Top 11 Best Bath And Body Work Scents You Need To Try Already.

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The power of scent is not to be underestimated. It can leave a lasting impression about a person or give vivid nostalgia. We explore different scents from bath and body works. Join us.

With so many scents options out there, getting the perfect body scent can be quite challenging. Personal preferences determine what fragrance you ultimately choose but there are fragrances that have been crowd pleasers for quite a long time.

Over the years, many companies have improved on their signature fragrance, designs and packaging to get a wider customer base.

But today we focus on 'the king' of fragrance, this is bath and body works.

These guys have been making your homes, clothes, and bodies smell and feel fresh for decades.

They draw their inspiration from nature and their products present a blend of aromas of flowers, fruits, wood, and plants. Their scents are ideal for nights out, festive seasons and casual dates.

If you are obsessed with smelling amazing and making an impression then Bath and Body works iconic products should be an obvious choice for you.

This is why we have taken the time to review the best bath and body works scents. Hopefully, this article will help you find the right scent for you.

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Surprising Facts About Bath and Body Work You Knew Nothing About

Other than the obvious difference in scents, there are many facts about this incredibly successful company that many people do not know about. These facts are;

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    Bath and body work has a worldwide presence with over 1,600 stores in USA and 80 stores across the world. The locations include Thailand, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela. The company is very popular and has consistently produced quality fragrances over the years
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    The company is known for other things aside from soaps and perfumes. They also specialize in making candles, body creams, hand sanitizers, body wash and body fragrance that are unique and loved by the fans
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    The oldest scent was launched in 2000 and it was the sweet pea which was a favorite to many then.
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    The company also boasts of having created the very first American fragrance collection -the Japanese cherry blossom which was launched in 2006. This scent is the most popular and makes up to 30.2 in terms of sales in a year
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    They have a Pinterest account which has a variety of beauty, fun fashion and also home ideas that are inspired by its collection.
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    Bath and Body Works has a very active social media presence. If you are looking to get any discounts or free stuff, you need to like their social media platforms, specifically, Facebook to get all notifications regarding any sales and deals. You will also get updated on upcoming events when you follow them.
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    Currently, they are selling products featuring 138 different scents hence they have a variety to choose from.
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    They sell men’s products too! They have designed scents such as Alpine Suede and Mahogany woods that are ideal for men
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    Interestingly, they release new fragrances every three to four weeks. New products always launch on Mondays and they have over 200 new scents launching every year.
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    Due to continued high demand of the discontinued scents, the company is currently re-releasing popular fragrances from many years ago. You can be able to get your favorite products and find vintage products on eBay

How To Keep Your Fragrange On For Longer.

Finding an ideal scent that is perfectly suitable for you is incredibly hard and requires a lot of time and effort to get it.


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Knowing how to wear the perfume you have is therefore very important because it will not only last longer but also enable you can to change the scent for different seasons and wear it in a unique way.

Layering means choosing a lotion or a body wash that extends your scent throughout the day.

When dealing with layering fragrances here are some few tips to make the most out of your favorite perfume

Start simple- this basically means you should look for simple scents that go well with everything since they are easy to layer. These include scents like vanilla and amber. One and two-note scents are perfect and therefore recommended for layering. Simplicity often makes the fragrances more approachable and casual at the same time

Understand you fragrance family- to get an intense and long lasting fragrance it is important that before buying any products, consider the products that are in the same fragrance family. Alternatively, you can buy ancillary products since they have matching lotions and body cleansers.

Always keep your skin moisturized- hydration is very important because the more moisturized your skin is the longer it retains the fragrance.

