The Best Foundation For Sensitive Skin: Keys To Finding It Quickly


With sensitive skin, it can be nearly impossible to find a foundation that does not irritate you. I am here to help you solve the impossible now. Let’s find out which are the Top 5 Best Foundation products for sensitive skin - 2017 update.


Is There Foundation For Your Sensitive Skin?

If you had asked this question a decade or two ago, the answer would have been “No.” Foundations were not made to cater toward specific skin types then.

I have a close friend who has had trouble finding earrings because her ears are sensitive to nickel. Foundation is the same.

Certain types of skins need a particular foundation to keep the makeup from breaking out or feeling uncomfortable.

We will look into some special foundations, and I hope you can find the best foundation for sensitive skin and be able to start using it and enjoying the benefits quickly.

What Does My Skin Need?

Only 15% of women use the correct shade and mixture for their skin. Do you belong to that 15 %? In order to correctly choose a shade, you need to find the formula that fits your needs the best.

First of all, identify your skin; it can be oily, dry, normal, or sensitive.

Next, identify what your biggest problem with foundation is: it disappears after a short time of wearing it, it is flaky, it is heavy, or your skin is itchy. Last of all, what kind of look do you want? Matte, dewy, natural, or even?

If you mostly chose the last answer of each of the above questions (sensitive, itchy skin, even), then you most definitely have sensitive skin and will need a makeup with a mineral element.

Now, you know what to look for when you are selecting a foundation.


How To Choose a Foundation

Everyone's skin is different; therefore, there cannot be a 'one type fits all' solution. The foundations that will be presented are those that have done well with sensitive skin.

Skin can be sensitive to sunscreen or certain oils. However, through trying one of the solutions below you are more likely to find a match that will not bother your sensitive skin.

The most important part of choosing a foundation is making sure it is right for your skin.

Below is a Quiz that can help you identify your skin type and how careful you should be when choosing a foundation.

How to know your skin type:

Reveal the Quiz

For example, if your skin falls into the Type I category, then you know your foundation should contain some element of sunscreen.

Type 01

Type 04

Type 02

Type 05

Type 03

Type 06

Once you have identified what type of foundation you need for your skin, you must select the correct foundation shade.

Here are some tips to do that:

First, do not be afraid to ask for help. Many stores that sell makeup will have a makeup artist ready to help the customers.

Asking for advice can get you some free samples and expert advice. Make sure to apply the foundation along your jawline.

You do not want your face to appear shockingly different from your neck; trying the foundation along your jawline will help you see if the two will blend easily.

Last of all, check out your look in natural lighting. 

Natural light will give you the best view on your makeup. If you are not sure about the shade being good for you, you can always go a bit darker rather than a bit lighter.

Lighter colors will make you appear pasty, and that is not attractive, while a slightly darker shade will help you appear a bit more tanned. Make sure you are using the correct application method.

Below is an example of an applying method that can help you correctly put on the foundation. Even if you choose the best foundation, it will not help you if you do not put it on properly.

What Should The Packaging Say?

If a product label has "safe for sensitive skin" label, that does not mean that you should select the product right away. It still may not be compatible with your skin. You should look for the packaging that says 'hypoallergenic' or 'noncomedogenic.'

Hypoallergenic literally means 'below allergy.' It means that the product is less likely to cause a reaction either based on an allergy or sensitivity. Noncomedogenic means that the product has been designed to keep pores open and breathing, meaning that acne will be less likely to develop.

While this term is not intended specifically for sensitive skin, this can help you from developing acne. Here you can see further details to understanding the ingredients of your cosmetics.

** Below, you'll find more detailed reviews, but you can also click on the links to see current prices and read customer's reviews on Amazon.com.

Top 5 Best Foundation For Sensitive Skin 2017

1. MicaBeauty Mineral Foundation 5

This foundation fits all of the above requirements, and then some more. First of all, this foundation contains some very healthy, organic ingredients, and it is described as 100% all natural. This foundation is hypoallergenic and naturally protects your skin.

The powder is oil free, and its mineral quality means that it will work with sensitive skin. Also, this powder does not clog your pores, helping you avoid excess acne. The product promises coverage throughout the day and night.

Last of all, it comes in seven different colors for you to match to your skin. The link above will take you to the standard 9-gram size foundation.

Reviews from several users describe how inexpensively you can buy this product online rather than at the mall. Another reviewer talked about how they actually combine two of the different color options to make the color that is the right fit for their face.

Last of all, a reviewer says this foundation gives their skin a great feel and look. This foundation is known for exceeding expectations and serving those who have sensitive skin for various reasons. It is a natural powder that will keep your skin from drying out.

