10 Best Tea Tree Oil Brands: A Guide to Buy Tea Tree Oils

Tea tree aka melaleuca is famous for its potent antibacterial and wound healing properties. You can diffuse best tea tree oils in a diffuser to kill mold and apply topically to treat skin issues as well as viral infections.

The natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic actions make it a natural medicine.

Some traditional uses of oil include treatment of acne, chickenpox, cold sores and various infections.

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Product Summary

Tea tree oil is extracted from the plant of the tea tree. You can topically apply it on your skin to treat acne and infections. Here are some uses of tea tree oil:

1. Right Treatment for Acne

Tea tree oil is commonly used in skin care products because it is an effective home remedy for acne. It works similar to benzoyl peroxide, but it is free from many side effects like dried, peeling and red skin.

Mix only five drops of tea tree oil with two teaspoons of honey and simply rub this mixture on your face. Leave it for one minute and rinse off with fresh water. It is a good face wash for your acne.

2. Reliable Treatment for Hair

For your scalp and hair, Tea Tree oil is very beneficial. It works like coconut oil to remove dandruff and soothe your flaking skin. You can use it to get rid of lice.

It is quite easy to make shampoo with tea tree oil by mixing several drops of oil with aloe vera gel, lavender oil, and coconut milk.

3. Household Cleaner

You can use this particular oil as a domestic cleaner. With its powerful antimicrobial qualities, it can kill off all harmful bacteria of your house.

The homemade cleanser of tea tree oil is quite easy to make at home. Just mix lemon oil, vinegar, water and essential oil to clean your sinks, toilet, shower, counter top and kitchen appliances.

4. Treatment for Eczema and Psoriasis

With the use of tea tree oil, you can easily treat your skin inflammation, such as eczema and psoriasis. For the treatment of these problems, mix five drops of tea tree essential oil, one teaspoon of coconut oil and five drops lavender oil.

Apply this homemade lotion on affected areas and get rid of every type of inflammation on your skin. Moreover, consider taking vitamin D3 supplement along with your particular diet.

5. Treatment for Ringworm and Toenail Fungus

Tea tree oil is an ideal choice to kill fungal infections and parasites; therefore, you can use it for the treatment of ringworm and toenail fungus.

Use one clean cotton ball and apply pure tea tree oil on affected area for ringworm. For the treatment of fungus, you can mix tea tree oil with oregano oil.

Tea tree oil is beneficial for the treatment of warts. Just put the oil directly on affected area for almost 30 days, at least twice daily.

6. Natural Deodorant

Tea tree oil is useful to reduce body odor. With its antimicrobial properties, it can destroy any bacteria on your skin that are responsible for body odor.

Make a homemade deodorant by making a blend of baking soda, tea tree oil, and coconut oil. If your kids are playing sports, you can add lemon and tea tree oil blend to their shoes to avoid bad odor.

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Reviews of the 10 Best Tea Tree Oil Brands

If you want to buy the best tea tree essential oils, you can choose from top 10 brands of tea tree oils.

1) Now Tea Tree Oil

NOW Solutions Tea Tree Oil, 1-Ounce
  • Non-GMO Certified
  • 100% Pure
  • Steam Distilled

Therapeutic grade tea tree essential oil of Now oil can kill fungi, bacteria and viruses. It is one of the effective oils in the market.

You can use it in house cleaning products, topically apply on skin to treat infections and kill mold.

  1. Good for the protection against environmental and seasonal threats
  2. Famous for its rejuvenating and cleansing effects on your skin
  3. All-around natural remedy to treat numerus skin issues
  4. Repel insects with its strong smell


You have to dilute essential oil with a carrier oil and topically apply on your skin for the treatment of infections. You can mix it in your house cleaning products.


  • check
    Mix with coconut oil and add in insect repellent
  • check
    Good to treat numerous skin infections and injuries
  • check
    All-around remedy for everyone


  • Not good for pets
  • For topical use only

2) Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash, 8.4 Fl Oz
  • A natural alternative for blemish prone skin
  • Refreshing gel-based facial wash that won't...
  • Our Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash combats...