Use lotion to change your scent for specific seasons instead of buying new perfume every season to alter the signature fragrance; you can add amber to your routine. Body products that have amber will warm up your scent and give you a rich base

Use your shower gel as your foundation- body wash in many instances does not last but ultimately affects how you wear perfume. You should start with a body wash that has a light and neutral scent that is fresh and zesty. Starting with the shower gel first also gives your skin a refreshing fragrance instantly

Spritz your hair- you can use your hair to wear your favorite perfume because it is a great fragrance diffuser, therefore, lasts longer. You can use fragrances that are alcohol-free and specifically designed for hair to prevent your hair from drying out and make you smell great at the same time.


The kind of fragrance you wear tends to speak volumes about you and leave impressions. We all wear scents for different reasons.

Some of these reasons are; to attract potential mates, enhance beauty, evoke memories, lift moods and to simply just smell great.

Since there are many scents, you need to get the ones that match your personality and your own unique style. You also need to get one matching different occasions and different purposes.

  1. The first thing to look at is the ‘notes’ in the scents which determine the overall scent. Some may be floral and other are considered more fruiter.
  2. The concentration of the fragrance is also another factor to consider. Some people prefer mild scents while others like strong scents.
  3. Lastly, before choosing the scent it is important to test it first to see if it’s something you can wear since our skins are unique and different.


1. Japanese cherry blossom

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Popular for its perfect blend of sexy and sophisticated scent, this is the biggest selling fragrance in America. It has a very intoxicating scent that everyone loves and can barely forget.

Its scent is quite distinct that it cannot be missed. With notes of jasmine, cherry blossom, and sandalwood the result is a beautiful concoction that makes it one of the best scents in the Bath and Body works collection.

This iconic pink lotion normally puts you in a spring mood. The Japanese cherry blossom is a classic bath and body scent that is arguably the most perfectly balanced fragrance.

You can lightly spritz or lavishly splash it on your body, either way, you will be amazed at the first mist. Its bottle is carefully crafted and it has a sophisticated pump that delivers great coverage.

Bath and Body Works Gentle Foaming Hand Soap, Warm Vanilla...
  • 2 Pack Warm Vanilla Sugar Gentle Foaming Hand Soap. 8.75 Ounce each
  • An addictive swirl of creamy vanilla & sparkling sugar crystals
  • Gentle Foaming Hand Soap with essential oils

Warm vanilla sugar is a fragrance you will fall in love with especially now that it has a new look. This all-time America’s favorite fragrance has a perfect, mix of brown sugar, vanilla, white orchid, coconut and jasmine that gives it an iconic yummy scent.

It has a delicious, warm and soothing scent that makes a statement in any room. This lotion makes its users often feel happy and secure that is why it is scored as the second vanilla-based winner.

Bath & Body Works, Signature Collection Body Lotion,...
  • Moonlight Path fragrance is an opulent floral bouquet that captures the...
  • Key fragrance notes: French Lavender, Lily of the Valley, Oakmoss, Musk

Perfect for night outs or casual dates, moonlight path has been a favorite scent for many years. If you crave a soft and a more sensual smelling bath product, moonlight path is what you need.

This addictive fragrance has a relaxing nature that will make you keep buying it every time. It has a blend of melancholy scent which includes lavender, star rose, violet, amber and lily of the valley.

Moonlight path is such an incredible scent that people who have used it before continuously vouch for it and recommend it to others.

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Vanilla Bean Noel has a combination of caramel, fresh vanilla bean, whipped cream, fresh baked cookies, and musk. It is very popular hence offered in many products like lip gloss, candles, hand soaps and body lotion.

It smells heavenly and has a sexy twist to it making it the perfect choice for any occasion. This scent comes out only once every year but is arguably Bath and Body works best scent.

Bath and Body Works Endless Weekend Gift Set of Shower Gel,...
  • 4 full size items fragrance mist, body lotion, shower gel, and hand and...

This is a summer inspired scent that has notes of coconut, vanilla, and raspberry. Endless Weekend has unique packaging, is very sweet, subtle and clean.

It is a floral and fruity fragrance designed specifically for women. This product was launched in 2014 and has since become popular because it has a tendency of evoking adventures and careless summer beach trips.

