Best Epilator For Face: Get Rid Of Facial Hair The Right Way.

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Don’t be embarrassed about your facial hair, just remove it the right way. A best epilator for face provides a smooth and painless solution for hair removal.

Most women get facial hair, especially around the lips. It is nothing to get ashamed of. But, it can give you a masculine appearance. One of the safest ways to rid your face of this hair is by using a facial epilator.

The emphasis is on FACIAL since not all epilators are meant for the delicate skin on your face. You can check out our review of general epilators to see the difference.

In this guide, we give you an in-depth review of facial epilators plus a thorough run down of the best facial epilators. Enjoy!

Why would you need an epilator for your face?


For some people, especially women, facial hair is an embarrassing feature especially when it appears like a beard and give them a masculine look. Men too can use a facial epilator for grooming. The beauty of it is that it does not irritate your skin and hair takes a while before growing back, unlike shaving with a razor.

For whichever reason you need to remove your facial hair, you need to be equipped with the best epilator for the face. Epilators are hair removal tools that use electrical power (AC/DC) and work for the same purpose as shaving creams, waxing and tweezing. They are made to remove hair right from the roots.

Epilators VS other facial hair removal products.

You would need an epilator for your face because the regular shaving creams and shavers are not as effective. It takes only two days for the hair to grow back as if it was not shaven at all.

Also, the epilator is a simple to use leaving your face looking as smooth as if it. Has been waxed. All this, of course, is without the pain of waxing or aggressiveness involved.

After the hair removal with an epilator, you have a minimum of two weeks before you would need another shave and it does not irritate your skin like shaving creams would.

Hair removal creams are expensive and cannot be reused. Epilators have an advantage over the other hair removal products because they only need batteries to be renewed or a little charging. After that, you can use them routinely.

Choosing the best epilator for face


Some epilators are designed to remove hair from your entire body including your face. However, the best epilators for the face are those that are intended specifically for the purpose of removing hair from your face.

This is because they are designed with the knowledge of how sensitive the facial skin is. Hence they can do a good job without any irritations or breakouts.

When choosing an epilator for face, the most important criteria to follow is to know; how thin or how coarse is your hair?

Why is this factor important? Some epilators cannot remove facial hair from the roots, especially if you have coarse hair. Others cut hair too close to the skin that it might cause a cut on your skin. Use an epilator that is suitable for the texture of your hair and does not affect your skin.

How to use an Epilator for your Face

An epilator is designed to work efficiently for hair that is a minimum of a quarter of an inch in length. It is important to ensure that your hair is at least this long before you decide to remove using the epilator.

  1. To get a clean shave or hair removal, ensure that your face is free of makeup and any lotion.
  2. With an epilator, you can control the speed to which you want the process of hair removal. It is advisable that you start from a medium speed and develop into a slower or faster speed depending on your preference.
  3. Place the epilator in the opposite direction that your hair is growing about a quarter an inch away. Hold it such that the head rests against your face and there is a smooth gliding action when you shave.
  4. When you are done removing facial hair, you might have an irritating or harsh feeling on the area where you have removed the hair. To ease the feeling, you can apply facial cream or moisturizer in a small quantity.
  5. Finally, clean the epilator of all hair and store it in a safe place for use later.

Now that you can w​​​​ork with a facial epilator, what are the benefits?

Inexpensive: Buying this tool is a one-time thing that will get you a long way into your routine shaving. It is better than buying shaving creams or waxing materials from time to time. You only need to replace batteries which are on rare occasion.

Gives a clean shave: An epilator does not require you to use water or facial shaving creams, yet it provides a clean shave. The epilator will not leave your bathroom messy after hair removal the as it places all hair in one place.

Epilators are convenient: Unlike tweezing, especially for the eyebrows, you do not need to get to the salon for a clean facial shave using an epilator. You can DIY at home. Better yet, you can carry your epilator with you as they are very compact.

Epilators have a lasting result: For shaving creams, you are required to repeat the process every two days to get the clean shave. However, when you use an epilator, the minimum time that you will wait to shave is at least two weeks. An epilator has a longer lasting result.

Portability: You do not have to worry about an epilators portability as it is designed with both AC and DC power for redundancy. When on a trip, you can use the DC power or whenever you cannot access AC power.

4 Best Epilators For Your Face | Top Picks and Reviews

1. Emjoi Tweeze eRase e6

Emjoi Tweeze eRase e6 - Facial Hair Remover - Epilator
  • Hair remover
  • Extra gentle for sensitive facial areas and body
  • Erase glide technology - glide back and forth or...

Emjoi Tweeze eRase has gained popularity among facial epilators and for good reason. It can remove hair that is as short as 0.3mm with precision and without causing any harm to your facial skin.

