Can You Really Find Best Foundation for Large Pores (on the Web)

best foundation for large pores

Large pores are determined by genetics, but weak collagen and sebum trapped in the skin are also responsible for large pores.

Pores tend to become wide with your age, and there is no accurate method to make them small.

Foundation proves helpful to cover up large pores, but you have to be careful while selecting a foundation. A wrong foundation can make your pores look bigger.

The best foundations reduce pores and give a flawless look to your face.


Top 9 Best Foundation for Large Pores

Mineral and powder foundation come in loose and pressed form. The pressed foundation offers better and complete coverage. Loose powder offers a lighter coverage and softer look.

For your convenience, here are some best foundations for large pores. You can purchase them online from Amazon:

1) IMAN Powder Foundation Clay

IMAN powder foundation gives a flawless look to your face with a natural appearance.

You can glide it on like pure silk to give the coverage of cream combined with velvety powder finish.

This amazing foundation can impart a silky powder finish. For sheer and natural look, make sure to apply it with a sponge.

You can use your fingertips and blend equally for maximum coverage.

Apply foundation and carefully blend downward toward the direction hair growth for an even texture.

If you want to apply it with your fingers, make sure to use ring finger to apply the least pressure on your skin.

IMAN foundation has vitamin E; hence, it is equally good for dry and wet use.

This foundation is not heavy to your face and set with powder. It will not make your skin oil, just like other foundations.

For better results, make sure to buy a foundation as per your skin tone. IMAN has numerous shades to suit various skin tones. Fortunately, there are shades for everyone.

IMAN foundation is great to give your truly natural and flawless appearance.

Bottom Line

IMAN cream foundation is great to give you natural finish. You can use fingers to conceal your blemishes or use sponge to apply cream on your face. It can be too dark for some people.

Things We Liked

• Silky powder finish

• Vitamin E for dry and wet use

• Suitable for all skin types

• Various shades for everyone

Things We Didn’t Like

• Can be oily for some particular skins

• Color is too dark for some people

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A powerful powder is great to get rid of imperfections and woes of your skin. The loose Aesthetica setting powder will be an important part of your makeup before going out.

This lightweight formula is really special to blur fine lines, absorb extra oil and hide pores with yellow and soft tint. It is universal for all types of skin tones.

It comes with step by step instructions to professionally apply this mineral foundation on your skin. The special banana powder is free from Paraben and Tacl.

This foundation can be your perfect companion and it will stay for whole day. It has Silica for your large pores.

Bottom Line

This mineral foundation is special for its excellent finish. This setting powder is free from talc and can’t settle in your fine lines around eyes. Its yellow tone is suitable for almost all skin tones.

Things We Liked

· Little velour puff

· Works great to set your makeup

· Long lasting formula

· Give moisturized look and soft glow

Things We Didn’t Like

· Can be harsh in flash pictures

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This 3-in-1 foundation provides buildable and superior coverage of crème foundation and offer primer and SPF benefits.

You will get sheer finish and natural look after using this foundation.

It is designed to cover your skin with a fine layer and conceal all discolorations.

It can minimize pores and make your skin smooth without heavy feelings.

Rich silicon and polymers can protect your skin and smooth out all wrinkles and fine lines.

This exclusive multi-mineral formula protects your skin and complements your complexion by providing Vitamins C and E.

It provides antioxidants and vitamin A to condition your skin. This all in one formula is free from talc, dye, wax and oil to make your skin flawless.

Bottom Line

This mineral liquid powder foundation is great for your whole day. It works well to cover all blemishes on your skin.

It will not sit in wrinkles and fine lines, but smoothly spread on your skin. You can use your fingers or a brush to spread this foundation. It may not work well for dry skin.

Things We Liked

· All in one formula

· Free from wax, oil, dye and talc

· Natural and smooth finish

· Oil-free formula for skin with large pores

· Micro-diffusers to keep skin flawless

· SPF 15 and hypoallergenic

Things We Didn’t Like

· Can cause breakout on oily skin

· Can be difficult to blend with a brush

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Great foundation for flawless skin and protect your skin from UVB and UAE rays.

You will get spectacular finish and smooth complexion by minimizing lines, soften completion and absorbing oils.

It gives you utterly weightless feel and locks your makeup to its place for whole day.

You can wear it for a long day with bareMinerals eye shadow and lip color.

You can wear it on bare skin for feather-light and fresh finish. It works really well for all types and skin tones.

This special formula is free from sulfates, parabens, synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrances, phthalates and petrochemicals. It is equally good for all skin tones and seasons.