Bath and Body Works Sweet Pea Set, Body Lotion, Shower Gel...
  • Bath & Body Works Signature Collection Sweet Pea Body Set
  • Surprise someone special with a luxurious set of her favorite fragrance....
  • FRAGRANCE: A bright, young-at-heart blend of sweet pea, watery pear &...

Sweet pea is very popular for its incredibly unique scent and its lotion that is believed to have moisturizing powers.

It is a combination of blackcurrant, loganberry, sweet pea and pear. It has a sweetness to it that is normally evened out by plum woods and soft musk.

This breathtaking scent is the most ‘luxurious’ product of Bath and Body Work ever. Ever since this classic was launched in the year 2012, it has become so popular since many people are obsessed with it.

Forever Red is unique and combines notes of musk, marshmallow, vanilla run, pomegranate, and peony. This classic scent is incredible and is available in stores for your grab.

Bath & Body Works Cucumber Melon 8.0 oz Body Lotion
  • Bath Body Works Cucumber Melon 8.0 oz Body Lotion: Buy Bath Body Works Body...
  • Item Condition: 100% authentic, new and unused. Bath & Body Works Cucumber...

This is one of the oldest Bath and Body Works' scents. Back in the 90's this was one of the favorite scents occasionally used. It is a blend of cucumber, melon, and musk.

It was discounted in stores in early 2000’s but thankfully made a comeback in 2015. Now you can get the scent on the websites or online should you need to purchase it.

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This is a fun and festive fragrance that is ideal to wear during the holiday seasons. The scent is indulging and heightens the senses. The lighthearted formula has vanilla buttercream, peppermint, fresh balsam, sugared snow and a hint of musk.

The scent stands out especially for peppermint lovers and during Christmas or other festive holidays.

Bath and Body Works Black Raspberry Vanilla Lotion 8 Ounce...
  • Bath and Body Works Lotion
  • 8 Ounce Signature Collection Original Body Style
  • Top Notes: Blackberry, Sparkling Bergamot, Black Currant, Orange, Anjou...

This timeless classic has been mixed with vanilla, cream, and raspberry. If you are looking for a sexy and fruity scent this is the perfect scent for you.

Black Raspberry Vanilla is a sensual and mature scent that can be purchased exclusively online.

Winter candy apple is a complex and seasonal scent that is ideal for wearing during a thanksgiving dinner that you are hosting to make people feel welcome.

It incorporates cinnamon, winter musk, maple leaf, orris, oakmoss, red apple and candied comes in an attractive package and is a go to for people who are looking to smell good.

This is why I have taken the time to acknowledge this by reviewing the best bath and body work scents.

Editor's Pick


Given the many products that Bath and Body work offers, it is easy to be spoilt for choice. Many people tend to stick to the scents they are used to as opposed to new ones because they do not know what is in store for them.

Bath and Body Works has the best scents/fragrances such that, no matter which you chose to go with, you are less likely to get disappointed.

Although people have varying tastes and preferences, Japanese cherry blossom is the best fragrance in the market. It is a perfectly balanced fragrance that has been in existence for a long time.

Its sexy and sophisticated scent is very appealing. Its distinct scent that has a perfect combination of great ingredients that put you in a spring mood is worth every penny spent on it.

Don’t take my word for it, try out some of the products in our “best body work scents” segment. Remember to give us some feedback afterward. Have you used any of the said products? Let us know your experience too.

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Top Editor's Choice on Bath Body Work Scents

Bath & Body Works White Flower Top Wallflower Plug In...
A quick twist of the rotating plug lets you choose a vertical or horizontal outlet.; White color is neutral enough to match any decor - looks especially nice in bathrooms.
Bath & Body Works Mahogany Teakwood Scentportable Bundle of...
Each individual refill disc lasts up to 6 weeks.; You receive FOUR (4) scentportable refill discs in Mahogany Teakwood scent.

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