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Top 6 Best Makeup Train Cases: A Guide to Choose the Best Makeup Case

Makeup lovers always try to carry their makeup with them while traveling, either for professional or personal use. In this situation, you can use the best makeup train case.

With the use of makeup train case, you can organize your makeup at a place while moving from one location to another.

A makeup train case is similar to the trunk, and it is used to travel around. These rectangle or square cases are designed with inside compartments to organize all your items.

These are ideal to avoid the mess and properly store your items. If you want to purchase a makeup train case, you should consider a few things in your mind:

Consider the number of compartments in makeup train case to store all your make. The case should be durable to travel along with you.

You can find makeup train cases of different sizes; therefore, it is quite easy to get a case of a suitable size to adjust your all cosmetics conveniently.




1) Ollieroo Makeup Train Case

2) SHANY Premier Fantasy Collection Cosmetics Train Case for Makeup Artists

3) CERROQREEN Professional Waterproof Makeup Train Case

4) JAPONESQUE Medium Train Case

5) SHANY Cosmetics Studio Togo Makeup Case

6) Seya 2 in 1 Professional Makeup Train Case

Reviews of The Best Makeup Train Cases

If you want to know about the top makeup train case, here are some reliable options for you. Lear more about them:

1) Ollieroo Makeup Train Case

Ollieroo Makeup Train Case Professional 14.4" x 8.7" x 9.8"...
  • Brand: Ollieroo
  • Trays are made of plastic with adjustable...
  • Material: Aluminum, ABS (high-performance...

With the help of Ollieroo makeup train case, you can always organize your makeup with style. The train case offers four cantilever trays, locking latches and roomy interiors.

This makeup case is fantastic for the beauty professionals and has large compartments that can accommodate any size of beauty supplies. Stylish and lockable compact beauty box is right for your personal and professional use.

The makeup case has an excellent capacity to store all makeup necessities. There is a deep spacious below compartment that can hold creams, hairbrushes, lotions and pots.

This makeup train case is ideal for makeup artists, salon technicians, and hair stylists. It has two close latches with key locks for your convenience and security of cosmetics.


  • check
    Durable makeup train case
  • check
    Roomy case to hold creams, lotions, pots and hairbrushes
  • check
    Latches with Key locks for your convenience
  • check
    Shoulder strap to move from one place to another


  • Little rickety case
  • Plastic trays are prone to breakage

Bottom Line

Ollieroo Makeup Train Case offers maximum storage with its attractive and compact design. You can store your all cosmetics, brushes and other items in large compartments.

The product is designed with aluminum, EVA internal cover and ABS plastic.

2) SHANY Premier Fantasy Collection Cosmetics Train Case for Makeup Artists

SHANY Premier Fantasy Collection Makeup Artists Cosmetics...
  • Professional quality makeup case made with top...
  • Measures 12.5 in. x 8 in. x 8 in. while closed and...
  • Variety of different finishes and multiple colors...

The SHANY Premier Fantasy Train Case is constructed with A grade aluminum and ABS plastic. With its heat-resistant exterior, it can keep the products cool for all day.

Aluminum frame makes the case durable. It is designed by the professionals of the United States. The case can hold your makeup pallets, foundations, makeup products, and hairstyling tools.

A protective film on the tires of the case prevents staining from spilled cosmetics. The collection of Fantasy cases is available in a variety of prints and colors.

The SHANY Makeup warranties are available for all SHANY cases, and you can replace any broken piece within two weeks.


  • check
    Available in variety of colors and prints
  • check
    Include two integrated locks and two keys along with one shoulder strap
  • check
    Fit numerous types of tools and products for makeup and hair
  • check
    Warranty to replace broken items


  • Uneven weight distribution can tip over the weight to a side
  • The case can be heavy

Bottom Line

If you want a strong makeup train case within your budget, you can choose SHANY Premier Fantasy Collection case.

The durable makeup cases are made of ABS plastic, aluminum frame, and heat resistant exterior. The case will keep your products cool in the storage.

3) CERROQREEN Professional Waterproof Makeup Train Case

CERROQREEN Professional Waterproof Makeup Train Case weighs only 3 lbs. It is designed with high-quality nylon fabric material that is easy to clean.

The three padded internal layer protects the case from vibration breakage. You will get extra-large space to keep all your make tools.

It includes a detachable shoulder strap for maximum convenience, and removable brush holder is an added benefit. CERROQREEN Professional Waterproof Makeup Train Case comes with a warranty.

You can replace any damaged or defective product. The company will return it within three weeks after the arrival of the defective box.


  • check
    Adjustable sections
  • check
    Sufficient space to organize brushes and other cosmetics
  • check
    Ideal for any professional makeup artist
  • check
    Backed by CERROQREEN’s warranty


  • Inserts become loose with time
  • Makeup products may go under insert

Bottom Line

CERROQREEN Professional Waterproof Makeup Train Case is one of the best cases to organize your makeup accessories and hairstyling tools.

If you are an organization freak, you can use this case to hold your items. The sections are adjustable and help you to organize your brushes in small containers as per their size.

4) JAPONESQUE Medium Train Case

JAPONESQUE Medium Train Case, Black
  • Trays: 5" x 6" x 1 1/4"
  • Case: 12" x 7-1/4" x 6-1/2"

The amazing design of train case features four tiered trays and one large compartment with ample storage.

The foldout convenient accordion trays enable you to access all levels of makeup train case easily. The expert design of makeup train case allows you to organize your accessories and transport makeup tools, makeup brushes and accessories.

The black JAPONESQUE case is designed in black color to travel with your beauty accessories without any fear. Locking snap closure and hard outer shell enable you to travel safely.