The tea tree facial wash is good to clear your skin. The effective gel-based face is suitable to treat blemish prone skin.

It is good to target breakouts and get a clear skin. You can remove extra oil without drying your skin.

  1. Good for blemish-prone skin
  2. Good for regular cleansing and everyday use
  3. Massage neck and face with your finger tips to get clear skin
  4. Pure-leaf and hand-harvested essential oil


Tea tree face wash is really good to target your breakouts and acne. You will get clear skin without making it dry. It keeps your skin fresh for a longer period of time.


  • check
    Steam-distilled essential oil
  • check
    Purifying and high-quality tea tree oil
  • check
    Target breakouts to clear your skin
  • check
    Combat impurities and reduce breakouts
  • check
    Act as a good moisture


  • May not work well on dry skin
  • May not good for people with certain allergies

3) Essential Oil Labs Therapeutic Grade Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil - 100% Pure and Natural Therapeutic Grade...
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  • Breath Easier and Improve your Overall Health by...
  • Your Dentist will be Amazed at how Clean your...

Tea tree oil is a powerful solution to make every user feel empowered throughout their life. The oil is famous for its cleansing and intense purifying properties.

It is useful to purify breathing air of your homes, calm irritation of your skin and ward off lice.

In the past, the leaves of Melaleuca tree were in use for the skin, but now essential oil is extracted from Melaleuca leaves.

  1. Helpful to promote a strong immune system
  2. Keep your toothbrush free from bacteria to promote healthy gums and teeth.
  3. Add a drop of oil to your brush before brushing your teeth


Tea tree oil of essential oil labs is good for your immune system and offer maximum protection against environmental threats. You can use it to keep your skin, teeth and gums healthy. Some people may not get desired results because of their medical history.


  • check
    Clear blemishes without drying your skin
  • check
    Ward off infections from burns, bug bites, cuts, bruises, scrapes and piercing
  • check
    Improve your overall health
  • check
    Kill mold in your house with your diffuser
  • check
    Come with a glass dropper


  • People may not like its smell
  • Dropper may not work well

4) Majestic Pure Tea Tree Oil with Dropper

Majestic Pure Therapeurtic Melaleuca Alternifolia Tea Tree...
  • Premium Quality Tea Tree Oil - Natural, steam...
  • Pure tea tree oil is widely accepted and used by...
  • SAFETY WARNING: For external use only. Other than...

Therapeutic grade premium quality tea tree oil is famous for its antibacterial properties to kill fungi, viruses and bacteria.

Everyone should have this oil in house because of its numerous uses. You can make your home cleaning products, diffused in a diffuser and apply on your skin.

Majestic Pure oil is extracted from Melaleuca’s leaves through steam distillation.

  1. Good for the treatment of natural pest and mold
  2. Use as natural disinfectant, laundry freshener and toothbrush cleaner
  3. Strong smell of oil can naturally repel insects and ants


Majestic Pure tea tree oil is safe for topical use, but you have to decrease its concentration with carrier oil. You can use it for numerous cleaning and beauty purposes. If you are pregnant, make sure to ask your doctor before using it.


  • check
    Beneficial for numerous skin issues
  • check
    Easy to use with the use of a large 4-ounce glass dropper
  • check
    Kill bacteria, fungus and viruses in your house


  • Not good for pets and children because of concentration
  • People may have problem with its smell

5) Pure Body Naturals Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Essential Oil, Natural Treatment for Acne, Hair and...
  • Contains (1) 1 ounce bottle 100 percent pure Tea...
  • Tea Tree Oil's antibacterial properties are known...
  • Applying 100 percent pure Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca...

Pure essential oil is good for numerous skin problems, such as acne and skin infections. You can make your own toothpaste with the help of tea tree oil.

With its antibacterial properties, it will help you to get rid of head lice and infections.

To make a good cleaner, mix it with some vinegar and water and clean your floor, cabinets and countertop.