Things I liked:

  • 100% natural foundation
  • Oil-free
  • Seven different colors to match your skin

Things I didn’t like:

  • If you buy offline, the price is higher
  • It might arrive messed up
  • I recommend this foundation if your sensitive skin is dry to normal and you want a foundation that will be soft on your skin but still look amazing.

2. Vasanti Face Base Powder Foundation with Mineral Pigments

This foundation is oil free and comes in eleven different shades. As required above, this foundation is also hypoallergenic, meaning those with sensitive skin are much less likely to react to it.

Secondly, Vasanti foundation is noncomedogenic which will help you cover up acne but also treat the acne problem from the beginning. This foundation also works against breakouts. Best of all, this foundation is said to last three months, and it will give you a healthy, natural look.

Unlike most powdered foundations, this foundation does not contain titanium dioxide which can make your skin look cakey or ashy. A special active ingredient has been added to make your skin glow.

You should always wash your skin thoroughly before applying this foundation so that you can have the best results. Vasanti foundation is gluten-free which is a bonus if your skin also struggles with reactions against this protein.

Lastly, this foundation is made from completely vegan materials. It is described as actually working, unlike some products that say they will work against the problem but never really do. Additionally, the product is said to provide full coverage for your face. This video gives an overview of the benefits of this product.

Things I liked:

  • Non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic
  • Gluten-free
  • Healthy, natural look for long time

Things I didn’t like:

  • Yellow color is dominant
  • Some reviewers stated it is more powder-like than actual foundation
  • I recommend this product if your skin's sensitivity is based on an acne problem and you wish to use a foundation that is safe in multiple ways.

3. Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation

Some women's sensitivity to various foundations may come as a result of using brushes or sponges. By using this foundation that is applied through spraying, you can save your skin's sensitivity.

You will need to wrap your hair in either a paper towel or a regular towel to prevent any of the spray affecting your hair; then you will spray the foundation to give yourself an airbrushed look. After you are done spraying, you may need to use a wet paper towel to clean up any fudges or stains.

Watch the video >>here<< to learn how to use this foundation. 

While this product is not marketed as a product for hypoallergenic skin, it can help your sensitivity by not having to apply anything to your skin directly. Users say that the foundation is lightweight and stays put throughout the whole day. It is also described as being very easy to apply.

Those who have a problem with spots on their skin can use the foundation as a coverup. This foundation can also help in giving a smooth look to your skin. Consider, however, that this option is the most expensive on our list.

Things I liked:

  • Very easy to apply
  • Lightweight
  • Durable – it stays intact for a long time

Things I didn’t like:

  • You have to be careful – it might mess up your hair or eyes
  • Pretty expensive
  • I recommend this product if you want to avoid having direct contact between your skin and a foundation product.

4. CARENminerals Pure Earth Mineral Gluten-Free Foundation

This foundation will help even out your uneven texture, and it is suitable for all skin types. It comes in nine different colors for the "lightest" category. As described in the packaging section above, this product is hypoallergenic, meaning it has a better chance of being safe for your sensitive skin.

The foundation is made from three different natural minerals entirely, not anything man-made that is most likely to harm your skin. Specifically, bismuth oxychloride which can cause the skin to itch is excluded from the ingredients in this product. There are no preservatives or oils in the product, which will keep your face from feeling dry.

Several positive reviews are given from middle-aged customers, saying that this product helps conceal wrinkles, dark spots, freckles, sun spots, or aging spots. Other users have discussed how they do not have problems with the overly dry skin after using this product.

Other reviewers said they were skeptical about if such a healthy product could actually cover their skin well. The coverage of this product was a leasant surprise for them. It both looks and feels natural.

Another reviewer on Amazon.com states: "This is the best mineral makeup I have ever used. I love that it doesn't have the chemicals that others do." It appears as though the users love the naturalness of this foundation.

Things I liked:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • No chemicals
  • All natural

Things I didn’t like:

  • Price is in the higher grade
  • Some reported color being too much orange
  • If you want a foundation that is specifically hypoallergenic and smooth coverage, then this product can help you avoid a cakey look.

5. Physician's Formula Nude Wear Glowing Nude Foundation

Last but not least, Physician's Formula Nude Wear Glowing Nude foundation provides coverage without appearing as though it provides thick coverage. Even when you have applied this foundation, other won’t be able to tell that you have makeup on.

This foundation provides a bonus because it is both hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic. Additionally, it is gluten-free, and dermatologist approved. It will even out your skin and keep you from appearing cakey. This bottle should be shaken before use. Once shaken, you can spray one layer onto an application sponge and apply according to your preference.

This foundation is light and soft, and the application process is easy. Reviewers say that this is a great foundation and that it can bring an excellent value for a relatively inexpensive price. Many who have tried the foundation love it and have ordered it multiple times saying it blends and stays well.

