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Top 5 Best Foundation Brushes for Liquid Foundation: Easy, Affordable, Right

Brushes, Brushes Everywhere!

There are so many brushes in the world of makeup. There are brushes for your eye shadow, your blush, your foundation, and more. The fact that there are so many options for each type of makeup means that you are left with a decision on your hands. Which brush do you choose?

Instead of making you struggle with this decision by yourself, I am going to help you wade through the world of one kind of brush. We are going to talk about the best brush you can use for your liquid foundation. I will have to leave the other types of brushes for later, because it would be impossible to talk about all of them at the same time.

So, here’s to choosing one brush that really works with your foundation and being able to rely on that brush alone!

Four Mistakes Women Make with Their Foundation

Makeup is a tricky world. There are so many tips and tricks you have probably never heard of yet, but if you are doing some of them wrong, even the right brush might make your foundation look strange.

Here are some tips you should follow when you are applying your foundation, because the application is just as important as the brush.

First of all, choosing your foundation Color.

your foundation color should not be done by testing the foundation on your jaw. You need to test the foundation around your nose, eye, and cheek area, where the light will really fall.

If the foundation is the right color for you, it should blend with your skin. Try testing the foundation out on only one side of your face and looking at the difference. You can go a little darker than your skin tone, but don’t go a little lighter.

Second, you need to use primer under your foundation.

When you apply a powder first, it helps you look and feel better. Why? Well, primer helps your foundation be less slippery when you apply it after the primer. It can also help hide dark spots and wrinkles later in life.

When you are looking for a primer to go underneath your foundation, make sure that you choose something that will benefit your look by making your pores seem smaller.

Third, you should never use your fingers!

Fingers are not the best way to apply foundation. Why? First of all, your fingers are greasy. You want to do as much as possible to keep your fingers away from your face if you are trying to avoid having a breakout.

Foundation brushes are superior to fingers. They use less of the product, avoiding a cakey look. Also, a brush is going to blend the product more smoothly than your fingers can; this will help your look be completely natural.

Last of all, do not apply foundation all over your face.

Foundation was created to be used only in the areas you need it, not to cover up 100% of your skin. This is why it is important to select foundation that blends in with your skin color. You can use the foundation on part of your face without making your face look like it was done in patches.

You should use concealer ONLY in the following areas: darkness underneath your eyes, redness around your nose-especially in winter, or any blemishes or zits on your face that you don’t want to show.

Covering your face is concealer’s job, not the foundation’s. If you are using your foundation to do the right job, then the application will look great, rather than patchy.

How to Apply Liquid Foundation Correctly

Moisturize and completely clean your face before you begin putting on makeup. Remember that you should always wash off your makeup at night before you go to bed, so that your skin has time to breathe before you put on another makeup layer. Blot any excess moisturizer on your face with a tissue.

Pour a little bit of foundation on a smooth surface, either a little bowl or a plate. The reason behind this is that you want to have a smooth surface on which to dip your foundation.

Never cover your brush completely in foundation. Only dab the tips of the bristles and do not grind the brush into the foundation as this can damage your brush.

Apply the foundation in a circular motion, constantly moving from one side of your face to the other. You can start with your nose then move to the other parts of your face that need foundation. Remember that you do not need to completely cover your face. Blend the foundation along your jaw if you used foundation there.

Remember to clean your brush after each use. You can simply dab your brush with a tissue to get off any remaining foundation. If you want to clean your brush with shampoo, you only need to do that once a week.

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What You Need in a Liquid Foundation Brush

This is the most important part right here. What should you look for when you are buying a foundation brush?

First of all, make sure that the brush you select is not made of animal hair. The brush should say “synthetic” somewhere in the description. Brushes made with animal hair should never be used with liquids.

Next, you need to stay away from big, fluffy brushes. They make it hard to smear the liquid foundation accurately. Use a small, fluffy brush to give yourself a natural finish. You are going to be looking for a stippling brush.

color foudation
Coastal Scents 22 Piece Brush Set
  • This set includes large fan, powder buffer, round...
  • Flat stippling, angle blush, foundation, concealer
  • Large shadow, blender, doe foot blender, dome...

This brush set has a number of brushes that can fit all your makeup needs.


  • One of the brushes is a stippling brush. The stippling brush is flat and small, exactly what you need to apply liquid foundation.
  • The bristles are soft.
  • These brushes have been used to do professional makeup.
  • The supplier does not do animal testing or support other companies who do animal testing.


  • This set contains a mix of natural hair brushes and synthetic hair. Make sure that you know which brush is which and that you choose synthetic hair. If not, then your foundation could turn into a big mess.
  • Some customers say that the brushes shed, though this could simply be at the beginning.
I recommend this brush set if you are looking not only for something to apply your foundation but also something to fit all your other makeup needs.
Sigma Beauty Flat Kabuki Makeup Brush F80 – Flat Top Head,...
  • Made with exclusive Sigmax fibers, the F80 Flat...
  • Experience flawless, buffed foundation application...
  • Blend liquid or cream products onto forehead and...

