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Whether you are savvy in skincare or just setting up your skincare routine, you must have done some reading about serums. They are hard to overlook since they have plenty of much-needed ingredients that your skin requires to stay young and healthy.

Finding the best serum for oily skin might seem tricky. We’ve done an in-depth research to bring you a list of respectable products, which might be suitable for your skin type.

Eve Hansen Vitamin C Serum This water-based serum with a light texture fights with the oily nature of your skin using all natural ingredients. It also has an anti-aging effect thanks to the hyaluronic acid component.

The serum makes your skin look brighter and healthier while shrinking pores and helping it deal with blackheads and breakouts. The serum comes with a moderate price tag.

LilyAna Naturals Serum - This vitamin packed serum can do a good job clearing up the skin, shrinking pores and providing nourishment. The serum contains hyaluronic acid for an anti-aging effect.

It has a watery texture, which makes it easy to apply without the greasy feeling. Even though the serum comes in a small bottle, it can last for a long time.

Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Facial Serum This serum may be a good choice for people, who are looking for anti-aging products. The ingredients help fight fine lines while making the skin look more radiant and healthy.

This water- and silicone-based serum is easy to apply and dries fast. It doesn’t leave a greasy feeling and is fragrance-free.

Valentia Clear Lift Revitalizing Serum This serum is a revitalizer. It can be a good choice for people who want their oily skin nourished. The serum increases oxygen circulation and packs the skin with vitamins.

The serum has a watery texture. It contains lactic acid, which can help shrink pores and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Natural Kick Let It Glow Rejuvenating Facial Serum This serum can be a good choice for people who want to pamper their skin with plenty of vitamins. While it has a silky texture, it absorbs fast and can be used as a moisturizer.

The serum can also act as a makeup base. It protects the skin from environmental damage, has anti-aging properties, and can reduce dark spots with regular use.



Where to buy:

1 Eve Hansen Vitamin C Serum

Eve Hansen Vitamin C Serum

LilyAna Naturals Serum

LilyAna Naturals Serum

Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Facial Serum

Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Facial Serum

Valentia Clear Lift Revitalizing Serum

Valentia Clear Lift Revitalizing Serum

Natural Kick Let It Glow Rejuvenating Facial Serum

Natural Kick Let It Glow Rejuvenating Facial Serum

Reviews Of The Best Serums For Oily Skin

Below you can find extensive reviews of what, in our opinion, are the best serums for oily skin available on the market today. Let’s take a look.

1. Eve Hansen Vitamin C Serum

Eve Hansen Vitamin C Serum for Face | (2 OZ) Facial Serum...
  • REJUVENATE AND BRIGHTEN your complexion with our clean and effective...
  • ANTI WRINKLE SERUM will help enhance collagen production, skin clarity,...
  • EXPERIENCE FIRMER SKIN - acts as a tightening serum and improves overall...

This serum is suitable for all skin types, but oily skin can benefit from it the most. It does a good job dealing with damaged and sensitive skin, which is prone to acne and breakouts.

This vitamin C serum carries plenty of useful ingredients, including witch hazel, which removes the oil from your skin in a natural manner. Besides, it contains organic aloe, which soothes the skin and leaves it soft and smooth.

The serum is alcohol and fragrance-free, which is vital for your oily skin since alcohol can overly dry it while fragrance might cause allergic reactions and breakouts.

Vitamin C and Jojoba oil act as antioxidants that can reduce the skin inflammation and fight hyperpigmentation as well as other skin blemishes that people with oily skin might be prone to. Vitamin C also gives your skin the brightness it might lack.

The serum contains hyaluronic acid, which acts as an anti-aging agent. It gives your skin the elasticity it might lack with age and makes it look plump and fresh.

The serum allows the pores to shrink and helps prevent breakouts. Another advantage for oily skin owners is a watery texture, which doesn’t leave any greasy residue. The serum has great absorption qualities and dries very quickly.


