5 Best Ingrown Hair Treatment For Sensitive Skin

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I have been receiving many emails from readers asking for guidance on how to deal with ingrown hair. The number of questions was overwhelming and I couldn’t get myself to answer each and everybody. To ease my work and help other people who are silently suffering, I decided to generously share some tips with you today! 

I’ll be dropping loads of knowledge bombs in this post so you better be all ears. Besides, I’ll be reviewing some of the best ingrown hair treatments I have used. Yeah, you had me right! I’ve also had my fair share of experience with ingrown hair and it was terrible. Anyway, I believe you guys will manage to get rid of the condition.

Fix your dry skin with these Body Lotions

💰Best Value

Jack Black W/Salicylic ACid

  • Awesome fresh feeling after using it
  • 3-in-1 astringent, exfoliant and moisturizer
  • Kills germs and brings down bumps

🚀Most Popular

Kerah Lane Ingrown Hair Natural Formula

  • Great serum/gel texture
  • Perfect shave without bumps
  • Safe for daily use on my sensitive skin

👍Highly Recommended

Gigi Body Scrub

  • Works great on very sensitive skin
  • Smells like heaven
  • Use every other day to prevent dryness

👩‍🏫Editor's Choice

Tend Skin Care Solution

  • Perfect for ingrowns on bikini line
  • Silky smooth legs
  • Great value

✅Highly Recommended

Tweezer Guru Stainless Tweezers Set

  • Super Sharp and comes with case
  • Can grab the tiniest and finest hair
  • Highly recommended for ingrown hairs

Best Ingrown Hair Treatment Products 

In this section, I am going to reveal some of the best ingrown hair exfoliators, creams and other products. These products are great for those who would like to deal with ingrown hair bumps at home and on a budget. You can try out these products if your condition is not serious.

Jack Black w/Salicylic ACid

I’ve been using LAVO Tea Tree Gel for quite a long time now and I can vouch for it as the best salicylic acid for ingrown hair. If it were not for this product, I guess I would still be struggling with ingrown hair dark spots. Fortunately, this product has come through for me and it will definitely help you to soothe razor bumps and raging ingrown hair.

This gel contains Salicylic acid, tea tree oil, calendula, and camphor. All these ingredients have anti-inflammatory and healing properties that will go a long way to reduce pain and irritation. Besides, tea tree oil acts as an exfoliator, meaning that you will be in a position to keep ingrown hair at bay. 

Salicylic acid increases cell turnover and opens your cells as well. This shows that you will be able to combat ingrown hairs and razor bumps. Besides, it will help you get rid of redness, pimples, blackheads, and acne. 


  • Works on all skins
  • Soothes and softens the skin
  • Great for armpits, bikini lines, legs, neck, and face
  • Works like a charm


  • Might irritate people with extremely sensitive skin
  • It is scented

Kerah Lane Ingrown Hair Natural Formula

Kerah Lane has been around for quite some time now and it has been among the best serum for ingrown hairs. People who have been using this product claim that it reduces the occurrence of ingrown hairs. Other than reducing ingrown hair, it has a formula that gets rid of razor bumps effectively. You can actually gift this product to your spouse, family member or friend who’s been suffering from razor bumps.

Kerah Lane is also used as an aftershave product and good thing is that it’s free from chemicals. At least, you will be dealing with a serum that is 100% natural. The main ingredients of the Kerah Lane are hazel, Aloe Vera, and lavender. Besides, this product is great for people who practice a vegan lifestyle because it is organic and has never been tested on animals. 


  • Does not contain harsh ingredients
  • It is unisex
  • It is vegan-friendly
  • Great for ingrown hair and razor bumps


  • Only available in an 8 Oz bottle
  • Has an odd smell

​Gigi Body Scrub

The Gigi Body Scrub is a great exfoliator for people who are suffering from an ingrown hair and razor bumps. Being one of the best ingrown hair scrubs, it contains Salicylic acid that serves as an anti-inflammatory agent. Besides, it is very effective when it comes to getting rid of dead skin cells and unclogging pores. At least, you can purchase this body scrub confidently knowing that it will provide optimal hair removal results.

Additionally, it contains Rice Bran Wax that is well-known for its moisturizing effects, as well as skin regeneration. As its name suggests, you can actually use it on any part of your body that needs some serious scrubbing.