  1. 100% pure oil with 45% terpenin-4OL distilled without additives and fillers
  2. Therapeutic grade oil to heal your wounds
  3. Extracted through steam distillation of leaves to maintain its natural benefits


Pure Body Naturals tea tree oil is one of the best products in the market. It comes with 45% terpenin-40L steam distillation. It is good for wound healing and skin treatment. People often complain about its strong smell.


  • check
    An excellent treatment for acne and pimples
  • check
    Good for regular face cleansing
  • check
    Works equally well on your scalp


  • You may not like its smell

6) Healing Solutions Tea Tree Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Tea Tree 100% Pure, Best Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil -...
  • The most UNIQUE and AMAZING SMELLING Tea Tree on...
  • SUPERIOR EXPERIENCE: If you are just trying our...

100% pure essential oil comes in amber glass bottle with European dropper cap. The essential oil has special spicy aroma and camphoraceous notes

The tea tree oil of Healing solution is aromatically great and effective than other brands

They guarantee your satisfaction; otherwise, they will refund your cash

  1. Most amazing and unique smell of tea tree oil, so don’t worry about bad odor
  2. Superior experience because they will refund your money in case of your dissatisfaction
  3. Good for aromatherapy and diffusers


Tea Tree oil of healing solutions is special for its spicy smell. You will get 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with smell, you will get your money back.


  • check
    Its special smell because people are annoyed with the smell of other brands
  • check
    Money back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction
  • check
    Useful to keep it house for its anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties
  • check
    Put it straight on your skin


  • May not work for some people because of their medical history
  • exclamation-circle
    Comes in diluted form

7) Body Wonders Tea Tree Oil

Body Wonders 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil –4 fl oz...
  • Tea Tree oil is a Proven Natural Remedy capable of...
  • Our tea tree finest tea tree natural oil lets you...
  • Not all oil tree tea extracts are the same!...

The bod wonders essential oil has superior ingredients and this oil is really effective for its wonderful smell and therapeutic properties.

Get rid of irritability and fatigue by diffusing tea tree oil in your diffuser. It is special for its distinct properties and premium quality.

  1. Natural oil for acne treatment
  2. Good for the treatment of athlete’s food and fungus
  3. Get rid of lice without using toxic chemicals
  4. Massage oil for home use and professional use
  5. Get rid of dandruff after conditioning scalp
  6. Treatment for skin allergy


This special tea tree oil is good for acne treatment. You can get rid of lice and massage your scalp to remove dandruff. You can use it for the treatment of different skin allergies.


  • check
    Anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties
  • check
    Good for bacterial, fungal, viral and yeast skin infections
  • check
    Steam distilled oil to keep organic chemicals intact


  • You may not like its smell

8) Eve Hansen Tea Tree Oil

USDA Certified Organic Tea Tree Oil - Pure Tea Tree...
  • NATURAL REMEDY to treat acne, infections, skin...
  • HEALTHY HOME FRESHENER- Safe and effective...
  • PROMOTE SCALP HEALTH - Tea Tree Oil makes lice,...

Pharmaceutical grade tea tree oil is steam distilled and 100% pure for high potency. It is widely accepted by aroma therapists and healthcare practitioners.

The topical application of Eve Hansen oil is absolutely safe. In aromatherapy, you can use it in your steam inhalation. Dilute it with coconut oil or jojoba oil.

  1. · Good for the treatment of acne and skin tags
  2. · Treat cold sores and yeast infection
  3. · Get rid of dandruff with this oil
  4. · Good to treat ringworm, toenail fungus and other infections


Eve Hansen oil is good to treat skin infections, acne, dandruff and ringworm. You can use it as an all-purpose cleaner. The oil comes with money back guarantee.


  • check
    Good treatment for skin and infection
  • check
    An all-purpose cleaner
  • check
    Money back guarantee


  • Oil has strong scent
  • exclamation-circle
    May not work well on some skin types so patch test is required

9) ArtNaturals Tea Tree Essential Oil

ArtNaturals 100% Pure Tea Tree Essential Oil - (4 Fl...
  • Art naturals' tea tree oil is the highest quality...
  • Tea tree oil's antiseptic abilities fight and help...
  • Can be used with a carrier oil or in facial washes...