This is a single brush set and is designed to give a flawless finish.


  • This is a smaller brush and has a flat top, instead of a fan top. This flat top is exactly what we need to have the right foundation application.
  • This brush is made with synthetic hair, not animal hair; this is another trait that we mentioned is necessary for a great foundation brush.
  • Additionally, this brush has great customer reviews. Many customers have been satisfied with its ability to blend the foundation.


  • This brush is a bit pricier than some of the other options. In the above option, the price was only a few dollars more expensive for multiple brushes. In this example, the brush is only a little less costly but the price is for only one brush. If you are on a budget, you may not be able to afford this price for just one brush.
I recommend this brush if you want a brush that meets every one of the foundation brush requirements.

#3 - Kabuki Makeup Brush Set with Bonus Travel Brush Holder

Kabuki Face Makeup Brush Set – Best 5 pc Large Face...
  • SAVE 50% OR MORE - Stop paying for the name!...
  • BRISTLE PERFECTION - The key to great makeup...
  • UNIQUE VERSATILITY - Beauty Junkees Kabuki Brush...

This set of brushes provides brushes not only for your foundation but also for your blush, bronzer, and concealer.


  • You receive multiple brushes in this packet, meaning that you are getting a good deal for your money. There are five brushes in the packet, and the packet sells for a great price.
  • The bristles on these brushes provide a lot of quality. First of all, they are synthetic. Next, they are dense and are able to spread the foundation evenly over your face without being too harsh on your skin.
  • These brushes were specifically created to be used with liquid makeup, meaning that they are going to work well with your liquid foundation.
  • Customer satisfaction has been very good with this brush. When customers have used the brushes and can vouch for them, then you know you are in the safe zone when it comes to getting a good value for your money.


  • The brush takes a long time to dry. Some users have stated that the brush did not dry well. This means that you need to keep the brush in an open space, not stored in a drawer or you risk growing mold.
I recommend this brush set if you want a high-quality set.
Featherstroke Ultimate Big Brush Makeup Brush Set, For...
  • A PLEASURE TO USE - Everything you should expect...
  • ENHANCE YOUR MAKEUP SKILLS - For beginners and...

This set of brushes is one of the more expensive sets, with quality guaranteed.


  • This brush set provides a money-back guarantee. You get the chance to try out the brushes without the risk of losing your money. This can be a great feature if you have never used this brand of brushes before.
  • This set of brushes also contains multiple brushes that can fit your different makeup needs. Four brushes and a travel case come with this option.


  • Some of the brushes are made with synthetic hair while others are made with animal hair. Make sure that you only use the brushes that are made with synthetic hair for your foundation.
  • The brushes are said not to have a high bristle count, meaning that they are not very dense. The brushes do not hold powder well.
I recommend this brush set if you will only be using liquid makeup.

#5 - Nanshy Masterful Collection Professional Soft Vegan 12pc

Nanshy Masterful Collection Professional Soft Vegan 12pcs...
  • 12PCS MAKEUP BRUSH SET with labeled handles that...
  • BEST DESIGN: Specialized design, in shape and...
  • SOFTEST BRUSHES: Made from best synthetic hair, on...

This set of brushes is your last option for possible liquid foundation brushes.


  • This collection comes with twelve brushes, one of the larger collections we have looked at. The twelve brushes mean that you will be able to serve your other makeup needs as well.
  • The brushes are high quality, stated as being vegan in their description. They are completely synthetic, meaning that you can use any of the brushes to apply your liquid foundation. They have a soft, silky top, but they are firm when applying your makeup.


  • This is the most expensive foundation brush set that we have seen. These brushes are not for those on a budget. Even though you receive multiple brushes, the price still makes each one pretty expensive.
I recommend these brushes if you have a lot of money to spend and you are looking for especially soft brushes.

Who is the Winner?

Because your foundation brush is what sets the canvas for your makeup, you should not be cheap when you are selecting one. However, that does not mean that the most expensive set is always the best option either.

We have looked at five different brushes or brush sets. Which one is the best one for applying your liquid foundation? The best makeup brush set you can purchase is the Kabuki Makeup Brush Set, which was our third option.

All the brushes in the set are synthetic, meaning that you don’t have to pick and choose which ones you will be able to use. This set also has a high customer review rating, and the brushes are meant to be used with liquid makeup. Also, the price is very reasonable for the number of brushes you are receiving.

This set only has one negative factor, and you can easily address the problem. You only need to leave your brush out in the open air when you are not using it so that the brush has sufficient time to dry. For this reason, the Kabuki Makeup Brush Set is the best option for your foundation brush.

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