  • Ideal for both men and women
  • Reduce razor burns, ingrown hair, razor bumps, and redness
  • It is 100% natural
  • It is affordable


  • Packaging could be better
  • It is a bit runny

Tend Skin Care Solution 

Tends skin is one of the most popular products in the market. This aftershave is considered great for men and women who are looking to reduce inflammation, razor bumps, and ingrown hair. You can use it as an aftershave or after post waxing. Moreover, it is considered one of the best solutions for ingrowing hairs on the bikini line and on the thigh.

Tend Skin solution provides results in as little as 24 to 48 hours. Just make sure you are using this product correctly and you’ll be sorted. 


  • It is very effective
  • Can be used by both men and women
  • Gets rid of ingrown hair and razor bumps
  • Works as a deodorant


  • Contains alcohol
  • Might cause irritation on sensitive skin

Tweezer Guru Stainless Tweezers Set

In case your ingrown hair condition is not serious, tweezers will definitely do the trick. They always come in handy when you want to pull ingrown hair. These tools eliminate the need to use serums or other products. The Tweezer guru comes as a set of 4 pieces and each one of them has a different tip. Good thing is that these tools provide great precision and seamless removal of ingrown hair.

Other than hair removal, you can purchase this set for eyebrow grooming. It is perfectly designed to provide a stress-free tweezing ritual. Besides, it has a stainless steel construction that is durable and easy to clean. 


  • Come in a set of four tweezers
  • Great for ingrown hair removal and beauty routines
  • It is durable
  • Offers incredible precision


  • Might become blunt after a few uses
  • Not great for fine hair
  • A bit expensive

How To Get Rid Of Ingrown Hair 

I am sure you know how annoying ingrown hairs can be. In fact, they are itchy, painful and irritating. You’ll be better off if you actually tried to prevent them. However, if you are struggling with ingrown hair on your legs, arms, bikini line or your intimate areas, then you should use our expert tips to put a stop to this menace.

  1. Exfoliate Regularly

    One of the things that cause ingrown hair is clogged hair follicles. If you fail to exfoliate your skin often, then dead skin cells will block your hair follicles. As a result, some of your hair strands might grow sideways. So, the only way you can avoid such a scenario is by using an ingrown hair exfoliator. A good exfoliator will not only get rid of ingrown hair but also prevent ingrown hair.

  2. Use a quality shaver

    In case you didn’t know, most ingrown hairs appear after shaving. Chances are that you might be using a very blunt blade. You should always avoid using disposable razors for more than the recommended time. So, in case you have any razors lurking around your shower caddy for months, dispose them ASAP and get new ones. Using a good razor will only make it easy for you and improve your chances of getting rid of ingrown hairs once and for all.

  3. Always use shaving cream

    Make sure you always use the best shaving cream if you are using a manual razor. A good cream will provide an extra slip to the skin, thus reducing the chances of ingrown hair and skin irritation.

  4. Shave in the right direction

    Most people suffer from ingrown hair because they don’t know how to shave properly. You should avoid shaving in the opposite direction because by doing so, your hair will be cut at a sharp angle thus increasing the chances of growing back under the skin. Make sure you always shave in the same direction to avoid this from happening.
  5. Apply Post-shave treatment

    Taking care of the area you’ve shaved will reduce the chance of having ingrown hair. Just make sure you are using a product that has the right ingredients so that it can help dissolve dead skin cells that might clog up your hair follicles. 

Although ingrown hair can heal without intervention, in some cases, it may be difficult to get rid of it. In such instances, I would advise you to consider the following treatments:

  • Use chemical depilatories to loosen the structure of the hair.
    Depilatories such as Nair or Neet will result in blunt tips of hairs. Just don’t use the depilatories every day as they might cause irritation on the skin.

  • Use a Tretinoin cream to reduce skin plugging.
    This cream comes in handy to reduce minimize the buildup of dead skin cells. Besides, it will help in thinning out the epidermis and as a result reduce ingrown hair. You can use Topical Corticosteroid creams if you have inflamed ingrown hairs.

  • Laser Hair Removal might also be a good option if you are looking for a fast, efficient, and safe method.
    This treatment works on dark hair but it will decrease the number of hair strands and thus prevent ingrown hair.

In case you want to remove hairs permanently, you can opt for electrolysis. This procedure is great because it can be performed on any color of hair. The method aims at destroying individual hair follicles permanently. Unfortunately, electrolysis requires multiple treatments and it is slow and tedious.


Now that you have so many options and products to choose from, you should not complain of ingrown hair anymore. In case the condition worsens even after trying all the methods I’ve discussed, don’t hesitate to see a doctor.

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