When you use this epilator, you will not experience scratching, irritation or pulling of hair like other hair removal products, for instance, tweezers.

This product has been designed with safety features which when the epilator is placed too hard on the skin, it stops functioning. It prevents the epilator from causing injury to your face especially if you have a sensitive skin.

The erase glide technology ensures not only a clean smooth shave but also prevents the epilator from causing any irritation.

It comes with a total of six tweezers which help in cutting hair from the root. The result will last you up to four weeks.


  • check
    It is easy on your skin as you shave and switches off if you go too hard.
  • check
    The six tweezers enhance the accuracy of facial hair removal in one swipe when compared to regular tweezers.
  • check
    does not cause any irritation or reaction.
  • check
    It has glide technology for easy shaving.


  • Not recommended for people with sensitive skin.

2. Emjoi Epi Slim Epilator

This is another great facial shaving product of Emjoi. It works in the same way as the Emjoi eRase but it is more portable due to the small size. This epilator is the latest edition of facial epilators by Emjoi.

It is powered by batteries as opposed to charging which is great for when electricity is unavailable.

It also uses the Erase Gliding technology to deliver a smooth and painless hair removal experience.


  • check
    It is battery operated hence quite convenient.
  • check
    It is safe for use on sensitive skin, for instance, the upper lip and eyebrows.
  • check
    You can use it on other parts of your body besides the face.


  • It is not great for male or coarse hair.

3. Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579 Wet and Dry Cordless Electric Hair Removal Epilator

This is yet another excellent product from Braun. This time, it comes meant for both your face and body. The Braun Silk epilator comes with a wider head compared previous Braun epilators.

This makes it much more effective at hair removal such that it can remove a larger amount of hair in a single stroke. This will give you up to 4 weeks of smoothness before requiring another shave.

The Micro-Grip technology used in the making of this epilator allows it to remove up to four times shorter hair than waxing does. This will ensure even the tiniest stubborn hair on your face and body will not go un-noticed.

It is also a wet and dry epilator meaning that you can use it in the shower or without any shaving cream or water and still get great results. If you opt to use it the shower, rest assured it will not get destroyed as it is 100% waterproof.

With the purchase of this epilator, you get a shaver head, a massaging cap, skin contact cap, a charger and facial brush. The free facial brush is excellent for removing makeup and generally cleaning your pores.


  • check
    It is wide enough to give you a clean shave without having to use many strokes.
  • check
    You can use it either wet or dry and for a painless hair removal experience regularly.
  • check
    The pulsating vibration massages your skin which is great for circulation.
  • check
    comes with some extra features for better facial care.
  • check
    Smart-Light technology ensures that you remove even the smallest hair.
  • check
    Can use both AC and DC power and hence its portability.


  • Your first experience may not be smooth, so patience is required.

4. Aooher facial epilator.

5 in 1 Facial Hair Removal Epilator Cordless Electric Shaver...
  • 5 Functions in 1 Set :1x Facial Epilator head,...
  • Efficient : 8 Times better cleansing efficiency...
  • Full Range Skin Care:The facial cleansing brush...

Aooher is yet another facial epilator that delivers results. It not only removes hair from your skin but also massages your skin leaving you feeling relieved. Just make sure you use it after epilation.

It comes with a shaver head that can be used on sensitive skin. Ensure that both your face and the shaving head are clean before using this product.

This epilator also comes with a cleaning brush head that you can fix and use it to clean your face. Just ensure that the brush is clean before you use it to avoid blocking your pores.

For powering, this epilator is packed with an AC adapter.


  • check
    Comes with a comfortable handle.
  • check
    It is compact making it suitable for travel.
  • check
    Provides you with five functions in just one tool; cleansing, exfoliating, massaging, shaving and tweezing.
  • check
    The batteries are rechargeable.
  • check
    Can remove hair which is as short as 0.5mm.
  • check
    Design with durable materials.
  • check
    An affordable epilator


  • For an 8-10 hours charge, this tool will only last for 40-60 minutes when powered.

Best Sellers


I am just going to go straight ahead and announce our winner for the best facial epilator round up. The Braun Silk-épil Epilator. This is because it features the SmartLight technology which will ensure that even the tiniest bit of hair on your face is removed. We also love the 40% increment in the width giving you a smoother and faster shaving experience.

That said, epilators are an excellent way to get rid of facial hair. Just make sure it is meant for your face before buying. Also, remember to keep your epilator clean to avoid introducing bacteria to your skin.

Finally, it has been a pleasure as usual. I know right now your mind is full of questions on facial epilators. Don’t be shy, leave me a comment or question. I will get back to you shortly.

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