  • check
    Spacious case to hold all makeup accessories
  • check
    Durable case for professional makeup artist
  • check
    Beautiful box with four tiers
  • check
    Hard outer shell and easy to clean with a wet cloth


  • Can be messy to find items from bottom compartment
  • Can be difficult to close for locking

Bottom Line

JAPONESQUE makeup train case is a large case with beautiful design. With its four trays, you can organize all your makeup accessories in a better way.

The trays can be opened without any problem. You can travel with this bag to carry your makeup and compatible accessories from one place to another.

Best makeup artist train case

5) SHANY Cosmetics Studio Togo Makeup Case

SHANY Cosmetics Studio Togo Makeup Case with Light, Purple
  • Luxurious and heavy-duty studio-to-go makeup...
  • Stands 2' to 5' high. Includes 6 x 40 Watt...
  • Used in fashion runway shows as temporary makeup...

SHANY Cosmetics Studio Togo Makeup Case is a lightweight makeup case made of aluminum. It comes with interchangeable trays to organize the beauty tools and store them easily.

In the accessible pull-up rectangular organizer, you can put all electric tools, such as flat irons and blow dryers. The inflatable tray has a clear top lid that makes it easy for you to organize everything and find your favorite items.

The interior of the case has a thin dustproof film to avoid accumulation of powers. It is designed for makeup professional.

It comes with soft yellow and white bulbs designed for the indoor professional applications. All lights can be adjusted with the use of a key located in the box.

The adjustable legs enable you to stand this case to almost 5 feet tall. The legs are made of isolated aluminum for maximum durability. The case comes with 1-year warranty.


  • check
    Lighting kit is available with yellow and white light
  • check
    Suitable for professional indoor use
  • check
    Durable case constructed with aluminum
  • check
    Interchangeable trays for convenient storage
  • check
    Lightweight and easy to travel


  • Lights are not good
  • The odour may not be pleasant to most people
  • exclamation-circle
    Bulbs can cause problem

Bottom Line

SHANY Cosmetics Studio Togo Makeup Case is designed with durable aluminum and white and yellow light. Interchangeable trays will make it easy for you to store different items. You may face some problems with the light bulb.

6) Seya 2 in 1 Professional Makeup Train Case

Seya 2 in 1 Professional Makeup Artist Rolling Makeup Train...
  • 2 Makeup case in 1 - Crafted of durable, high...
  • Bottom contains 8 removable black plastic storage...
  • Each case (top and bottom)includes a removable...

The Seya 2 in 1 Professional Makeup Train Case is designed with metal buckles. This professional makeup case offers maximum storage to organize your cosmetics and beauty tools.

The top portion of the case features open and large space that is ideal to accommodate your large items. You can find a separate compartment to organize your blow-dryers and spray bottles.

With two extended trays, you can get good staging areas for cosmetics and tools. The bottom case sections have ample storage for nail polish and lipsticks.

The telescoping trolley can be extended to almost 38 inches and with mesh nets, you can secure loose items.


  • check
    Durable bag with metal buckles
  • check
    Extra storage trays to secure brushes and bottles
  • check
    Large storage compartment with mesh net
  • check
    Good makeup artist train case for personal and professional use


  • Can be heavy to carry
  • Hard to turn with only two wheels

Bottom Line

Seya 2 in 1 Professional Makeup Train Case is good for a makeup artist. This durable bag is easy to drag with its wheels, but some people find it really heavy. In this bag, you will get maximum storage for your cosmetics, tools and other accessories.

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Choosing the Right Makeup Train Case

Anyone in the professional make-up industry can understand the importance of right makeup train case.

Selection of a reliable and safe makeup case will not only protect your cosmetics, but it makes it easy for you to travel with your cosmetics under different conditions.

If you want to buy the best makeup train case, you should consider a durable bag made of aluminum.

The case should have different storage sections to store brushes, creams, lotions and sprays separately.

If you have to travel a lot with your makeup case from one place to another, make sure to consider the weight of makeup case.

Find one with a shoulders strap and lightweight design. For your assistance, here are some features to look for a makeup train case:

1. Maximum Protection

Imagine that you have to open your makeup case after reaching your job location and there is a terrible scene. Everything is messed up in your makeup case.

Your makeup train case should be designed in a way to protect your expensive cosmetics even after poor handling at the airport.

In ordinary makeup cases, the heat wave can deteriorate your lipsticks and foundation. Make sure to choose a case that can protect all your subtle cosmetics.

The case should be heat resistant features and ultra-durable body to manage all severities of travel.

2. Portability

Another important feature to consider is portability of makeup train case. You should choose a case that is easy to move through a long distance.

Look for quality wheels, telescoping handles and plenty of compartments. Look for the features that can help you to move your makeup train case from one place to another.

3. Customize Options

Try to buy a train case with customizable options so that you can modify it as per your needs. Customization allows you to adjust it as per your personal needs and space.

Some interchangeable makeup cases enable you to match and mix cases as per your personal needs. The makeup case should have plenty of compartments to secure all your cosmetics.

Consider the quantity, size and nature of your cosmetics before choose case with plenty of compartments. It will help you to secure your delicate items and avoid any potential damage.


If you to choose the best makeup train case, the Shany makeup case is the clear winner. It is made of durable aluminum and comes in nine different colors and unusual patterns.

Case is lightweight and comes with extra trays. This dust-proof fabric is easy to clean, and you can adjust the length of top trays. With its shoulder strap, you can carry it easily from one place to another.

All other cases have their features, and these can be suitable for your needs. If you want one best makeup train case, make sure to consider your personal and professional needs.

Consider the size and material of the case before investing your money. These cases are designed in a way to avoid mess around you.

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