Ceramic vs. Titanium Flat Irons – Which One Is Better For Natural Hair?

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Using a flat iron is one of the easiest ways to change up your look and wear a hairstyle that is different from what you usually do. There are different kinds of flat irons available on the market, each coming with their own set of pros and cons. The kind of iron that you decide to go in for can significantly impact the overall result that you get, and also the heat damage that one sustains from straightening their hair.

For those with naturally curly or wavy hair, the process of finding a flat iron that is right for you is not always that simple. Most flat irons are designed to work better on those who have straighter hair, which leaves those with curly hair with limited options to choose from. The process of straightening one's hair itself takes a lot longer on those with natural hair, which is why it is essential to buy a good quality flat iron.

Knowing Your Hair Type

Before you go on to choosing which flat iron to buy, you must first understand your hair type and its needs. Natural hair is divided into four main categories which may all require different heat levels and different products to be able to achieve the look that one is going in for.

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Type 1 - Straight Hair

Type 1 is the category which includes hair that is naturally straight or slightly wavy. This happens to be one of the easiest kinds of hair to work with, which is why most flat irons work well with this kind of hair without much effort.

Type 2 - Mixed Hair

If you are someone who has straight hair at the roots which gradually curls or forms waves towards the bottom, you probably have type 2 hair. Because of the combination that exists, it may be easy to use a flat iron on this kind of hair as well.

Type 3 - Curly Hair

If your hair has classically defined curls, you have type 3 hair. This is one of the types of hair that has to be taken care of when using a flat iron because of its texture and the amount of heat that it takes to straighten it out.

Type 4 - Coiled Hair

Coiled Hair can be defined as the kind of hair that forms incredibly tight curls that are incredibly hard to straighten. Using a normal straightener for this kind of hair doesn't work as well, which is why one can only go in for professional grade straighteners. However, since more heat is required to be able to do the job, people with this kind of hair are likely to experience the highest amount of heat damage.

While it may seem like people with natural hair don’t have as many options, the fact is that the ease of the task all depends on the kind of product that you are using. If you are using a flat iron that is designed to work well with type 3 or type 4 hair, you are going to have a much easier time.

Finding A Flat Iron That Is Right For Your Hair

For natural hair, two main kinds of flat irons are known to work incredibly well. These kinds of flat irons are usually used by professionals when trying to straighten the hair or someone who falls under type 3 or type 4. These two kinds of flat irons which are Titanium flat irons and Ceramic flat irons. In the Ceramic Vs. Titanium Flat Irons debate, both have their own sets of pros and cons.


Titanium Flat Irons

Titanium Flat Irons are one of the more commonly used flat irons for those with natural hair and are one of the most commonly available in stores and online. These irons are considered to be some of the best kinds for home use and are ideal for those who would be straightening out their hair on their own.

One of the key things to note about this kind of flat iron is the heat distribution that one receives with this. Because of the manner in which the plates are made, the heat can evenly spread throughout, thereby enabling you to have a much easier time doing the job.

Another key point that makes Titanium flat irons the preferred choice for home use is because of how versatile these irons can be. Titanium flat irons can range in price, shape, design and many other factors that would influence the purchase. Some people like flat irons with veneer on the top while some like their flat irons to be made up entirely out of metal. Whatever your preference is, there is bound to be a Titanium flat iron of that kind.

Because of the reduced damage that it can cause, titanium irons stand slightly higher on the Ceramic Vs. Titanium Flat Irons debate.

In short, the pros of using a titanium flat iron are:

  • Efficient usability
  • Less damage caused

The cons of titanium flat irons are:

  • Not great for incredibly curly hair

Ceramic Flat Irons

If you are looking for a flat iron that can perform just as good as salon grade straighteners do, then a Ceramic flat iron is the one for you. A Ceramic flat iron is built for high performance and is designed to work even on the curliest of hair. For those who have hair that is harder to work with, a flat ceramic iron is what might do the trick. If you have hair that won’t get straightened easily, or if you have hair that needs to be straightened fast, this is the kind of flat iron that would do the job for you.

One of the bigger pros of this is the heat transfer that happens. Ceramic flat irons are designed in a way that helps the heat transfer onto your hair at a much quicker pace. The result is straightened hair that didn’t require much effort.

While ceramic flat irons may seem like a good choice for those with natural hair, these are tools that must be approached with absolute caution. This is because the heat that is used by this is incredibly high, thereby causing a lot more damage to your hair than a normal Titanium flat iron would cause. Because of this, it is advised to use Ceramic flat irons sparingly to avoid any kind of damage to your hair.

In short, the pros of using a ceramic iron are as follows:

  • Professional grade
  • Better for hair that is harder to straighten

The cons of ceramic flat irons are:

  • A higher amount of damage caused
  • More expensive

Comparison Table

Factors To Consider

Titanium Flat Irons

Ceramic Flat Irons


Type 1 - Type 3 Hair

All Hair Types


Budget Option

More Expensive Option

Nature of the Product

Home Grade

Professional Grade


While it is essential to buy a flat iron depending on your needs, it is also important to go in for a product that is from a reputed brand to ensure that you are getting exactly what you are paying for. If you are looking for a flat iron to go in for, have a look at our ten best flat irons on the market right now.

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