5 Best Japanese Shampoos For Long Lustrous Locks

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Many people are swearing by the best Japanese shampoos to restore their damaged hair. Are they worth the hype or another myth?

Japanese shampoos are undoubtedly becoming more of a lifestyle than a commodity making people purchase them with exceedingly high expectations. Some of these classic shampoos have been in existence for a very long time, while others are relatively new with some improvements.

Depending on what hair type you have, there is a vast variety of shampoos that you can easily find in either the supermarkets or the drugstore. Most of these Japanese shampoos have been infused with incredibly natural and rich ingredients that have major benefits to your hair.

With these shampoos, you can wear your hair loud and proud because they are suitable for your haircare, styling needs and best of all keep your hair moisturized and nourished for a while.

If you are on the lookout for a product that will be best for your hair, the Japanese shampoos are your go to products.

Here are some of the best Japanese shampoos in the market;

1. Shiseido Tsubaki Volume Touch Shampoo & Conditioner Set

Even from its name, this shampoo is famously known for ultimately adding a desirable bouncy hair volume to hair. It has a Tsubaki Kouji extract which makes hair soft and silky after use.

The shampoo also moisturizes your hair strands and cleanses the scalp and is a great choice for people with frequently treated hair and dry hair.

It is perfect for people with moderately oily hair and ideal for most hair types because it does not contain silicon which damages hair and weighs down hair.

2. Komenuka Bijin Premium Hair Care Set:

With the new packaging and reformulation, this shampoo has been enhanced because of its moisturizing benefits. The distinct and wonderful scent has made more people loyal to this product for a while now.

It is known to work miracles on hair texture because of the natural antioxidants, seaweed, and ginseng. This shampoo is so effective because it generally reduces hair loss and strengthens the hair making it shine. Using this product makes your hair feel different, natural and fresh.

3. Shiseido AQUAIR - Shampoo & Conditioner SET

With this shampoo, over treated hair and dry sun damaged hair is guaranteed to be fixed. This powerful moisturizer has healing ingredients and is majorly known for its therapeutical components.

In addition, it has essential oil and plant botanicals which are for the scalp and the hair. This shampoo will improve your hair significantly when it comes to softening the hair, strengthening the strands and eliminating the split ends eventually.

4. Ichikami Shampoo & Conditioner Set

This shampoo is made from natural oil hence guarantees repair to damaged hair. It is best suited for people with oily hair as it automatically gets rid of the excessive oil leaving the hair oil free for long.

It thoroughly cleanses the hair and prevents hair damages that could be caused by excessive friction. Its gentle fruity peachy scent makes it stand out from the rest of the conditioners.

5. Ichikami Soft Volume Shampoo & Conditioner Set

This is a relatively new shampoo that not only soothes your hair and scalp but also makes it soft, beautifully glossy, sleek and fluffy after use.

It replenishes moisture in the hair and also prevents any damage that could be done to the hair. It is a perfect choice for people with thin hair mainly because it restores cuticles and maintains the much-needed volume to the hair.

Reviews ​of The Best Japanese Shampoos

1. Shiseido Tsubaki Volume Touch Shampoo & Conditioner Set

Shiseido Volume Touch Shampoo and Conditioner 500ml
  • The package contains Shampoo(500ml) and Conditioner(500ml)
  • Product Weight: 2 Pounds 10oz
  • Product Dimension: 7.1(W) x 2.5(D) x 8.7(H) inches

The shampoo and conditioner come in a lovely plastic pump bottle that has a yellow and gold lettering at the front and has a nice shade of purple.

The clear gel has an amazing scent is fresh and fruity and when you smell it close enough; you will smell a little whiff of tea. Unless you use so much shampoo and conditioner, the scent does not last for a long time though.

It is very popular mainly because it has a Tsubaki Kouji S extract which makes the hair extremely silky and soft. It gently cleanses the scalp and moisturizes the hair strands and ultimately adds volume to the hair fibers.

It is perfect for hair that is frequently treated, dry hair and scalps. Its pleasant smell is also very appealing and the fact that it leaves hair feeling more lightweight than before is impressive. The volume it adds after use makes your hair bouncy.

For those very keen on silicon, this shampoo and conditioner does not have any silicon hence it does not damage your hair by weighing it down.

