Best Women’s Razor For Sensitive Skin

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If your body hair is a bit too much and grows too fast, shaving can be quite a pain in the derriere. It gets worse when you have sensitive skin. Luckily a few companies have come to our rescue by manufacturing the best women’s razor for sensitive skin. Many people believe that the more blades a razor has the more aggressive it is to sensitive skin. However, that is not the case because more blades mean that you won’t have to apply a lot of pressure to the skin.

Skin sensitivity can be caused by skin dryness and that’s why finding a razor with moisturizing tools is important. A razor is considered great for sensitive skin when it has inbuilt hydrating bars or moisture strips that have been infused with skin protectants such as oatmeal and other items like aloe vera. These products not only calm the irritation but they also come in handy to restore moisture on your skin’s surface. Therefore, get a razor with hydrating bars.

Razors to protect your skin

💰Best Value

Gillette Venus Embrace

  • Standard Razor
  • For sensitive skin
  • Five blades

🚀Most Popular

Schick Intuition Razor

  • Standard Razor
  • Built in shaving cream
  • Hypoallergenic and natural materials

👍Highly Recommended

Schick Hydro Silk

  • Standard Razor
  • Disposable
  • 3 Blades

👩‍🏫Editor's Choice

Panasonic Razor

  • Electric Razor
  • Easy to recharge
  • Hypoallergenic

✅Highly Recommended

Braun Silk-épil

  • Epilator
  • For sensitive skin
  • Pulsating vibration

Best Women’s Razor For Sensitive Skin Reviews

Whether you prefer standard razors, electric or disposable lady razors, here is a compilation of the best razors for women;

Gillette Venus Embrace 

Gillette Venus Embrace is one of the best women’s razors for sensitive skin. Not only has it been tested by dermatologists,but it has also been designed with the best features for people with sensitive skin. First of all, the razor head has 5 blades with each of the blades putting less pressure on your skin which limits chances of irritating your skin. 

These blades are extra thin which enables you to get a closer shave as compared to other razors in the market. Gillette Venus Embrace has a protective moisture ribbon infused with aloe vera to reduce chances of irritation and keep razor bumps at bay. The best thing about Gillette Venus Embrace is that its head is pivoted such that you are able to reach the hard to shave areas such as your knees or ankles.

After three to four uses, the moisturizing strip starts to wear. The good thing is, the package has an extra two razor blades but once they are used, you’ll have to get a new razor or get replacement blades.


  • Have 5 blades as compared to others
  • It might not be designed for shaving down there but it can be used to shave
  • Its design allows one to shave the hard to reach areas
  • It gives an excellent shave without cuts or nicks


  • The blades are long-lasting but once you need to replenish, they can get a little pricey
  • You’ll still need to have a shaving cream

Schick Intuition Sensitive Care Razor

Schick Intuition Sensitive Care Razor is the best razors for women as it eliminates the need for one to buy shaving cream. Most shaving creams are loaded with fragrances and sulfates that are known to cause skin irritation. This is the best razor for women as it has a thick moisturizing bar that’s aloe vera infused which hydrates the skin as you shave. In terms of ease of use and convenience, it beats other women’s razors.


  • You don’t need any shaving cream as it is inbuilt; you only need to wet and shave
  • It is ideal for teens that are just starting to shave
  • It leaves your skin silky and soft
  • The lotion block is made of hypoallergenic and natural materials like cocoa butter, rose oil and aloe


  • This women’s disposable razor does not last long as compared to others
  • Not great for shaving the bikini area

Schick Hydro Silk Disposable Razors

Schick Hydro Silk Disposable Razor is the best women’s disposable razor. It might not have the design features for a sensitive skin razor but it has water-activated and formulated with shea butter moisturizing strips. This moisturizing strip creates a coating on your skin as you shave which helps the razor to slide effortlessly on your skin while reducing chances of razor bumps. 