Things I liked:

  • Very light and soft to the skin
  • No chemicals
  • Dermatologist-approved

Things I didn’t like:

  • Not durable as others
  • Little darker than it is advertised
  • I recommend this foundation as a good option that can be applied quickly to your sensitive skin.

Which Foundation Is Best For You?

As I said before, the foundation you choose to use on your sensitive skin is a matter of personal preference. As for me, an option that serves all my needs is the third one on this list: Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation. Why? Let's look at the needs it fulfills.

First of all, it works for sensitive skin as stated in its 'hypoallergenic' label. Secondly, it also works against acne as you can see with its 'noncomedogenic' label. It has the most likelihood of working with sensitive skin, simply because you spray it on your face. 

Even though the price might seem high, for the value and usability that it provides, it is the best foundation you can get. It provides lasting coverage that is not too heavy. For me, Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation is the winner.

However, you must try various options from the products above to discover which product best works with your specific sensitivities.

Best foundation for sensitive combination skin (dry + oily skin)

Combination skin is when part of your skin is oily and part dry hence it is hard to find products that will not aggravate your skin.

Now pair that with sensitive skin that reacts to the slightest traces of chemicals and you have yourself one hell of a disaster.

Worry not, as today I give you the best foundation to use for your type of skin and tips to keep it glowing and clear.

But first, a little background information on what causes this type of skin and how to manage it.

In all honesty, most people with sensitive combination skin have their genes to blame 90% of the time.

The other 10% could be as a result of using products that do not agree with your skin. It is rare but it happens.

The first rule of handling sensitive combination skin is to avoid products with harsh ingredients. Instead, opt for products that are organic and paraben free.

You can decide to have two types of products one for your dry skin areas and another for oily. But if that is too much work, opt for one that is great for all skin types.

That said, below is a review of the best foundations for sensitive combination skin.

#1 - Smash box Camera Ready BB Water SPF 30

This foundation also works as a primer and the first thing you notice about it is its fluid consistency.

It is watery making it quite easy to apply and it will most definitely blend with your skin.

This makes a little go a long way and all you will require is a little drop for the whole face.

This bb foundation also comes with excellent hydrating properties for your skin, something you do not see in other foundations.

via Amazon

This oil-free and alcohol-free foundation will not clog your pores by any chance and expect no cracking during the day.

Speaking of, you can rest assured that the Smash box will protect you from harsh UV rays during the day as it comes with SPF 30.

If you want an easy to apply foundation that lasts all day long, this is just for you.


· It is very easy to apply.

· Unique hydrating technology.

· Has SPF 30 for day protection.


· It may be too fluid for some people.

#2 - Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF 20

This liquid foundation by Neutrogena provides excellent coverage all day long.

It comes with Broad Spectrum SPF 20 to ensure your skin is well protected from harmful UV rays.

In addition to this, it contains vitamin E, Natural Soy, and Feverfew among other antioxidants that ensure your complexion becomes even toned and your skin glows with every application.

I love how lightweight it is hence it goes into your skin with ease leaving behind no cracks or bumps.

via Amazon

For a healthier skin underneath the makeup and a beautiful matte finish on your skin, chose Neutrogena Healthy Skin.


· Broad Spectrum SPF 20 with Titanium dioxide.

· Lightweight and applies easily on your skin.

· 12 different tones.


· SPF 20 might be low for some individuals.

#3 - Tarte Cosmetics Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation

This foundation is quite safe for use at it is free of parabens and mineral oils among other harmful things.

It also provides protection from harmful UV rays as it contains micro-ionized zinc and Titanium oxide.

The lightweight and smooth consistency allow it to apply easily making little go quite a long way.

If you want a safe to use foundation with antioxidant properties for your skin, Tarte is your best bet.

via Amazon


· Free from parabens.

· Lightweight and easy to apply.

· Protects your skin from the environment.


· It does not offer many tone options.

Best foundation for sensitive oily skin

While oily skin is easier to manage compared to combination skin, it also comes with its own set of challenges.

Especially if it’s sensitive too. The best way to handle this type of skin is to steer clear from any products that might add more oil to your skin.

In this case, go for products that are labeled oil free.

If your skin is very oily, consider using products that tackle oily skin problem such as salicylic acid especially in your cleanser.

This will ensure your pores do not get clogged hence keeping acne at bay.

While doing this, do not go for the overly drying products as they might elevate the situation by resulting in more oil production by your skin.

Since your skin is also sensitive, our best bet is to go for products that have natural ingredients and completely free of parabens and harmful chemicals.