Although it is not as moisturizing as other shampoos, it washes well the oil in your hair and greases the hair and scalp.

It is highly recommended to people who have moderately oily hair and those who do not like silicone and want extremely lightweight hair.


  • check
    It smells absolutely great and gives the lightweight feeling after use
  • check
    It gives volume to the hair after some time
  • check
    It suds well and rinses out easily


  • It makes one hair feel overly delicate and fine
  • It can be a be a bit drying especially to hair that is already dry

2. Komenuka Bijin Premium Hair Care Set:

Komenuka Bijin Moisturizing Hair Shampoo and Hair Treatment...
  • Our most popular hair care products, newly packaged and reformulated to...
  • Komenuka Bijin Shampoo has concentrated natural antioxidants found in rice...
  • Komenuka Bijin Conditioner's primary ingredient is rice bran, along with...

What makes this shampoo to remain very popular is its distinct smell that a vast majority of people love. The manufacturers have gone an extra mile and outdone themselves by the new packaging and the reformulation which has greatly enhanced the moisturizing benefits.

Without interfering and removing any nutrients that are naturally found in hair, this conditioner effectively deep cleans your hair.

It is composed of natural antioxidants, ginseng, and seaweed which greatly improves the texture of one's hair reduces the hair loss and helps strengthen hair and make it shine.

Regardless of what condition your hair is, this product has been known to make the hair feel different after a few weeks.


  • check
    It has a very distinct pleasant smell
  • check
    It is made from natural ingredients that are purely concentrated
  • check
    You just need a small amount for it to be effective and you will feel the effects a lot sooner
  • check
    It soften the hair and gives it a better texture


  • It is very pricey and expensive
  • It is not so effective for people with thick hair as it is to people with less hair

3. Ichikami Shampoo & Conditioner Set

Daeng Gi Meo Ri Ki Gold Premium Shampoo + Treatment Set...
  • Voted as Korea's No. 1 Herbal shampoo from consumers. Awarded...
  • A mildly improved product from the Energizing Shampoo - it is developed by...
  • For Consumers who want heathier, elastic hair, to prevent hair loss, and to...

This shampoo guarantees to repair your hair. The first thing you notice about this is its gentle fruity peachy scent.

Users who have oily hair and tried this attest that is gets rid of as much oil and lets the hair stay oil free for a while.

It is unique because unlike most shampoos and conditioners, it cleanses the hair gently preventing any damage that can be caused due to excessive friction. This shampoo has natural oil and produces a fine lather.


  • check
    It has an incredible smell that is fruity and peachy and stays long on hair
  • check
    Effectively make the hair oil free for long
  • check
    Makes your hair feel really clean
  • check
    It is silicon free hence hair is not coated


  • Does not give the hair a desirable moisturizing effect like other moisturizers

4. Shiseido AQUAIR - Shampoo & Conditioner SET

Shiseido AQUAIR - Shampoo & Conditioner SET
  • Buy Together and Save!
  • 600mL
  • Formulated especially for dry, brittle, sun damaged, over treated hair.

This shampoo is suitable for most kinds or hair, whether curly hair or straight but it was specifically designed for dry, the sun damaged and over-treated hair.

It is very gentle yet very effective because of its therapeutical components that coat the hair and prevents any further damage. It is a powerful shampoo because of its healing ingredients and the combination with Vitamin E and aminophenol.

With regular use, your hair significantly improves since it softens dry hair, eliminates split ends and strengthens the brittle strands from the core of the hair to the cuticle.

Although it barely has any scent before use, once you apply it on your hair and once the hair has dried up, you feel a very mild, clean and very pleasant smell.

The shampoo has essential oils and plant botanicals for your scalp and hair.


  • check
    It is the best for restoring damaged hair and protecting it from further damage
  • check
    It is very hydrating and does not feel heavy
  • check
    It makes the hair very soft and silky


  • It is a bit pricey and not easily affordable

5. Ichikami Soft Volume Shampoo & Conditioner Set

Ichikami Soft Volume (NEW!) Shampoo & conditioner Set (Pink...
  • Ichikami Japan Import - Ichi hair SP & CD pair set (soft volume)
  • w/tracking number from JP Post

This new product does nothing less than gives you a soft and comfortable feeling after use. It is fluffy and makes soft gently which soothes the scalp and the hair when you are washing.