Bottom Line

Good for flawless and smooth finish and protect your skin from harmful UVA rays. Reduce fine lines on face and absorb oil.

It gives a flawless finish. It is weightless and gives airbrushed perfection. The bottle should be sealed properly to carry it from one place to another.

Things We Liked

· Soft and natural skin

· Free from preservatives, talc, binders and waxes

· Protect your skin from UVB and UAE rays

· Weightless feel

· Lock your make up for whole day

Things We Didn’t Like

· Can be extra shiny

· Product is not sealed properly

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Special bareminerals SPF 15 matte foundation can reduce shine and absorb extra oil without drying your skin.

It gives natural matt finish and delivers dramatic skincare benefits.

This revolutionary formula is developed with 100% pure minerals and ActiveSoil Complex. It promotes cell turnover and reduce pores for smooth and fresh skin.

This special formula can protect your skin from environmental damage. It is prepared with high quality and pure ingredients. The product is free from preservatives and harsh chemicals.

You can get clear skin after using this foundation because it is good to reduce pores. You can experience skin clarity with constant use. It can reduce oily shine from your face for whole day.

Bottom Line

This foundation is tested to reduce the appearance of pores and gives you flawless coverage with natural matt finish.

You can wear makeup for almost 8 hours without any problem.

It can absorb excessive oil without making your skin dry. It is special because of its formula without synthetic chemicals, fillers, binders and parabens.

You can get flawless finish with this foundation.

Things We Liked

· Go-to makeup foundation

· Light coverage without irritating your skin

· Covers your skin really well

· Moisturize your skin without making it dry

· Light and even finish

· Good for sensitive skin

Things We Didn’t Like

· Too dark for ghostly

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Get rid of texture issues with the use of Maybelline Natural Foundation. This special foundation gives ultimate natural finish with texture-fitting properties.

You can get poreless mattifies skin by erasing all pores.

Maybelline exclusively matches to every skin tone to address texture issue of normal – oily skin for the ultimate natural finish.

Ordinary foundations can exaggerate oily skin and pores, the only pore-minimizing foundation of Maybelline contains blurring micro-powders to absorb oil and erase pores for poreless and naturally matt finish.

Apply foundation on skin ad blends with your fingertips or applicator to accurately blend foundation.

The foundation is free from all allergic substances and tested by a dermatologist.

It is good to match your skin texture and tone. The mattifying liquid is an ideal formula to deal with normal – oily skin.

Bottom Line

This foundation is just like a magic in one bottle because the foundation matched so closely to your skin. It works really well to conceal your acne scars.

If you are suffering from some skin problems, you should consider the advice of your doctor.

Things We Liked

• For matte and poreless finish

• Equally good for normal – oily skin

• Give natural and seamless finish

• Easy to apply with your fingertips

• Allergy tested

• Perfect to get younger look

Things We Didn’t Like

• Some people don’t like thin and watery texture

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With patented technology, True Match foundation of L’Oreal precisely matches the texture and tone of your skin and perfectly coordinates with concealer, blush, and True Match powder.

Precise match technology can control the coverage and perfectly fine-tune it. The ultra-pure formula is free from fragrances, pore-clogging fillers and oils.

It will make your skin flawless, radiant and beautiful. With Vitamin C and A, grape fruit and wheat germ extract keep your skin healthy, protected and nourished.

Just dot foundation on forehead, chin, nose, and cheese and use your makeup sponge or fingers to blend foundation toward your hairline and other parts of your face.

For the professional-looking finish, it will be good to use a brush to accurately blend foundation. For prolonging wear, you can dust translucent powder on the foundation.

To get a true match, you should determine your skin tone, such as light, fair, light medium, fair light, deep, medium deep and medium.

You should focus on the area of your face near jaw line instead of cheek because latter can be more pigmented and reflective for your actual tone.

Bottom Line

This foundation is great for its cool, natural and warm tone. It offers an amazing range of shades at affordable rates. It is easy to find and feel light on the skin.

If you have dry skin, you may face some skin problems.

Things We Liked

• Grapefruit and wheat germ extracts

• Free from oils, pore-clogging fillers and fragrances

• Fine-tune your finished look

• Matte finish

Things We Didn’t Like

• May not suit dry skin

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Revlon ColorStay is special for SPF protection and mess-free pump. It is available in 35 shades to match the type and tone of every skin.

With matte and flawless coverage, you can get a beautiful skin for almost 24 hours. Lightweight and comfortable formula made for oily or combination skin to control shine and oil absorption.

With SPF protection and great coverage, you can get a fresh and light feel for almost 24 hours.

