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How to Choose the Best Makeup Brushes and learn their uses?

Makeup can increase your confidence because it gives an instant boost to your beauty.

If you want the best results of your makeup, make sure to choose right makeup brushes. Understand the type of makeup brushes and their use to wear makeup professionally.

Selecting a brush can be a difficult decision for you because some brands are available in the market. Here are some ideas to make your purchase decision easy.

How to choose makeup brushes?

If you want to buy some makeup brushes, make sure to choose brushes with natural or organic fibers because these are soft and efficient. These are real hair and have cuticles that are better at holding and attaching the pigments on the makeup brush to apply it on your face.

Make sure to choose cruelty-free items. Most expensive and soft bristles are often manufactured from the hair of blue squirrel. Affordable options are sable, pony and goat.

With the help of synthetic brushes, you can apply concealer and base. These brushes are easy to clean. Fortunately, you can get a brush as per your budget and needs.

Choose brushes with dome shaped bristles because these brushes can roll evenly on your face. Curved shape brushes make it easy to apply makeup professionally. Makeup brushes made of natural fiber can be expensive, but try to buy high-quality brushes.

What are the advantages makeup brushes?

People often underestimate the importance of makeup brushes because they think that their fingers can do a better job. Keep it in mind that there are numerous benefits of using makeup brushes than your fingers.

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    Brushes are easy to control, and your final results will be less messy.
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    You can get maximum coverage and a polished finish.
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    These are sanitary to apply makeup on your face, and these are important for acne-prone skin.
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    With the use of brushes, you can avoid breakouts on the face. Make sure to wash brushes frequently to remove buildup and dirt from their bristles.
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    You can use warm water and baby shampoo to wash brushes.
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    Brushes are earth-friendly, and you have to buy high-quality brushes to get a professional finish.

Different Types of Makeup Brushes and Their Uses

Your makeup routine will determine the type of brushes you should have in your collection. Some women often skip eye makeup, so they often skip detail-work brushes. You should have a blush brush.

This brush is a multi-tasker; therefore, buy a high-quality brush with organic/natural fiber. Purchase all your required makeup brushes and put them in a professional makeup bag. Here are some options for your assistance:

1. Foundation Brush:

This brush should look fuller with bristles packed in the tip. It should be sturdy and stiff to apply wet makeup. You can choose a brush with synthetic because liquid makeup is easy to clean with a brush.

Foundation Brush

2. Concealer Brush:

You can also choose a brush with synthetic fibers for the application of liquid concealer under your eyes. The brush should consist of tightly packed bristles and pointed tip to target small spots and blemishes.

Concealer Brush

3. Duo Fiber Brush:

It is useful to apply powdered and liquid makeup. These types of brushes are combined with synthetic and goat fibers in a brush with the circular and flat tip to blend or buff. You will need this brush to blend color on your cheek.

Duo Fiber Brush

4. Rounded Brush to Apply Powder:

You can use this brush with compact powder and bronzer. The bristles should be less packed and capable of collecting a good amount of powder to apply on your face. You should choose a rounded, large and soft tip.

Rounded Brush to Apply Powder

5. Blush Brush:

It is designed for powdered blush. You should choose a brush with the rounded tip for easy movement on your skin. Choose soft and fine bristles to apply blush to the cheeks.

Blush Brush

6. Contour Brush:

It is important to create shading and highlights. The brush contains a round tip and slightly incline to match the angles of your cheekbones. It is easy to add a shadow under cheek bones to give a dramatic look to your face.

Contour Brush

7. Eye Shadow Brushes:

You will need several brushes to complete eye makeup. The main eye shadow brush will have one tip smaller than your eyelid.

You will need brushes with soft bristles and rounded tip. The brush should easily move on your eyelid to apply colors. For your eye socket, you will need one angled brush with the pointed tip. To blend eye shadow, you should have a brush with slightly loose bristles and rounded tip.

Eye Shadow Brushes

9. Eyeliner Brush:

The brush should have a fine tip to apply a fine line of liquid eyeliner. If you want some extra coverage, such as smoky-eyed makeup, you can use a liner brush with flat angled tip.

Eyeliner Brush

10. Brow Brushes:

You will need a spiral eyebrow brush similar to mascara applicators. It is useful to comb your eyebrows. It is useful to control the irregular shape of your eyebrows. Make sure to choose an angled tip and rigid brush to draw thin and fine lines.

Brow Brushes

11. Lip Brush:

It is good to apply color to the edges of your lips. This brush is available with a fine tip to add lip color. The bristles should be firm and short.