The best part about it is that it replenishes moisture and prevents any damage to the hair.

Additionally, for those with thin hair, it is perfect as it restores cuticles in the hair that is thinning.

It maintains and gives you volume after using for a period of time which makes your hair look beautifully soft, glossy and sleek.


  • check
    The scent is simply amazing and lasts even after you are done washing but is not overpowering
  • check
    It gives you good hair volume after a while
  • check
    Shampoo cleans well and washes off easily
  • check
    Conditioner feels light and does not weigh down the hair


  • It is not suitable and does not work for all types of hair
  • It is relatively expensive

Editor's Picks

Why Japanese shampoo?

There are many simple reasons why people are overly excited about this. Some of these reasons are

1. The scent:

they have a reputation of having the best scent in the market. The scent is mostly lasting and it almost feels like you are wearing perfume.

The fragrance is relatively mild but makes a statement and lingers on hours after you have washed your hair.

What draws people to this product is the unique and incredible floral smell that is very hard to no notice

2. The ingredients:

Needless to say, among the many other key things to determine whether to buy a shampoo or not, the ingredients it contains is the most important of them all.

People have different hair types hence the key ingredients will vary from one person to the next. The Japanese ingredients are natural and are composed of rich minerals and vitamin E which nourishes and repairs the hair ultimately.

Regardless of the age, these ingredients will do justice to your hair without causing any damages because most of these shampoos do not have silicon which is known to weigh down hair.

3. Most of them are designed for specific types of hair:

unlike the other general shampoos that are made for all types of hair; some of the Japanese shampoos have been made for specific hair types.

The Shiseido AQUAIR - Shampoo & Conditioner SET is made for the over treated hair and the sun damaged dry hair.

The components in the shampoo coat the hair from the scalp to every strand of the hair to basically prevent any further damage to your hair.

With this kind of shampoo, you will no experience problems of thinning and hair falling out

4. They soften and improve the texture of hair significantly:

The moisturizing effect that is there because of the natural oils is what makes the hair soften as the shampoo produces a fine lather when you wash hair.

In a nutshell, one achieves the soft and silky hair ultimately

5. Gives the hair volume:

we have some shampoos that have been designed to specifically ensure that the hair has as much volume as possible.

After use, many users have attested that they feel their hair being a bit bouncy and after consistent use, within weeks or months, they see a significant improvement in the volume of the hair.

The shampoos are very effective as they clean thoroughly and cleanse the scalp and hair. They are also incredibly easy and fast to wash off hence do no waste a lot of time

What to look for in a Japanese shampoo

1. Price:

this greatly depends on how deep your pocket is. If you are on a budget constraint, with the variety of Japanese shampoos, you can get something affordable yet very effective.

Most of the shampoos are costly but that should not be discouraging because they give you value for your money in most instances. With a bit of research, you will definitely find something cheaper

2. The components:

Many people who are shampoo enthusiasts and really place so much value in their hair check for this factor.

The most common thing to check is whether the shampoo has silicone in it. Silicone is believed to cause more harm than good in that it weighs the hair down hence causing damage in the end.

Some shampoos also have natural ingredients which are good for your hair. If you are avoiding damage, look for shampoos that do not have any silicone and you will see your hair grow significantly.

3. Read the reviews:

as is always the rule, manufacturers always overstate the quality of the shampoos and understate the flaws that come with them.

Reading reviews of people who have used those products before gives you information since the feedback is not biased.

Since we all have different types of hair, not every product will work well for all of us hence knowing beforehand is important.

4. The benefits:

when buying Japanese shampoo, the most important thing to look for is the benefits.

Find out whether it increases your hair volume, if it reduces hair loss, if it strengthens your hair and if it has repairing ingredients that will restore the hair back to its initial health and form.

Final verdict

After much analysis, we found the Shiseido Tsubaki Volume Touch Shampoo & Conditioner Set to be the best.

It's amazingly fresh scent and how it changes your hair for the better makes it a shampoo that can be relied on. In addition, this Japanese shampoo can be used for very many types of hair regardless of how soft or kinky the hair is.

It is also not very costly when you compare it to other shampoos hence it is worth a try.

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Smooth and Sleek shampoo and conditioner set; Authentic products. Made in Japan.; Ships from USA

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