This foundation is excellent for your oily skin because there is no need to put powder or primer on skin before applying foundation.

It is good for those people who want moderate foundation instead of too light, dark or pink. If you have sensitive skin, you can use disposable sponges or wedges to apply this foundation.

It will be good to use a stick or gentle concealer to combine with your Colorstay shade. Concealing skin blemishes is good.

Bottom Line

If you are used to work 9 hours or more in an office or food chain, this foundation can be a good choice for you.

It proves helpful to spend your whole day without any grease, heat, and sweat. The foundation covers all imperfections and makes your skin flawless.

The SPF formula may not suit sensitive skin with allergy and other skin problems.

Things We Liked

• Matte finish and shite control

• SPF protection

• Great coverage for 24 hours

• Lightweight and free from fragrance

• Great for oily skin

Things We Didn’t Like

• Don’t have a pump

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This creamy foundation is particular for its 2-in-1 benefits. The foundation of CoverGirl gives similar skin tone, and Olay serum is good to hydrate your skin.

It sounds like a bonus product and even out your skin tone. The serum can spiral out along with foundation. It can improve your skin tone with lots of beneficial ingredients.

It provides a nice coverage and soft matte finish. The formula is best for normal – dry skin. With 12 beautiful shades, it suits your light to dark skin tones.

You can work more flexibly with shades. If you have freckles on skin with red spots, you can wear this foundation to conceal all blemishes and spots.

Bottom Line

Foundation of COVERGIRL and Olay offers maximum color choices. Instead of using a colored moisturizer, it will be good to use this foundation.

It works smoothly and equally covers blemishes of your skin. You can spend a long day without any grease on your face.

An old woman may have to use concealer to conceal wrinkles and blemishes.

Things We Liked

• Natural-looking coverage

• Hydrating feel for a long day

• Works well for normal – dry skin

• Creamy texture for easy blending

• Soft and matt finish

Things We Didn’t Like

• May have potential irritants for skin

• Strong fragrance of serum can irritate your skin

How to choose foundation for large pores?

To reduce the appearance of large pores, it is essential to select an oil free foundation. Powder to cream foundations is available in the market for women having large pores.

These foundations can provide amazing coverage as compared to liquid varieties. Many women use mineral foundations to cover their large pores.

Women with large pores can get the advantage of these products:

Solution to Refine Pores: This special product offers natural looking coverage. It is particularly designed to control oil and reduce the visible pores.

Mineral Foundation: This product offers soft and natural finish while reducing the size of your pores. For perfect results, you can use mineral finishing powder.

Method to Use Foundation

  • Completely wash your face
  • Apply one thin primer layer on your whole face
  • Use a small quantity of mineral concealer for pimples and dark circles
  • You will need one kabuki brush and carefully dip it into your powder foundation.
  • Take foundation of your brush and shake it to lose extra powder.
  • If you have cream foundation, make dots of foundation on your whole face.
  • Apply foundation on whole face.
  • While applying, make sure to move the pores of your fingers or brush in buffing circular motion.
  • Start its application from forehead and carefully go down to your face.

Tips to Reduce the Appearance of Large Pores

If you have large pores, you should keep your skin clean and exfoliate your face with a facial scrub to remove dead cells of the skin.

These cells can clog your pores and make them look larger. Massage your face with a facial scrub and move your fingers in a circular motion to smooth and exfoliate your skin.

Apply moisturizer or serum with salicylic acid because it is an important ingredient to make your skin pores smaller. It proves helpful to make the appearance of your pores small.

It is good to slough off dead cells of skin from inside the lining of pores and keep your pores clear. A serum is good for oily skin, and lightweight moisture works well for normal and combination skin.


If you want to treat large pores of your face, you can use natural remedies and keep your skin clean. Exfoliate your skin to remove sebum and dead cell.

If you want an instant treatment of large pores, you can use a proper foundation, such as BareMinerals Bare Escentuals Mineral Foundation. This foundation is good for normal, combination, dry and oil skin.

With its natural ingredients, it is good to keep your skin nourished and healthy. With the use of this foundation, you can get a professional finish.

For prolong wear, dust mineral translucent powder. You can get a true match after determining your skin tone. This formula is good for protection of your skin from environmental damage.

It is prepared with high quality and pure ingredients. The product is free from preservatives and harsh chemicals.

For better results, you can get powder, concealer, and other makeup to get a beautiful look. It is good to complement all skin tones.

It will be good to reduce pore size with the help of natural remedies, such as tomato lotion and apple cider vinegar.

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