Lip Brush

Controversy About Makeup Brushes

Bristles of makeup brushes are made of different materials, such as goat or squirrel hair. The hair is collected while grooming animals and then the color is matched to assemble bristles in the brush.

There are lots of controversies about the method to get hair. In numerous cases, the animals are hunted or farmed, and the hairs are gathered as a by-product for the fur industry.

Some beauty brands introduce vegan/cruelty-free brushes, and they use synthetic materials.

These bristles are made of Taklon or Nylon; therefore, these are easy on your budget. Although these materials are useful for liquids or creams because these bristles are free from the cuticle and offer heavy coverage. You can combine the types of both synthetic and natural fibers to ensure professional results.




1) Andre Lorent Makeup Brush Set

1) Andre Lorent Makeup Brush Set

2) USpicy Professional Makeup Brush Set

2) USpicy Professional Makeup Brush Set

3) ExamDesign Makeup Brush 12-piece Set

3) ExamDesign Makeup Brush 12-piece Set

4) BESTOPE 8-piece Makeup Brushes

4) BESTOPE 8-piece Makeup Brushes

5) BS-MALL Makeup Brushes for Regular Makeup

5) BS-MALL Makeup Brushes for Regular Makeup

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Reviews of the Top Five Best Makeup Brushes

It can be difficult for you to choose the best makeup brushes from the available brands. Here are top five brands with their attributes.

1) Andre Lorent Makeup Brush Set

#1 PRO Makeup Brush Set With Gorgeous Designer Case -...
  • SLEEK WHITE CARRYING CASE - The brushes come in a...

Andre Lorent offers a special set of makeup brushes containing five important beauty brushes. These brushes are essential for everyone to get the maximum out of their makeup routine. With the help of these brushes, you can professionally apply makeup on your face. LuxeFiber is a synthetic fiber that results in the softer feel and gives luxurious experience.

These durable brushes are designed for your regular use in the demanding environment. Pamper your face with soft fibers that will not fall out.

You will get angled liner brush, blush and powder brush, foundation brush, classic designer makeup case, lip brush and eyeshadow brush. Foundation brush is made of synthetic fibers to offer the best coverage every time. The blush and powder brush enables you to contour your cheekbones and get radian and natural glow.

Angled liner brush is a good choice to apply eyeliner with precision. Precisely blend a pencil liner into lashline to get stunning effects on your eyes. The smooth and silky eyeshadow brushes contain densely packed bristles with silky smooth feel. It allows smooth blending of different colors for a beautiful look. With the lip brush, get maximum control over sheer of your lipstick. The LuxeFiber doesn’t hold any color after its cleaning. You can transit between shades without any problem.

Customer reviews of ExamDesign Makeup Brush

Andre Lorent offers five beauty brushes that are important for everyone. You can complete your makeup with this exclusive range. You may smell toxic odor after opening the packet, but don’t worry because it will be vanished after a few days.


  • check
    Ideal brushes for any novice or expert
  • check
    Soft bristles for your convenience
  • check
    Responsive customer service


  • You may notice the toxic smell in brushes.

2) USpicy Professional Makeup Brush Set

Makeup Brush Set, USpicy 32 Pieces Professional Makeup...
  • High quality makeup brushes, smooth application,...
  • Great for all types of makeup: blush, blending,...
  • High quality travel makeup pouch designed for...

Get a set of premium brushes for your every occasion because these are special brushes to apply makeup professionally. The brushes are made of soft and thick synthetic fiber bristles. These bristles are silky and gentle on your skin. The brushes are designed with the long handle to enjoy better control on the makeup application. These are perfect for ladies with long fingernails.

The bristles are easy to clean after applying makeup on your face and decrease irritation on your skin. You will get a pack with 32 brushes, such as blending brush, powder brush, contour brush, fan brush, eyebrow comb, eye shadow brush, lip brush, eyeliner brush, concealer brush, etc.

For your convenience, the brushes come with a foldable bag to carry brushes easily from one place to another. These high-quality brushes are designed to apply makeup on your face smoothly. This set is great for all types of makeup applications, such as eyebrow combing, concealer, eye shadow, highlighting, shading, contouring, blending, and blush. The product comes with the 12-month warranty. It is easy to carry brushes in the pouch from one place to another.

Customer reviews of USpicy Professional Makeup Brush Set:

If you want an exclusive range of all makeup brushes, the USpicy can be a good choice for you. They offer 32 exclusive brushes to apply makeup on your face. You will get everything for blushing, blending, contouring, shading, highlighting, eye shadow, concealer and eyebrow combing.