You should also make a habit of testing out a product before applying it to your face. Try an overnight patch test at the back of your ear.

#1 - Neutrogena Skin clearing Makeup.

This foundation is oil-free and great for sensitive skin hence ideal for all skin types’ especially oily sensitive skin.

It contains Micro-clear technology that unclogs pores and ensures they stay clean hence minimizing any chances of a breakout.

It contains salicylic acid that fights against occurring and potential acne. Moreover, you will be able to control the shine on your skin and stay matte all day thanks to this foundation.

If you are looking for a foundation that will allow your skin to breath while fighting acne and blemish behind the scenes, this is your best bet.

via Amazon


· Available in 12 shades.

· It fights acne and controls blemish.

· Great for oil control and shine.


· Does not contain sunscreen.

#2 - L'Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation Makeup.

If you are keen on great products in the cosmetic world, you might have come across some from L’Oreal.

The Paris Infallible foundation is no exception. This foundation is known for its ability to stay on all day long without any need of reapplying.

You will most definitely experience the beautiful matte finish desired by many makeup users thanks to its airtight technology.

This lightweight foundation goes on easily and comes off just as easy and will do a great job covering up any blemishes you might have.

via Amazon


· Lightweight and easy to apply.

· Gives you a matte finish.

· Stays on for long (24 hours)


· No SPF.

· No acne fighting properties.

#3 - Estee Lauder - Double Wear Stay in Place Makeup SPF 10.

If a fresh and natural complexion is what you are aiming at, you ought to give the Estee Lauder Foundation a try.

It is ultra-light making it very easy to apply and quite comfortable on your skin.

To add to this, this foundation stays on for long hence no need to keep on reapplying during the day.

It helps to control your shine without clogging your pores and the result is a beautiful semi-matte finish.

To top it all off, despite this being a foundation for oily skin, they have managed to provide medium coverage against harmful sun rays.

via Amazon


· Ultra-light hence goes on easily.

· Has SPF 10.

· Long lasting and can stay on throughout the day.


· It contains no acne fighting properties.

Best foundation for sensitive skin with acne.

There are very many things that cause acne breakouts ranging from genes to bad skin care habits.

In most cases, acne prone skin is usually sensitive meaning you ought to keep an eye out for what goes into your skin.

The first rule about managing acne is to keep your skin clean by washing it at least twice a day, especially before bed.

Also, steer clear of products that might cause a flare up to you acne such as comedogenic moisturizers containing petroleum.

Another way to minimize breakouts is to use makeup that is mineral based as opposed to oil based.

This will not only provide anti-oxidizing properties for your skin but will also prevent clogging of pores hence reduce chances of acne.

That said, check out some of the best foundations for acne prone sensitive skin.

#1 - LORAC Natural Performance Foundation

LORAC Natural Performance Foundation is just what you need for a beautiful natural look all day every day.

For one, this foundation lasts throughout the day leaving you looking fresh no matter what, so forget about reapplying.

You will have nothing to worry about when using Lorac Natural in terms of irritating your skin as it comes free of parabens, oils, and fragrance.

To add to this, this you are provided with some great antioxidants such as vitamin A, xylene, and premier olive leaf extract to ensure your skin stays nourished and healthy underneath the makeup.

via Amazon


· Contains antioxidants.

· It is free of chemicals hence great for sensitive skin.

· Stays on for long.


· Does not contain SPF.

#2 - Almay Clear Complexion Makeup

Almay Clear contains mineral complex great for controlling oil that is responsible for acne hence making it ideal for acne prone skin.

But that’s not all this foundation does. It contains chamomile and aloe that are great at tackling blemishes hence your skin beneath the makeup will stay beautiful ad glowing.

it goes on quite easily and does an excellent job concealing all sorts of blemish including face redness.

If you are still not sure this is the foundation for you, think again as it comes dermatologically tested and recommended.


· Contains minerals that are great for oil control.

· Does a great cover up job for any blemish on your skin.

· Dermatologist tested


· Does not contain SPF.

· It comes in limited tones.

#3 - Shiseido Sheer and Perfect SPF 15

Shiseido foundation comes highly recommended as it is quite silky hence it goes on easy giving you a smooth and beautiful complexion without any shine.

It comes off as easy as it goes on and does not by any chance clog pores hence it will be good for your acne.

The best part of all this is that this foundation stays on all day without need to reapply hence saving you trips to the powder room.

It protects your skin from harmful sun rays and covers up blemish completely so you can rest assured your skin is in great hands.

via Amazon


  • It contains SPF hence keeps harmful sun rays at bay.
  • Long lasting.
  • Smooth consistency hence rubs on easily.


  • Very few tones are offered.
  • Contains skin-rejuvenating antioxidants.

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