  • check
    Contains witch hazel, which removes oil
  • check
    Brightens the skin
  • check
    Has an anti-aging effect
  • check
    Has a light texture
  • check
    Moderate price


  • May cause breakouts
  • exclamation-circle
    Small bottle

2. LilyAna Naturals Serum

Vitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic Acid for Face and Eyes -...
  • ☑️ HIGH-POTENCY FORMULA. High-potency, prescription strength 20%...
  • ☑️ MAXIMUM ANTI-AGING. Natural blend of proven anti-aging actives work...
  • ☑️ LIFT, BRIGHTEN, FIRM. Dark spots, hyper-pigmentation, scars, acne...

This non-greasy and non-sticky serum can be a great choice for people who suffer from oily skin problems.

The serum contains Vitamin E, which doesn’t just nourish the skin but gives it a healthy glow and fades pigmentation. This is especially useful for oily skin sufferers, who have to deal with acne and blackheads.

The serum contains 5% of botanical hyaluronic acid, which is an imperative ingredient of potent anti-aging products. Hyaluronic acid gives your skin elasticity and freshness while helping fade fine lines and prevent wrinkles.

The serum contains organic Aloe Vera, which is a great anti-inflammatory agent for any skin type. Besides soothing the skin, the serum with Aloe Vera can fight sunburn and other skin damage.

This serum has a high content of vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant that can reduce inflammation and fight the free radicals on the skin surface and on the top layers. This is a great option for people with various skin problems.

After using the serum, the overall texture of the skin appears smoother, the pores shrink, and the skin brightens.

This serum can be safely used around your eyes, where the skin is usually drier. It doesn’t leave a feeling of tightness.

This serum can be a good choice for people who spend a lot of time out in the sun and suffer from pigmentation problems.


  • check
    Soothes the skin
  • check
    Fades dark spots and other pigmentation
  • check
    Reduces inflammation and fights breakouts
  • check
    Made in the USA


  • May cause allergies
  • exclamation-circle
    May dry out skin (a moisturizer is required)

3. Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Facial Serum

Olay Regenerist, Micro-Sculpting Serum, Fragrance Free, 1.7...
  • Micro-Sculpting Serum Anti-Aging, Ultra-Lightweight Creamy Moisturizer...
  • Within 2 Weeks, Skin Renewal Rate is Improved and You'll Notice Visible...
  • Hydrates to Regenerate Volume and Shape Across Skin's Surface

This serum may be a good choice for people, who are looking for an anti-aging agent to pamper their oily skin. This product contains anti-aging ingredients that can improve the skin elasticity and make it look fresh and young all day long.

The serum is not greasy since it’s water-based and doesn’t have a fragrance, which is a big advantage for the breakout-prone oily skin. It goes on light and dries fast, leaving you the time to apply other cosmetics.

People with oily skin can use this serum without a moisturizer since it does a fairly good job hydrating the skin.

The serum can remove the fine lines or at least fade them for a younger look. It contains antioxidants and peptides that fight skin sagging. The mineral pigments contained in the serum make your skin look brighter and healthier.

The serum has many uses. You can apply it under your eyes and even use it as a makeup base. It is also a mild exfoliator, which helps boost the cell turnover and reveal a younger and fresher skin layers.

You need only a small amount to get the effect so a small bottle is not a problem. The best effect can be reached if used twice a day on a regular basis.


  • check
    Has many uses, including makeup base, moisturizer, and exfoliator.
  • check
    Makes the skin look younger
  • check
    Has impressive hydration properties
  • check
    Makes the skin look brighter and healthier


  • High price
  • exclamation-circle
    May cause allergies

4. Valentia Clear Lift Revitalizing Serum

This serum has a combination of natural ingredients and chemicals to offer a revitalizing effect as well as some anti-aging properties. We appreciated the bottle this serum comes in. Unlike most of the other bottles that have you squeezing out the drops, this one has a spraying head, which makes the serum easy to apply.

Compared to other serums we reviewed, this one has a hefty price tag but since only a small amount is required, a 1.19 oz. bottle can last for a long time. You need only one or two pumps at a time.

The serum contains lactic acid, which keeping the oil under control and gives the skin a plump appearance. The texture is not greasy and the serum absorbs pretty fast. You just have to wait a minute or two before applying a moisturizer.