With its antiseptic power and fresh scent, the tea tree oil is good to fight with acne, fungus and infections. It can be a good choice for your beauty routine.

Tea tree essential oil is good to protect your skin from germs and treat the signs of infections. You can mix a few drops of oil in shampoo to treat dandruff and deep-cleanse our scalp.

  1. Tea tree oil is great for its refreshing aroma
  2. Make your skin clear and clean
  3. Fight with acne and skin impurities
  4. Treat common infections of skin and condition your scalp


Tea tree essential oil is beneficial for your skin and hair. It can heal your wound quickly with its antiseptic properties. This multipurpose oil is really beneficial for different purposes.


  • check
    100% pure oil for hair or skin
  • check
    Act as a powerful antiseptic
  • check
    Work well for lice, dandruff, rashes, acne, ringworm and toenail fungus.


  • Some people may not like its smell
  • exclamation-circle
    Need carrier oil to dilute it

10) First Botany Cosmeceuticals Tea Tree Essential Oil

100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Essential Oil with high conc....
  • AAA+ Grade - This Tea Tree oil belongs to our...
  • Supreme Quality Essential Tea tree Oil - This...
  • Experience The Result - Try the First Botany Tea...

It is famous for its antiseptic properties. The oil is extracted from twigs and leaves via steam distillation.

You can include it in your lotions, creams and soaps to beautify your skin. It has numerous household uses.


  1. Treatment of skin infections
  2. Get rid of dandruff and lice
  3. Diffuse in air to purify it
  4. Mix in house cleaning products to kill bacteria


Tea tree essential oil of First Botany is 100% pure and efficient to kill viruses and bacteria. It comes in diluted form, and you have to use a carrier oil to decrease its intensity. People may not like its strong smell.


  • check
    100% pure, unadulterated, untainted and natural essential oil
  • check
    Contain 45% of Terpinen 4 OL
  • check
    Free from artificial ingredients
  • check
    100% money back guarantee


  • Smell is too strong
  • exclamation-circle
    May not work for some people due to their medical condition

Editor's Picks

Value Section

If you want to get the original benefits of tea tree oil, you should buy oil with high quality and pure ingredients. Tea tree oils with natural antiseptic and antimicrobial properties are known as terpinen 4 OL.

The actual concentration of terpinen 4 OL on the bottle is the main difference between various tea tree oils. For your assistance, here are some ideas to select the best tea tree oil:

How to choose the pure tea tree oil?

- If you want to get the best oil, you should consider the percentage of Terpinen 4 OL. It is a primary antiseptic agent in the tea tree oil.

- A high percentage of Terpinen 4 OL means it has strong antiseptic properties; therefore, see its percentage on the label.

- The concentration may range between 10% and 40%. If you are sensitive to high concentration, you can consider low concentration to avoid possible side effects to tea tree oil.

- If you are hypersensitive to tea tree oil, you can do a patch test on your skin before using highly concentrated tea tree oil.

Dark Brown Bottle Made of Glass

- Studies reveal that the terpinen 4 OL is prone to rapid oxidization. It may become useless after its exposure to light.

- Light exposure may increase the level of para-cymene (hydrocarbon in tea tree oil). Para-cymene is a skin irritant.

If you want to avoid any skin irritation, you have to choose a product with low levels of para-cymene. For this purpose, choose tea tree oil available in dark brown glass bottle.

Check the Concentration

Some tea tree essential oils are mixed with other oils, such as peppermint and eucalyptus oils. These diluted blends can affect the quality and impact of your product.

It is your own choice either you want 100% organic oil because organic products offer excellent levels of terpinene 4-OL concentrations and purity.

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You can choose one of the best tea tree oil brands to enjoy its numerous health benefits. It is good to make home cleaning products and cosmetics, including laundry detergents, nail and skin creams, massage oils, shampoos and face wash.

If you want something for your skin, you can choose Body shop tea tree oil. Now tea tree oil is a clear winner because it is 100% pure and extracted from steam-distilled leaves.

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