Top 10 Researched Based Skincare ebooks: #3 Will Have You Toss Out Everything

When looking for the best skincare ebook, you will want to see the science to back up the claims. Here are ten skincare ebooks based on research and facts. Our third pick, which researched drinking away wrinkles, makes you want to throw away all your creams and cleansers and buy new coffee cup instead.

1. Pure Skin: Discover the Japanese Ritual of Glowing

In this ebook, the creator of Tatcha Skin Care, Vicky Tsai, shares the Geisha skincare secrets from ancient Japan. Known for their porcelain skin, Geisha’s appear luminescent. How do they achieve that glow? With treatments, routines, and ingredients perfected over time.

One of the components of a Japanese skincare ritual is rice bran. Researchers from the Institute of Biomedical Science, Kansai Medical University reported that an ingredient in rice (TRX) produced anti-aging effects. The Japanese have simplified the glowing process into four phases that take less than three minutes to complete. The four-step process begins with cleansing then a buffing. After that, there is plumping then finally deep hydration.

Green tea is another active ingredient in Geisha skincare. The Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) reported skincare treatments that incorporated green tea carried antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects to the skin. Antioxidant and anti-inflammatories can treat a variety of skin issues.

2. Younger: A Breakthrough Program to Reset Your Genes, Reverse Aging, and Turn Back the Clock 10 Years

Dr. Sara Gottfried, who earned her degrees from Harvard and MIT, put together a program that focuses on the elements that force you to age. The main factors that slow down the aging process are muscles strength, hormones, intestinal flora, fat, and the brain. By effective resetting your DNA, you can stop and reverse your entire body from aging. The National Institute on Aging states that hormones can counter the effects of time.

This literature explains how manipulating genes can help control aging. Dr. Gottfried discusses preventing future damage and how to slow and possibly reverse deteriorating cells with very doable things, such as sleeping. Confirmed by WebMD sleeping allows time for the skin to repair at a cellular level while not getting enough downtime increases stress hormones, and as mentioned previously, unbalanced hormones contribute to faster aging.

The New York Times bestselling author

3. Sip Away Your Wrinkles: Look Younger At Any Age

The author leaves nothing to the imagination. You will learn how to make a liquid to drink to alter the physical appearance of your skin. The ingredients are cheap. It is easy to make, and readily available. The “secret” is collagen. Medical News Today independently explains that collagen is not readily absorbed through the skin and bodies slowly stop producing it over time. The report goes on to say if you can get more collagen in your body, it can strengthen and restore skin.

Studies performed by the Department of Dermatology, University of Kiel, Germany showed that taking collagen internally reduced wrinkles and improved skin texture. After only eight weeks, subjects noted change and no extreme side effects. The author does recommend other types of drinks also, but collagen has been extensively researched. As documented by the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology after 12 weeks subject’s skin collagen levels improved along with the surface moisture.

4. Korean Beauty Secrets: A Practical Guide to Cutting-Edge Skincare & Makeup

Korean skincare began centuries ago only using botanicals. Since then, the Korean culture has nicknamed it K-beauty, and they have come to demand high-quality products that work. The beauty routine has many steps as covered by the Wall Street Journal, you will need a guidebook if you want to achieve the same results. The two authors, both beauty experts, show you how you can do a Korean-like skincare routine for less money with the products you have available.

Some of the active ingredients are very unusual in the traditional treatments, but science has proven them worthy. The College of Medicine, Catholic University of Daegu researched bee venom, and it proved effective in treating people with severe skin disorders, such as atopic dermatitis.

5. The Beauty of Dirty Skin: The Surprising Science of Looking and Feeling Radiant from the Inside Out

An authority book written by dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe breaks down a three-week plan to correct skin issues, such as wrinkles, acne, and rosacea, with diet. The American Academy of Dermatology stresses the link between food and healthy skin. The book discusses how a diet based on fruits, vegetables, grains, and good fats can rebuild your skin from the inside out. The physicians recommend cutting out sugars and alcohol also.

Some products Dr. Bowe covers in depth are healthy bacteria, such as probiotics, and evening primrose oil. Probiotics are healthy bacteria that your body needs. The International Journal of Women’s Dermatology agrees with the author and state ingested probiotics strengthened skin and increased moisture levels.

6. The French Beauty Solution: Time-Tested Secrets to Look and Feel Beautiful Inside and Out

If you have ever wanted fresh and glowing skin, as French people seem to have effortlessly, Mathilde Thomas is sharing secrets. She covers French foods that cleanse the body in three days. The active ingredient: grapes. Healthline explains how grapes pack an antioxidant punch and deliver resveratrol, which has anti-aging properties.

For external French treatments, the doctor recommends honey. Used as a skin treatment for hundreds of years, honey is a natural combination of sugars, proteins, and enzymes. Dermatology Times posts how honey is the oldest recorded medicine for cosmetic purposes. How it works is not completely understood by the medical community, but centuries of evidence is enough proof.

7. Beyond Beautiful: Using the Power of Your Mind and Aesthetic Breakthroughs to Look Naturally Young and Radiant

Dr. Day, a dermatologist, sheds light on how the mind interacts with skin. She guides you through techniques to minimize wrinkles and firm the face with facial toning exercises. An investigative story by U.S. News reported that test subjects who performed facial exercises had noticeable changes in three months.

You may be looking for non-surgical skin treatments. Exercising your facial muscles may be the answer. You can “workout” in the privacy of your own home anytime. There is no doctor’s appointment needed, and exercise is free. JAMA concurred that subjects reported a fuller, i.e. firmer, appearance. Dr. Day couples her techniques with proper cleansing, hydration, and makeup advice.

8. The Green Beauty Guide: Your Essential Resource to Organic and Natural Skin Care, Hair Care, Makeup, and Fragrances

Have you tried to read the labels on drugstore skincare products? What is that stuff? Author Julie Gabriel had enough of that toxic waste, so she set out to understand the chemicals and see if she could replace them. Time shares an FDA investigation into a particular conditioner that appeared to be causing hair loss. The company handled over 20,000 complaints, but the item remains for sale to this day. This is just one example of why you may want to pursue your own line of green and clean skincare treatments, and Ms. Gabriel has the recipes.

9. Aesthetics Exposed: Mastering Skin Care in a Medical Setting and Beyond

If you are not into making your own items, a medical professional may be just the ticket for you. Medical technology has brought skin care a long way. The treatments can produce surprising and lasting results. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons recommends non-surgical care, such as microdermabrasion to refresh skin, reduce wrinkles, and treat acne scarring.

The author, a licensed esthetician, educates you on the procedures, what to expect, and what to ask. The business of skin rejuvenation is big. As WebMD states, it even covers broad fields, such as laser resurfacing. These types of treatments can be quicker, but it is up to you to educate yourself.

10. Beyond Soap: The Real Truth About What You Are Doing to Your Skin and How to Fix It for a Beautiful, Healthy Glow

Dr. Skotnicki reveals damage causing cleansers and other store-bought products. The author, a dermatologist, saw patient after patient with conditions caused by chemical reactions. Could modern products be the cause? Skotnicki thinks so and set out to help her patients and you.

The Mayo Clinic, Department of Dermatology supports the authors finding by noting that fragrance and other preservatives increased skin irritation. If you are ready to kick the soap habit and come out clean, try Beyond Soap.

Did you find your best skincare ebook? We covered a lot of ground, but it was essential to cover many conditions, such as wrinkles, scarring, and rosacea, and to cover the treatments from medical procedures to DIY options. Is there any subject you particularly liked? Do you have more questions? Let me know in the comments below, and please share this list so others can learn about their skincare options.



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