The serum has a citrus scent, which is not offensive but might put some people with allergies off. But unless you are an allergy-sufferer, the scent seems pleasant. The serum offers the skin a hydrated feeling, which means people with oily skin can skip the moisturizer.

The product provides the best results when applied right after the cleanser when the skin is still slightly moist.

One of the ingredients in this serum is seaweed, which can improve the oxygen circulation. This is the reason why the effect of this product can be noticed after only a few days of use.


  • check
    Anti-aging properties
  • check
    Can shrink pores
  • check
    Watery texture
  • check
    Extra hydration


  • Citrus scent (can be a problem for allergy sufferers)
  • exclamation-circle
    High price

5. Natural Kick Let It Glow Rejuvenating Facial Serum

This serum is packed with natural ingredients that give the skin a proper nourishment. This water-based serum can become an essential part of the beauty routine for people with oily skin.

The serum contains vitamin E and vitamin A that moisturize the skin from the inside and give it a healthy glow without a greasy feeling. They also act as anti-oxidants.

This is a versatile serum that can be used instead of a moisturizer for oily skin. Meanwhile, it makes a great makeup base.

The bottle is equipped with a pump, which makes the serum easy to use and prevents you from wasting the product. You can also use the serum around your eyes where it can deal with occasional dark circles.

The serum nourishes the skin and makes it look silky and plump, which in turn reduces the appearance of fine lines. The serum has a light floral smell, which is not offensive, but it might not be appreciated by scent-sensitive people.

If used on a regular basis, this serum can do a rather good job reducing various skin imperfections, including dark spots.

The texture is a bit sticky but absorbs fast without leaving any greasy residue.


  • check
    Shinier skin
  • check
    Reduced fine lines and blemishes
  • check
    Pump-equipped bottle
  • check


  • Sticky texture
  • exclamation-circle
    Small bottle

Editor's Picks

What to Look For in The Serum for Oily Skin

The main goal of a serum is to nourish and pamper your skin. That’s why you might want to look for such enjoyable properties as anti-aging, brightening, plumping, and etc.

If the serum has all the above properties, you should check out if:

  • check
    The texture is watery. Sticky and greasy texture can worsen the condition of the oily skin. Look for water-based serums.
  • check
    The bottle has a pump or a spray. Since serums are not too cheap, wasting the product can be upsetting. Bottles with pumps and spray take the hassle out of application.
  • check
    The serum contains oil-fighting products. While most of the cosmetics designed for oily skin already deal with the oil, having an oil-fighting ingredient in the serum is not a must but a pleasant add-on.
  • check
    The serum is multifunctional. The serum, which can be used as a makeup base, can save you money on extra beauty products. Meanwhile, the serum that contains plenty of antioxidants can protect the skin from sun damage.

How To Apply The Serum For Oily Skin

Serum is usually applied twice a day after the toner and before the moisturizer. However, most of the serums have impressive moisturizing properties. While a person with dry skin needs extra moisture, an oily skin owner can stop at the serum stage. You can save money on a moisturizer by buying a good serum for oily skin.

Make sure the serum is fully dry (this takes about 1 – 3 minutes, depending on the product) before applying the next skincare cosmetics.


While finding the best serum for oily skin is complicated, the results can exceed your expectations. After reviewing hundreds of products, we came up with the clear winner, which is Eve Hansen Vitamin C Serum. It has all the properties of a potent serum, including anti-aging components and plenty of vitamins. At the same time, it’s fragrance-free and water-based. As a bonus, the serum contains witch hazel that deals with oily skin and shrinks pores. Meanwhile, it comes with a competitive price tag.

We hope this information gave you some good food for thought and helped you make the right choice.

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CeraVe Vitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic Acid | Skin...
[ Protective packaging ] Helps prevent oxidation and maintain product performance; [ Gentle on skin ] Fragrance-free, paraben-free, non-comedogenic. Allergy tested
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[ Healthy-looking skin ] Leaves skin with a refined and healthy appearance; [ Gentle on skin ] Fragrance free, paraben free, non-comedogenic

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