  • check
    Soft and smooth bristles
  • check
    Complete set of makeup brushes
  • check
    12-month warranty by manufacturer


  • You may experience horrible smell, but it will vanish after few days

3) ExamDesign Makeup Brush 12-piece Set

EmaxDesign 12 Pieces Makeup Brush Set Professional Bamboo...
  • This EmaxDesign cosmetic brush set will show your...
  • These essential brushes are perfect for liquids,...
  • Easy to carry and use, Package included: 12 piece...

If you want a flawless finish and natural beauty, the ExamDesign brushes can be the right choice for you. These handmade brushes are manufactured with synthetic fiber material to offer an incredible touch and feel. You will not face any shedding problem while using these brushes. The brushes are ideal for creams, powders, and liquids to beautify your eyes and face.

The brush set includes eyelash brush, powder brush, foundation brush, and eye shadow brush for regular use. These brushes are easy to use and carry with available pouch. These brushes are hand-crafted by a professional artist to ensure their long-term use. These brushes are manufactured with soft synthetic, nylon material and high-quality bamboo to offer a unique sense of luxury.

ExamDesign makeup brushes come with a product manual and portable bag. To clean these brushes after makeup, put them under warm water. Apply a baby or gentle shampoo to the soft bristles. Rub to create the light lather and wash bristles completely under water. You may notice a tint of old makeup on the brush. Keep rinsing, and there will be no color on the brush. Let these brushes air-dry before using them again.

Customer reviews of ExamDesign Makeup Brush 12-piece Set:

ExamDesign offers handmade brushes that are easy to use and clean. The bristles of these brushes are made of synthetic fiber to smoothly apply makeup on your face. These are ideal for liquid foundation and highlighter.


  • check
    Ideal for novice to learn how to apply makeup
  • check
    Best for highlighter and liquid foundation
  • check
    Ideal density for easy application


  • Strong chemical odor that requires a few days to vanish

4) BESTOPE 8-piece Makeup Brushes

BESTOPE Makeup Brushes 8 Pieces Makeup Brush Set...
  • BESTOPE MAGIC BEAUTY:BESTOPE 8Pcs makeup brush set...
  • SOFT SYNTHETIC FIBERS: These makeup brushes are...
  • PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP BRUSHES: These brushes are so...

Bestope makeup brushes are designed to give the flawless finish to your makeup. These silky soft synthetic brushes are designed to give a smooth feel to your skin. These can flawlessly apply makeup on your face, such as powders, minerals, liquids, and creams. You can use makeup remover wipes or brush cleaner for your regular makeup.

You will get four different types of brushes, such as tapered, flat, round and angled for the professional and easy solution. These are designed with soft synthetic and wood material. You will get the 12-month warranty from the manufacturer.

Customer reviews of BESTOPE 8-piece Makeup Brushes:

Get 8 makeup brushes of Bestope for flawless finish. These brushes are good for creams, liquids, minerals and powders. With 12-month warranty, you will get peace of mind for their long-term use.


  • check
    High-quality brushes with soft bristles for different types of makeup
  • check
    Available in economical price
  • check
    Ideal to apply powders and foundation


  • Can be smelly after opening the pack, but the smell will be gone after a few days.

5) BS-MALL Makeup Brushes for Regular Makeup

BS-MALL(TM) Makeup Brushes Premium Makeup Brush Set...
  • Brand new and high quality.100% Money Back...
  • Silky Soft.Makes Applying Makeup a Luxurious...
  • Bold handle for easy use.Highest quality material,...

The BS-Mall is a famous name for quality brushes and appealing prices. Every brush is made of high-quality non-allergenic synthetic fibers. These brushes are available in different sizes and shapes to handle everything from eyelashes and foundation to contouring.

You will get 100% money back guarantee with these brushes. Silky and soft brushes will offer luxurious feel while applying makeup on your face. Bold handles are designed with high-quality material for convenient use. The brushes are shaped well and dense because of high-density bristle. The bristle will not shed because these are tightly fixed for long-term use.

Customer reviews of BS-MALL Makeup Brushes:

Get 100% money back guarantee with BS-MALL makeup brushes. These are available in different sizes for your continence. The synthetic and soft bristles are tightly fixed for the longer life of brushes.


  • check
    High end and cheap brushes
  • check
    Soft and synthetic bristles
  • check
    Durable brushes for finest finish


  • Handles are not glued well

Best Sellers


Expensive brushes could last for a longer period. Clean your makeup brushes at least once in a month by whooshing them in warm water with some shampoo. Rinse all brushes and put them flat on one towel to let them dry.

Before buying makeup brushes, make sure to understand the type of makeup brushes and their uses. Andre Lorent offers the best brushes for those people who don’t like clutter around them. If you want a complete range of brushes, USpicy can be the best choice for you.

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