra struggle. However, if you have any other face type, the process is a little trickier.

You have to find a haircut that makes your face shape looks as close to oval as possible. We are offering you some smart options to make the choice easier.


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How to Identify Your Face Shape

There are six basic face shapes:

1. Diamond Face Shape

1 Diamond Face Shape

Imagine yourself drawing lines connecting the center of your hairline to the cheekbones and then from each cheekbone to your chin. If these lines form a diamond shape, your face type is determined. People with diamond face types have high cheekbones and sharp chins.

2. Square Face Shape

2 Square Face Shape

People with square faces have straight face sides and a slightly angled jawline. Imagine drawing a line across the middle of your forehead. The draw an imaginary line from each end of the forehead line. If these two lines go straight down and keep touching your face sides more than half the way to the chin, you have a square shape.

Another way to determine the square face shape is to measure the distance between the jaws and between the temple and the place where jawline begins. If these two distances are approximately equal, you have a square face shape.

3. Rectangular (Oblong) Face Shape

3 Rectangular (Oblong) Face Shape

This face shape is similar to a square, however, the width is shorter than the length. The chin has a slight curve and the distances between your cheeks and two sides of your forehead are the same.

4. Heart-Shaped Face

4 Heart-Shaped Face

Some people call a heart-shaped face ideal, which is not true. This face shape is the easiest to identify since it looks very close to a heart. People with heart-shaped face have pointed chins and a wide forehead (wider than any other face part). Widow peaks are common for heart-shaped faces. Such faces remind of an upside down triangle.

5. Round Face Shape

5 Round Face Shape

Round face shape is similar to rectangular face shape, however, the edges are softer. The measurements of a round face are almost the same but you can see that the face sides curve outwards. The widest part of a round face shape is cheekbones.

6. Oval Face Shape

6 Oval Face Shape

The perfect oval face shape doesn’t have the properties of the above face types. The forehead is just slightly wider than the curved chin. Oval is close to the oblong type but the chin is softer and the sides are more curved. It’s a mix between round and rectangular face shapes.

The Best Haircuts for Different Face Types

If you determined your face type, you can go on to choose the right haircut for you.

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1. Haircuts For Diamond-Shaped Faces

Layered Long Locks

7 Layered Long Locks

Angled Bob

8 Angled Bob

2. Haircuts For Square-Shaped Faces

Asymmetrical layers

9 Asymmetrical layers

Voluminous bob

10 Voluminous bob

3. Haircuts For Rectangular-Shaped Faces

Side Bangs

11 Side Bangs

Tousled Texture

12 Tousled Texture

4. Haircuts For Heart-Shaped Faces

Face Framing Bob

13 Face Framing Bob

Cheeky Pixie

14 Cheeky Pixie

5. Haircuts For Round-Shaped Faces

Long layers

15 Long layers

Straight strands

16 Straight strands 2

6. Haircuts For Oval-Shaped Faces

Women with oval-shaped faces can enjoy any hairstyle they like. Here are a few examples.

Straight layered strands

17 Straight layered strands 2

Round angled bob

Layered wavy strands

19 Layered wavy strands

Choosing the right hairstyle for you is easier than you think. Determine your face shape and feel free to dive into the world of a huge hairstyle variety. You’ll definitely find the right one for your needs.

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