Its handle is ergonomically designed which makes it easy to hold; it has 5 blades that give a very close shave. The package has three razors which cost $3 per piece such that you won’t feel the pain of tossing one when you are traveling. It is also one of the best razors for underarms although you can use it pretty much anywhere on your body.


  • Has an ergonomic handle which makes it easy to hold and less likely to slip from your hands
  • Doesn’t leave you with nicks or cuts
  • Comes with 3 blades giving you value for money
  • Can be used without shaving cream


  • The blades get dull fast
  • The design features do not make a great razor for sensitive skin

Panasonic Electric Shaver for Women

Panasonic Electric Shaver for Women is the best electric razor for women legs. It can also be used by people with all skin types. Women with sensitive skin praise its wet and dry shaving ability because it eliminates the burns and razor bumps that are associated with other razors. 

The razor blades, as well as foil covers on the razor’s head, are hypoallergenic. It also has an inbuilt trimmer that can be popped out for a bikini line trim making it one of the best women’s shavers for the bikini line. This razor can be used on wet or dry skin and people with sensitive skin have had a good experience when using it in both ways. 

The battery can only be used for 20 minutes; the good news is that it is easy to charge. You only need to set it on its base and charge it for the next 12 hours. 


  • One can either use the dry or the wet shaving option
  • It is easy to recharge
  • The blades and foil covers are made of hypoallergenic materials which are easy on sensitive skin. 
  • Does not leave you with burns or razor bumps
  • Can be used for your bikini line


  • The charge only lasts for 20 minutes which is a short time
  • Breaks down within a few months of use

Braun Silk-épil Wet and Dry Cordless Electric Hair Removal Epilator

Braun Silk-épil Wet and Dry Cordless Electric Hair Removal Epilator is the best women’s razors for sensitive skin. This is one of the most innovative tweezer technologies with longer, wider and deeper hair removal precision; it is better as compared to waxing.
This epilation head is 40% wider and it removes more hair in one stroke as compared to other epilators; you are guaranteed 4 weeks of smoothness each time. It can be used either dry or wet in the shower or bathtub for a less painful epilation. With regular use, it becomes less and less painful. 

Braun Silk-épil Wet and Dry Cordless Electric Hair Removal Epilator comes with 7 extra items which include a trimmer cap, a shaver head, a skin contact cap, a high-frequency massage cap, a charging stand to keep it always charged and a facial brush which is a BONUS. 

The BONUS hair brush helps in removing pore-deep impurities and the surface make-up. This brush is 6 times better than the normal cleansing we usually do. Other than exfoliating and refining your skin, it can be used in the shower as it is 100% waterproof. It is also the best razor for women’s facial hair as it is thorough in hair removal. 

This epilator can be used pretty much everywhere on your body; underarms, legs, lips and for other facial needs not to mention the bikini line. If you are not daring enough for the bikini line, you can use the other attachments that come with it.
When using it on the sensitive areas, make sure you have pulled the skin as much as possible for awesome results. 


  • It has a pulsating vibration that gives an extra gentle sensation when you shaving
  • It is suitable for both dry and wet hair removal; using it in the shower makes hair removal less painful
  • The pivoting head allows one to use it on hard to reach areas; the head adapts to body contours for efficiency and comfort
  • It has a small light that helps to show even the slightest hair for thorough hair removal. 
  • It has a long-lasting battery and the charging stand ensures the epilator is charged at all times
  • Comes with other attachments to make your hair removal better


  • It can be quite painful but the pain gets less with time
  • It leaves bumps and sometimes the skin breaks


In conclusion, ensure your skin is adequately prepared before you start shaving to minimize irritation. Hydrate your skin before shaving by either having a shower or soaking in a bathtub for at least 3 minutes. If you have to use shaving creams or gels, use hypoallergenic or natural creams to avoid skin irritation. You should also ensure that the blade you are using is sharp enough because dull blades lead to irritation and nicks. When shaving let the best razor for sensitive skin do the work and not you; when you apply force when sliding the razor, you are bound to get bumps. Lastly, shave with the hair grain (hair growth direction). 

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