8 Best Essential Oils As Acne Enemies and How To Use

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If you are looking for a natural way to deal with your acne problem, the essential oils can be a great way out.

Prescription and over-the-counter meds might be helpful for some and irritating for others. At the same time, they can be harsh and quite expensive.

By browsing the best essential oils for acne, you can find an ideal remedy for your acne breakouts.


How Essential Oils Can Fight Acne

While prescription and over-the-counter meds have research to back them up, they can actually make the problem worse. The harsh chemicals they contain may dry out the skin and increase the irritation.

Essential oils offer all the benefits of the prescription meds without the harsh side effects. While they might not work as fast as the ointments, coupled with lifestyle changes (link to article Change Your Lifestyle and Wave Acne Goodbye) and proper skincare routine, they can do wonders.

These oils have the power to fight bacteria in a natural way. Besides killing bacteria, they can soothe the skin, reduce inflammation and eliminate irritation. Some oils can be used to reduce stress, which is often the main acne trigger.

As opposed to chemical-based medication, essential oils are gentle on your skin and rarely cause any side effects. Besides, they have many other useful properties that the skin will thank you for.

Knowing which oil to use and how to use it can help you deal with acne faster than you ever thought possible.

The Best Essential Oils for Acne

The next time you plan to visit the pharmacy, stop to think about the essential oils. One or several of the below options can be your best bet.

1. Bacteria-fighting Oregano Oil

You know how well oregano fits into your kitchen. Besides being a great herb, it can help you fight acne.

Oregano oil is famous for its antibacterial and antiseptic properties. It does a great job fighting the acne caused by bacteria.

The antimicrobial ingredients oregano oil contains are extremely powerful. When coupled with vitamins and antioxidants, they become a good anti-acne weapon.

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2. Impressively Powered Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is one of the most powerful natural acne fighters out there. Due to its antibacterial properties, the oil fights the acne-causing bacteria on your skin. Tea tree oil goes deep into your skin to disinfect the pores, dry out the pimples, and prevent breakouts.

This oil can also help your skin to get rid of dead and damaged cells. Meanwhile, it controls the oil production. Since the overactive sebaceous glands are the main reason for acne, tea tree oil can help prevent the outbreaks.

3. Surprisingly Soothing Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is a wonderful soothing agent. When inhaling the oil vapor, it can calm the nervous system. Since one of the acne triggers is stress, lavender oil can help prevent outbreaks.

At the same time, the oil has a soothing effect. While there isn’t any scientific evidence, many people claim that using lavender oil topically can help reduce the appearance of acne scars.

Lavender oil can reduce itching an irritation while keeping the skin looking young and rejuvenated. Lavender oil massage can have a calming and soothing effect on the whole body.

4. Citrus-Smelling Bergamot Oil

Bergamot oil is derived from a fruit, which is a hybrid between orange and lemon. The oil is taken from the peel of this fruit. The oil has powerful antiseptic properties that help fight acne-causing bacteria on your skin.

Meanwhile, it stimulates healthy cell growth. The oil can also reduce the appearance of acne scars.

When inhaled or used for massage, the bergamot oil can help reduce stress and anxiety. Aromatherapy with bergamot oil is popular in alternative medicine.

The oil has a soothing citrus scent and works well in a mix with other acne-fighting oils.

5. Versatile Rosemary Oil

You might have used rosemary as an herb when cooking your favorite chicken dish. But did you know it could help you deal with acne? For many centuries, this herb has been used in folk medicine of Greeks and Romans for various properties, including skin care.

The rosemary oil can deal with irritation and inflammation caused by bacteria. It can be used to reduce the appearance of acne and prevent new breakouts. Its antiseptic properties make rosemary one of the popular natural ingredients found in a variety of skincare products.

Rosemary oil can also improve blood circulation, help remove the toxins from your body and improve the complexion.

6. Effectively Calming Clary Sage Oil

Clary sage is another plant with a rich history in medicine. Scientists consider this oil to be one of the essential remedies for hormonal problems, especially in women. It can help deal with cramps, heavy menstrual cycles, compromised digestive system, and acne-prone skin.

This oil has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory astringent, and antidepressant properties. Besides dealing with acne-causing bacteria and helping normalize hormone imbalance, this oil acts as a soothing agent to reduce stress.

7. Ageless Myrrh Oil

Myrrh is famous for its antioxidant properties that the scientists are studying in relation to cancer treatments. Meanwhile, myrrh oil has many acne-fighting qualities that make it one of the best essential oils for acne.

Myrrh oil has antifungal and antibacterial properties so it can deal with acne-causing and other types of bacteria on your skin. At the same time, it’s a great soothing agent. It can treat dry and chapped skin. Myrrh oil can be used as a moisturizer to keep the skin looking younger and healthier.

8. Acne-Preventing Chamomile Oil

Chamomile oil is famous for its soothing and calming effect. It can reduce the irritation caused by acne.

This oil hydrates and moisturizes the skin. It can also prevent acne scars and sunburn.

Tips When Using Essential Oils for Acne

Even if you believe you’ve found the best essential oil for acne, the below tips can help you use it properly.

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    The worst side effect essential oils might have is an allergic reaction. Always spot test the oil before applying it to the affected areas.
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    If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it’s smart to consult your doctor before using essential oils.
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    Some essential oils are very potent and need to be diluted before use.
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    Essential oils don’t work overnight. Give them a chance to do their job for at least 3 -4 days.
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    Some essential oils can make your skin more prone to UV rays. Make sure to always wear sunscreen.

How to Use Essential Oils for Acne

Now that you’ve purchased the essential oils, you are ready to apply them. Sometimes using a few drops of oil on the affected area is enough. However, most of the time the oil needs to be diluted or mixed with other essential oils.

1. Tea Tree Oil Mixing

Tea tree oil can be applied directly to the affected area without diluting. However, it can cause excessive dryness. Dilute 3 drops of tea tree oil in one teaspoon of carrier oil, such as jojoba oil, olive or coconut oil and then apply it to the acne-prone areas.

2. Lavender Oil Dabbing

Use a cotton pad or q-tip to apply the lavender oil drops directly to your pimples before sleep. If you have sensitive skin, dilute lavender oil as you did tea tree oil.

3. Clary Sage Bathing

If you have acne on your back, neck, and other parts of the body, a clary cage bath can help you battle it. Add 30 drops of clary sage oil to a warm bath and take it for 30 minutes. You can take a clay sage bath on a daily basis.

4. Oregano Oil Moisturizing

You can add 2 – 3 drops of oregano oil to your moisturizer and use it twice a day. It can help treating and preventing acne.

5. Myrrh Face Washing

Take one cup of water and add 20 drops of myrrh essential oil. Use the solution as a face wash to prevent and treat breakouts.


We first face acne when we hit puberty and happily wave it goodbye after a few years. However, the annoying pimples tend to come when you are pregnant, stressed, sick or sleep deprived.

Knowing how to use the best essential oils for acne can substantially simplify your fight for clear skin and allow you to enjoy a pimple-free life.

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